Sunday, June 05, 2005

Fiery Globe in the Sky

“The villagers stumbled from their homes, blinking rapidly and shielding their eyes against the blinding, radiant orb that had suddenly appeared in the sky. What *was* this mysterious object … this glowing ball of fire? A sign from the heavens? A portent of danger? Or … dare they dream … ??? ... that long-forgotten object of folklore from generations past, heard about only in tales told 'round the hearth-fare …. that entity, sunk in oblivion, from days of old called “The SUN” ????

Alas, the truth would never be known, for after caressing their faces with its warmth and teasing the villagers with the hint of its gleam … the Temptress of the Glowing Orb disappeared once more, never to be seen again.”

That is my Creative Writing 101 attempt to tell you the sun came out for half an hour today, just long enough to ratchet the humidity from “unbelievably high” to “off the charts”. My hair now rivals Don King. About the time I quit squinting and remembered I owned something called “sunglasses”, it started raining again. (sigh)

Hope your weekend is going well,

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