Tuesday, June 09, 2009

SPT Challenge June 9

As always since it began in January, I eagerly awaited Lelly's Self-Portrait challenge last week, only to be dismayed to read that she was so overwhelmed with things keeping her from her own computer that she didn't have time to think up an spt challenge, let alone issue it, let alone blog about it.

Hmmm. I'm not sure if that's a clue that I'm really organized, really anal, or that I just need to get a life.

Instead, she posted the following challenge the next day and gave us a week off to think about it:

"your challenge for june is to find your way back. no matter what's been keeping you from blogging, each week you are going to find one small hurdle to overcome. one item to cross off of your to-do list. one pile to declutter. one meal to prepare. one (or ten) pounds to lose.

one thing each week that will bring you to your blog. too vague? don't worry. i have parameters!!

tuesday, june 9 meal-planning/preparations or other organized family time

tuesday, june 16 bringing the indoors outdoors for summer

tuesday, june 23 tackle a very unpleasant cleaning task

tuesday, june 30 i feel better already!"

And after reading that, I wonder if I perhaps have brain-dyslexia. I can read fine, and I can write fine, but I think I have this challenge backwards. Those aren't the things that will bring me to my blog, those are the very things that keep me FROM my blog.

So she wants me to blog about the things that if I do them I don't have time to blog? Or am I supposed to think about the things that keep me from my blog, and then do them, and then blog about it? Or just blog about thinking about doing them? Isn't that just a wee bit existential? Deep? Profound? Or at least more complicated than my tiny brain can comprehend?

Don't answer that.

But a challenge it is, and so a challenge I shall take.

June 9th -- meal plannings or preparation. I thought I would take this chance to share with you a recent purchase that has possibly changed my life more than any other purchase ever made in the history of the world and that includes push-up bras and the internet, so that's really saying something. (I'm kidding. I've never worn a push-up bra in my life.)

About a month ago, I bought a Magic Bullet. I had never even heard of such a thing but another mom on Kellen's soccer team was raving about it. I think it's some kind of mini-food-processor-chopper-mixer-thing, but she uses hers for smoothies and was going on and on about how convenient it is, and how much it has improved her life.

Basically, the device allows you to make individual smoothies for each member of your family, with minimal clean up. Each person can pick and choose the ingredients of their choice and they don't have to agree on the same things like they do when you're making an entire blender of smoothies. You mix the smoothies in the same glass that they drink out of, which can then be put in the dishwasher. No big blender to rinse out and wash each morning, no big blender base to drag in and out of the pantry, or try and find space on the counter for.

My kids (well, Brayden and Kellen, anyway ... Kendrie still thinks "Cocoa Puffs" should count as its own food group) have eaten more fresh fruit in the past month than probably their whole life. I feel smug and superior that I'm providing them with such a yummy, healthy breakfast that they love, instead of a bowl of carbohydrates and sugar. (see above: Cocoa Puffs.)

As cheesy as it might be to admit to owning an "As Seen on TV!" device, I must say, the Magic Bullet has changed my life for the better. I highly recommend this purchase. It has nothing whatsoever to do with my blogging, but I love it.

Now, where's the number for that Sham-Wow dude, because I think that's pretty much all I need to make my life complete.

Brayden's favorite smoothie:
one whole banana
approx 1/3 cup chopped fresh strawberries
one kiwi
two scoops strawberry flavored yogurt
ice and orange juice

Kellen's favorite smoothie:
one whole banana
one scoop peanut butter
two scoops vanilla flavored yogurt
two tablespoons(ish) Carnation Chocolate Instant Breakfast Powder
one scoop chocolate-flavored whey
ice and milk
one good squirt Hershey's syrup

Kendrie's favorite smoothie:
strawberry flavored yogurt
(Hey, we're working on it. Hoping to eventually eliminate the Cocoa Puffs altogether.)


Anonymous said...

I love my Magic Bullet. I have had it for years now.

Jacqueline said...

Ah yes, the Magic Bullet. I am a sucker for As Seen On TV stuff, and once my mother saw the commercial, we were hooked. We ordered it off TV, complete with all the attachments and even the second free set. At first, it worked wonderfully...my mother made salsa with it, and we raved to others about the wonders of the Magic Bullet. But, it was always hard to use...maybe it was just ours or maybe we are just too dense to figure out how to use it properly, but we never were able to use it with the ease that they do on TV...anytime we pushed it down, it would get stuck. Eventually, that caused the motor of the first one to blow and we gave up on it forever. We still have another unopened Magic Bullet set, so if you figure out the secret to working it, I would love for you to post it as I'm still not ready to give up on it completely.

They now have the Bullet Express, which is like a Magic Bullet except bigger and more like a food processor...and, like the Magic Bullet, you also get a juicer attachment...hmm...

I seriously hope that our Magic Bullet experience was a fluke and that yours works for years for you :)

debbie said...

My 12 yo son loves our Magic Bullet. I buy lots of frozen fruit, he adds yogurt, oj, wheat germ and protein powder to his smoothies...our goal this summer is to get him over the 70 lb. mark.

Cathy said...

I fell for the sham wow and let me tell you there's nothing wow about them. They don't absorb anything.

Shannon said...

I am forwarding this post to the Magic Bullet people...they'll love it :)

Now I want one. If I can figure out a way to get some fruit in Ethan, I can do anything!!! He loves a strawberry frap from Starbucks, but I highly doubt that "strawberry" is real!!!

Anonymous said...

Great post...I have sad news for you about Adam Lambert..

Sorry I know you really hearted him um like A LOT...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kristie! It was good to talk to you...after all these years. CA friend

Mandy McMahan said...

I totally make smoothies for Emma and me every day. Usually at lunch, with half a sandwich. We love bananas, strawberries, blueberries, strawberry yogurt, flaxseed and orange juice. Sometimes without the blueberries, though (they're a little overpowering if I use too many). Emma LOVES the smoothies and I usually have to ration her so she'll actually eat food she has to chew as well as drink. :) I've been eyeing the Magic Bullet for a few years and wondering how much better it would work than the blender I have. I've watched the infomercials and was AMAZED at all the things it can make. Have you tried it for things other than smoothies? If you do or when you do, please share! :)

And I'm totally making Kellen's Favorite Smoothie this week. That sounds DELICIOUS. I haven't tried a a peanut butter smoothie yet. Thanks for sharing!

Jeanette said...

Thanks for sharing the info. I must get myself one of those. It sounds wonderful.

Anonymous said...

OMG - I just commented on an old post so excuse my idiocy! Please ignore the email I just sent you. Don't know why it (of course it's an "it", it couldn't be me!) pulled up a several month old post.


lizinsumner said...

Okay, I like smoothies - although I like Starbucks frappaccinnos more - but there's one thing that I JUST DON'T GET about smoothies: what's the deal with the wheat germ? Is wheat germ, like, a totally REQUIRED ingredient in smoothies? And what the heck is wheat germ for? This just may very well keep me up all night tonight, pondering........but I have to say that I have nothing but total admiration for you, for actually admitting to buying anything that is "as seen on TV".....you go, girl - you're my hero!

kimybeee said...

My husband bought the sham-wows at a trade show in Louisville. They work, and they work exactly like they say they will. You can go to work for Billy Mays now as his "yes woman"!


Alisa said...

Hmm I think I may have to try that. We have a smoothie for breakfast every morning, but at least once a day someone else wants one. And then I have to go through the whole thing of getting out the blender again, and come one! its just been cleaned, and of course its me that has to make it because I have to put the blender on the very top shelf so Tucker won't go blending his hands.

Cathy said...

Where and When is your cruise???

donna said...

Hmmm i may have to get the Magic Bullet. :)

Anonymous said...

Ive always wondered about the Magic Bullet. Do you love it? Is it worth it? Is it better than a blender? My mom broke my blender so I need a new one, wondering if I should get a Magic Bullet instead.