Monday, November 03, 2008

Rite of Passage

So really, when your baby sister turns 40, just what are you supposed to do???

Why, throw her a surprise party, of course!

And yeah, I'd say she was pretty much surprised .... for the most part .... except I really should remember that it's always evident someone is lying (that someone would be ME, trying to pull off the surprise) when they give too much detail ... but all told, I think my brother in law and I pulled the wool *almost* all the way over her eyes.

And sure, there were tons of people there, and lots of laughing and goofing off and general merriment, but I still think *MY* 40th birthday party was better.


had a silly hat.

*I* had tons of alcohol.


had bowling ... and laughing .... and a trivia-hunt-road-rally ....

*I* had karoke.


had lots of friends for pizza and cake and ice cream ....

*I* had skinny-dipping with my girlfriends.


On second thought, I'm getting too old for that shit, and maybe her party was better after all. At the very least, there was no hang-over the next morning.

And darn it all, she'll ALWAYS be younger than me!!!


jadine said...


You had me until the skinny-dipping.

Happy Birthday, Kristie's sister! :)

Anonymous said...

both sound like so much fun it almost makes me want to turn 40 again!! wait. been there. done that. anyway...happy birthday younger sis!

santa clara, ca

Anonymous said...

Hope your sister had a great 40th birthday. But I must say, your party was awesome. We all ran up a pretty high tab that night.

Jeanette said...

YOU- Had a wicked case of dry mouth the next morning


Chris M. said...

Oh, I enjoyed this post so much. I am turning forty in a few months, but my older sister is still only thirty-six. Screeeech. Wait. What? She totally lies about her age and doesn't seem to care that her baby sister has now passed her in age by 4 years, and doesn't seem to realize that we have known the same people since we were young and that when 'I' have a fortieth birthday it might occur to them that, "Hey, waaaaaiiiiit a minute, something's not quite right here!"

I almost HAVE to have a party just to see how SHE handles it!! Hee, hee, hee, hee...(really, I do LOVE my big sister and would almost do ANYTHING for her!!!)

Anonymous said...

Sisters are the best! I have 5 (no brothers)!!
Happy birthday, Kristie's sister. Welcome to the club!

(PS: THANKS for the push to donate blood {and vote}!)

Pam D said...

Happy Birthday, Kristie's sister! Aren't you glad you got to keep your clothes on? I don't know about you, but as for me, no alcohol=fully dressed in public! I know you're glad to have your big sis back home; that's one present that money can't buy.

Renee' said...

Happy Birthday, K! Hope it was even 1/2 as fun as Kristie's! ENJOY! Renee'

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday, SOK (Sister of Kristie)!

Kristie, is it rude to post in your guestbook and call you a liar? Because your arms are THIN! THIN! There is no way people can mistake you for being pregnant. Unless they're whackos.

jadine said...

Natalie ~

You should totally call her a liar whenever you want to.

~Jadine :)

Holli said...

I almost wish I was turning 40 with a sister like you. You are always so family oriented. They are lucky to have you.


Trish in Leesburg, VA said...

just catching up after being out of state for 10 days due to family emergency and then a family wedding. ::HUGS:: on your difficult surrogacy decision. I know it is something you truly enjoyed. The bday party looks like it was a ton of fun!

Bill said...

Happy birthday, Kelly! Sounds like Kristie took good care of your party for ya! :-)

Bill Blankenship

Karla said...

Happy Birthday Kelly !!!!!!!!!!! Yall look like ya had a blast !!
Would love to see you both and catch up . Take care give love to your momma for me

Connie Archer said...

Kristie-Please tell Kelly a late Happy Birthday! I almost always think of her on or near her birthday because it is exactly a week before mine. I was always a little peeved when younger, that because her birthday came before the cut off to go to school and mine came after-she was in the same grade as me and A WHOLE YEAR YOUNGER! NO FAIR! :) I always thought that if we just could trade birthdays I would be in (insert grade) and she would only be in (insert a grade lower). Not that I didn't want to be in the same class with her-just that I could have finished school a WHOLE YEAR SOONER!Oh Well-the stupid things we worry about as kids! Tell her 40 is not as horrible as it is reported. Been that way for almost a year now and I am still relatively cool as long as you dont ask my kids :)