Saturday, June 06, 2009

Welcome to the next edition ...

...of WWBC 2009.

(in other words, "What Would Barley Chew?", a continuing series involving our dogs, Barley and Brew, and the innumerous household items they ravage during their time here.)

I don't think it requires any great stretch of the imagination to guess exactly what I thought this was on my bedroom floor when I rounded the corner.

I also don't think it requires any great stretch of the imagination to guess exactly what words came out of my mouth upon seeing this, the bewilderment about what on God's green earth they had possibly eaten to make them this ill, and envisioning the clean-up that would be required.

Never in the history of the world has a pet owner been so happy as to discover it was only a nerf football.


~*~Snappz~*~ said...

It's currently raining over here in Australia ... So our dogs have been inside all day, which is a treat for them.
How did they tell us they're thankful for keeping them out of the rain?
By chewing ...
- My ipod earphones (after jumping up and grabbing it from the kitchen bench, which sent my ipod touch flying across the kitchen into the wall ...)
- A chunk out of the carpet.
- One of the dishwashing gloves.
- A book.
- A crazy grass plant.
- The towel we put down at the back door to wipe their feet on.

... Yeah, they've been busy. And this was all done in the space of about 7 hours, and most of that time they were actually supervised/near us.
I could probably make this a weekly entry on my own blog, they are that sneaky and destructive :-) I feel your pain!

Anonymous said...

Our dog died almost three years ago, and lately I've been thinking maybe it's time for another. Seeing pictures of Barley and Brew's antics brings back memories and I'm remembering 12 years of Bingo eating things. She never chewed stuff, but was a rock star when it came to getting food (from counters, cabinets, tupperware, children). The only thing the cat has chewed is the strings on the blinds. I replaced them with cordless shades and now life is good. Maybe we're doing ok without a dog in our life! But oh, they're so cute and we love them so much! It's a dilemma!
Sheila in MN

Trish in Leesburg, VA said...

pheww! glad it was just a football- that would have been some gross cleanup!

M said...

He must have been wondering where you hid the plate of brownies that his pal Barklee over in CA ate from my desk this week!

Happy Football-less Saturday!

Anonymous said...

Funny how our expectations change. "that dog will DIE if he chews up one more ___!", to, "boy, I'm so glad it is only a Nerf ball. Could you imagine if it had been ___?". Love those retreiver types! :)
Tammy in OH

Allison said...

Wow...I guess I'm lucky with mine. Maggie (rat terrior) only eats my underwear, hubby's socks and used kleenex out of the trash. :)

Marisa said...

Glad it was only a nerf ball !!!

jadine said...

As a cat-owner, I've always been amazed and amused by what dogs will chew on :)

That's not to say that cats are perfect (mine will not stay out of my plant-pots or my blinds...drives me nuts!)

Cathy said...

At a quick glance I thought someone had sprinkled rose petals for you and I thought it was a romantic post! Ha Ha when I realized it was the dogs and not barf but a football. Great Monday morning laughs for me here, thanks!