Friday, September 21, 2007


Thanks so much to all of you who responded to my previous nervous breakdown post with kindness and understanding. I didn’t realize I came across as so pathetic about enjoying the comments, but I guess I did. Hey, no complaints, I like hearing from you, so much thanks to those of you for coming out of lurkdom, and thanks also to those of you who comment regularly. Yep, when you comment, it helps me to remember there are actual, real, live Peoples from the Internet out there reading, and it’s NOT that my site counter is only going up because my mom keeps hitting refresh in order to see the Flickr photo stream of my kids change each time. (Mom, I’m telling you, stop that! It inflates my hits!) {kidding, it's not my mom, it's me}

Several of you hit the nail right on the head with what I was thinking and feeling regarding this blog. It is sort of selfish that I do it because *I* enjoy it, then even more selfishly, I want others to enjoy it with me, but then I feel an obligation to update, and then annoyance that it takes so much time, and then guilt when I don’t have the time and can’t update. And how can something I like to do so much, and that is so much fun, make me feel guilty? (Wow, do I sound like a Catholic teenager or what?)

Taking a small step back this week alone, has allowed me to get two scrapbook layouts done, finish a gift album, my laundry is caught up, and I have all but one of my errands finished for the week (Note time: 12:50pm on Friday; perhaps new world errand record.) I’m thinking my new, relaxed blogging attitude might actually wind up being an oxymoron type of thing, and suddenly I’ll be inundated with ideas and inspiration and start blogging MORE, as opposed to less, until it reaches the point I’m blogging too much about nothing and all of you out there are all, “Damn, girl, we don’t need to hear about every single detail in your boring life --- we don’t care if you bought a new Swiffer or got highlights in your hair or finally found a pair of jeans that don’t accentuate your muffin top!”

We’ll see what happens.

In the meantime, please keep Kellen and Kendrie in your thoughts at precisely 4:10 pm this afternoon. That is their “call” time for their elementary school Talent Show try-outs. Despite my trying to explain to them that jumping on a pogo stick is not technically considered a “talent”, that is what they’re doing. To the song “I Want Candy”. They’ve worked up a little routine, where they alternate hands and feet, and bounce around one another in circles, then bounce in BIGBIGBIG bounces, and then Kellen spins in circles, bouncing with no hands. At which point during the preview Blaine turned to me and said, “Well, can YOU do that? No? So who says it’s not a talent?”

Once again, he has a point.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm the first to comment today! I have followed Kendrie's site for a couple of years and did comment there. I have been reading your blog since you started it and I must admit that I do enjoy lurking, er, reading it. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the kids' talent show. Sounds like a good routine to me!

Hazel in Texas

Deb said...

Drats! I thought I was gonna be the first....oh well....will be thinking of the kids and hoping for the best!


Anonymous said...

I have lurked for some time now and enjoy the updates of your lives. It is great to know that there are blessed people who have come from the CB pages. As you are aware there are so many that do not have the wonderful outcome that your family has, however, that does not stop me from still praying for your family as well as others. Take good care and thanks Kristie for letting us live on the fringes of your lives.
Wendie of South Bend IN

Tammy said...

Hey, muffin top? Is that what you call it? I have one too, we can be twins, lol!! Kristi, you know we love you to the dickins and back. What in the hell would we do without you on here blogging?? I know I miss the crap out of ya! Hugs from Texas! Hope those pogo jumpers do well.

Meg from Americus said...

Sending good luck vibes to the kiddoes...It has GOT to be a talent, I would break my neck! Although, I am the one who after 15 years of not riding a bike, got on one, put my feet on the pedals and fell over...and DID NOT put my feet down to catch myself! I just tipped over onto the driveway with my feet still on the pedals while my husband just said "I hope the neighbors didn't just see that!"
Also, let me know when you find those jeans!

Anonymous said...

aaahhhhhh, I feel like all is right with my world again!

As for pogo jumping, I never was good at that so I consider it a talent!


Anonymous said...

Blaine wins with that response. Perhaps he should ask the judges that if they are skeptical:) The fact that they are doing it together as siblings makes it 10 times better!

Keeping fingers crossed here in MN

Anonymous said...

if you do found a pair of jeans that don’t accentuate your muffin top, please, please, please share.. I WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT as you can bet I will be shutting down this computer to run out and buy my own pair.

Happy Hopping to the kiddo's.

Sherri in NC said...


See, here is another reason I don't comment as often as I should. By the time I get here and read the other comments, all the good things to say are already taken. For example, I too was going to ask you to make sure you let us know if you found those jeans so I could get a pair. Six other people have already asked the same thing by now. Sigh. Maybe orignality is overated?

And I didn't think you sounded pathetic when you asked for comments. Remember? "Kristie's annual pledge drive for comments" ha ha

Anonymous said...

Keeping my finger's and toe's crossed hoping the hopping is great! Can't wait to hear the outcome. Must say I was very relieved to read the update and so happy to hear all you managed to accomplish. I need some of that determination!

Postcard Cindy

Grandma J said...

Ok, once you got to the point about the jeans that don't accentuate a muffin top everything else seemed trivial and became one big blur.
More about the jeans please!!

Anonymous said...

Go Kellen and Kendrie! Show us your stuff!


D. Johnson said...


It's not what you write about, it's the way you write it! Your fans won't mind if you write about swiffers and highlights.

Anonymous said...

In last year's talent show my 2nd grade daughter and one of her girlfriends did a hula hoop routine to a Cheetahs Girls song! I was just like you - saying, I'm sorry darling but hula hooping really isn't a talent! But they "made it" as well and the hula hoop routine was a hit! Good luck to Kellen and Kendrie!