Friday, September 07, 2007


Best gift I got for my birthday yesterday:

Tickets for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's 2007 Winter Concert Tour, woohoo baby! (even if those online ticket vendors do totally take forever and I am fairly confident that despite checking "best available" we actually are seated five rows behind the janitor's bathroom at the back of the arena, near the place where they store the rat traps, cleaning supplies, and hot dog buns.)

Worst gift I got for my birthday yesterday:

An invitation in the mail to join Weight Watchers. I'm going to hope that was part of a national promotion or something, and not a personal response to one of these Internet pictures of myself on this blog that a WW representative might have seen and thought, "Wow, that chubby girl could use our help!"


Tara said...

I have to confess - I got an invitation to join weight watchers today too. And, of course, I was convinced that someone has signed me up or told weight watchers I needed desperate help.

Now that I see we both got one, I am letting it go and declaring it part of a new ad campaign. (This means I can now have a piece of my son's leftover birthday cake.)

Oh! And happy birthday to you as well!

GaMama said...

Happy Belated birthday.

I thought you would LOVE this. I know I can totally relate.

Total Momsense

Michele said...

Belated Happy Birthday!

I still get a WW post card every once in a while. If they really want my attention they should say something like "We saw your ass, you NEED to get back in here before Lane Bryant runs out of sizes."

Anonymous said...

Glad you at least enjoyed Your Best Birthday Present - and No One Would Sign You Up for Weight Watchers - maybe next year what you really need is either a new mirror or a self-help course in self-esteem. You have talent, smarts, beauty, an amazing sense of humor, spelling skills, a beautiful family and NOW a huge ego.
But, if you really thought someone signed you up for WW - let me just share this true story. I kept getting car brochures, phone calls from dealers, faxes, emails etc. Obviously my not so suave/slick 16 year old son was trying to send a
message - give us a clue - whatever it WAS excessive. Once I figured it out that child was behind it ALL, I signed him up for interest in the military via fill out this coupon and get a bandana from TV Guide or something. Well, when he thought he was being drafted VERSUS party school colleges (thanks to MOM), I immediately then began receiving solitation from nursing homes/assisted living facilities! He won - I quit challenging him and so far I am still in my own home and we DID eventually buy him his dream car....Happily Ever After story - I suppose ......
Hope you keep celebrating your b'day this weekend - Kendrie too! Have fun..

Anonymous said...

Do you think WW would give us a group rate?

Dixie in CA

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday a day late. The concert sounds awesome!


California Lurker said...

Ha, ha, at least you haven't received an unsolicited invitation to join AARP!! It could be worse. I'm fat and old.

Happy Birthday!!

Patty House, Jasonville IN said...

I would be so down in the dumps to have received that invitation. Not that I don't *need* weight-watchers, but on your birthday?

michele(nurse in ny) said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kristie!!! I hope you had a good day!