Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Letters to Myself -- Part 5

The Final Installment --- Year 2007

Dear 41 yr old self: Yeah. Um, you didn’t do it, did you? You made all those grand, sweeping statements last year about priority and goals and not wasting time, and then what did you do? Wasted a whole damn lot of it. Right here on this computer. You had plans, my friend, plans. What happened??? You bought a scrapbook kit to make an album marking your 40th year --- it’s still sitting over there in the box, unopened, along with all your Europe vacation photos you never got around to scrapbooking. You bought a DVD burner to make copies of all your old home movies --- you’re not even half finished yet. Your treadmill is still covered with clothes you intend to ebay, but haven’t gotten around to yet. Did you walk on it a single time this year? No, I didn’t think so.

Most pathetically, how many times did your kids ask you to do something or look at something or watch something … only for you to turn around in your computer chair and say, “Give me one second” …. Only to look up and ten or twenty minutes had gone by? Yeah, that’s what I thought. You switched from Caringbridge to Blogger, only instead of saving time, I think you’re spending MORE time online. In between typing the updates, and proof-reading them, and good heavens, trying to simply THINK of something to type about sometimes, and downloading and resizing and uploading photos, and updating Flickr …. I’m not sure this Blogger thing is working out. I think for this, our 41st year, we need to re-establish some guidelines. The end.


And that is where my birthday letters to myself ended earlier this month. And I have to tell you, in all honesty, that the gift I gave myself last week was permission to shut down this site. Because as much as I enjoy it, DANG, can it ever be time consuming! The composing, the updating, the work with the photos. It’s fun, but I felt like there were so many other things I *could* be, *should* be, doing with my time.

The flip side is, I still have things I’d like to share with you all. You know, if you’ll have me. Some travel this fall, our upcoming move, personal stuff --- it’s really a lot of fun to write, and definitely worthwhile and rewarding when people actually respond. And it’s a great, convenient way for people all over the country, especially those who have been kind and gracious enough to follow us since Kendrie’s CB days, to keep up with us if they still want to. But I was starting to think, “Is it worth it? Am I enjoying it enough to justify continuing?”

Blaine, actually, is the one who swung the pendulum in favor of me pressing on. I was bemoaning the fact that since I started online a few years ago, my all-time favorite hobby, scrapbooking, has really taken a back seat; how I felt like I was failing to document my kids’ lives like I wanted. Blaine looked at me and said, “Isn’t that what you’re doing with your blog? Just in a different way?” and I realized he was right. So what if my little blog isn’t setting the world on fire? So what if I can’t think of something to write every single day? So what if I don’t get a hundred comments on every entry? (Although seriously, people, I see my site counter going up, so quit lurking and say hello every now and then.)

I blog because it’s (mostly) fun. Because I get (mostly) positive feedback. Because it provides me with an actual, physical copy of the activities and happenings of our lives, both good and bad. Because *I* enjoy it. And people enjoying it with me are an added bonus.

So my birthday gift to myself is now revised. Instead of gifting myself with permission to shut down this blog, I now gift myself with no more stressing if I can’t think of anything witty or wise to say. Gifting myself permission to skip a day or two here and there -- especially weekends -- if I want. Gifting myself permission to save time and type a one-liner every now and then --- not every post has to be ten thousand words or anything, even though they usually are, just because I'm so chatty and once I get started I can't seem to stop and then, ooh, I always think of something else I want to tell you and something else and I'm so guilty of abusing the run-on sentence and then ... wait, what was I saying? Oh, yeah, gifting myself to feel OK about moving “Update blog” farther down on the priority list each day. Allowing myself to do other things I also enjoy, and do them first if I want. In fact, do them first because I *should*.

I’ll admit -- I’m leaving my original gift (of shutting down the site) to myself in the cabinet. I’m not going to pull on the shiny bow and un-wrap it just yet. I’ll go a couple more months and see how this new, relaxed attitude works out. Maybe some of you will still be interested in what I have to say and be willing to stick around. Maybe I’ll come to a perfect happy medium with my other hobbies and not feel sucked into this computer all the time. Maybe I’ll decide I’m too OCD and make it a New Years Resolution to quit, instead of a birthday gift. But I’ll stick it out at least until the first of the year. So if you’re willing to join me for a while longer, well, thanks.

And at long last, almost two weeks after the actual birthday, the letters are finished.


Kaitlyn from Winnipeg said...

Don't even THINK about giving yourself that gift just yet! How, exactly, am I going to spend MY time if I don't have your blog to stalk *ahem* READ every day?!?!
Have you ever thought more about publishing a book?

Grandma J said...

I love your blog and I don't leave comments often because, well...sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry and then when I do leave a comment once in a while it somehow gets turned around and is all about me, or MY dog, or MY grandkids. You get the picture.
Happy birthday, you are in my five!

Stephanie said...

We love you regardless of whether or not you decide to quit. It's ok to think about yourself now. God knows you deserve it. But if you do decide to continue, I will be here every entry to share the laughs and tears and hopes that you bring to us all.
Stephanie in Portland, Oregon

Tammy said...

Of course I am a lurker. Why, do you ask? Because I suffer from the same issues as you. Since putting up my own blog, I have turned into a computer freak. I even did a computer "fast". None for a week. I was so relaxed. The only problem is, I already only get to the computer for my updates every few days! It is pitiful. So I only get to leave comments every few blue moons! Like when I just e-mailed you requesting the Escapist website. So did I make this way to long. It is my last little escape of words before laying my very tired head on my wonderful, fluffy pillow. I do hope you had a wonderful birthday. I have to say that if you shut this down, I would miss reading your site. I appreciate your transparency and honesty in life. Keep up the good work. Oh, and where would I have found the link to PW? She is fun to, so thanks for that!
Sincerely, Tammy

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're not stopping yet. I enjoy reading whatever you have to say. We don't expect everything you say to be perfect, funny, or meaningful. We like you and what you have to say or we wouldn't keep coming back to your site. It's weird how I can feel like you're a friend, yet I've never met you and you know nothing about me. But, you've opened yourself up so completely on your site that you feel like a friend. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers and I hope to be able to continue following your lives.

Lisa C. in CT

Phyllis said...

you can't leave!!!! i'd miss your updates too much. your birthday letters cracked me up. I might have to try a version of that myself..

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. I always enjoy reading about the goings on in your life. You make me laugh and cry(my husband too). I guess, just like everything else, don't be a slave to it. In the 90s I would get my nails done. I felt like I was a slave to my nails. I would have my appt. every two weeks and nothing could interfere because it was so hard to re-schedule. One would break, I would have to rearrange everything to go get it fixed. Finally, I tore them all off. It was so libertaing. I was free. As long as you enjoy your blog, please know that there are a lot of us out there who love reading it. So fit it in on the days you can and then on the others let it go. I always enjoy your writing. I have been reading since Caringbridge and I am usually inspired by your words.

Michelle in ATL

Rosen Family said...

Don't go!
I will miss you too much if you are gone!

Happy Belated Birthday.
Jan from CA

Anonymous said...

Don't stop on us! Here I am leaving a comment and coming out of lurking! We really enjoy the blog, don't let us stress you out.
Claire in TX

Anonymous said...

As you have said before, this is YOUR blog. You set the rules. You set the guidelines. Perhaps say 1x a week you will try to post. And also politely ask that comments are under 150 words.... too much time to read!!!
I echo everyone above that i will miss my daily stalking of your updates. But, we all will survive. There are many more precious moments that may be being missed. When it becomes a chore and is not fun anymore, you need to make a change. Much love,
Mary Cron Schulman
crosslake, mn/san diego, ca

Leeann said...

Hey Kristie,

I use my blog as a way to keep a living journal of my kids and our lives. I think Blaine is right and it is a great way to do it.

Enjoying it, as always!


Kim said...

Hey, just when I was making reference to you on my blog, I come here and read about your "gift"...hmm, well, Im with Blaine, in that I see this as a great journal that will be a treasure long after we leave this earth (to our kids)'s like verbal scrapbooking...except for you do flickr, so it's practically scrapbooking, or maybe even better (cause Im one of those scrapbookers that thinks journalling is the most important part.)

So, please keep going, you always have something worthwhile to say, and we have grown too attached to your family to have you leave the information superhighway.

ps. how do you get a counter on your site? I have my polls, and my comments section, but both are pretty bare...would love to have a ticker so that at least I might be encouraged by knowing there is more than 1 hit a day.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have decided to keep blogging! My mornings just wouldn't be complete without a cup of coffee and a little lurking in Escoe land!

Kim said...

Thanks for going a little longer! Hope to see you at QH in a couple of weeks!

Anonymous said... have provided such inspiration, laughter, and hope through very dark days. Don't stop. You're providing a public service!

Jean said...

I'm a guilty lurker, but I'm writing now to tell you that even if you can only update once a week, I'll still follow your blog. You're a hoot, and I love reading your entries!

Lisa Freeman, Fairhope, AL said...


Before you stop blogging we will need to come up with the "Kristie 12 step program" for you followers. There will be homes all over the country/world suffering from withdrawls. Do you have any idea just how dangerous that could be? This is just something to be thinking about.

I have followed you since shortly after you started the CB site. You have been an added joy and blessing to my life.

Anonymous said...

I have been a lurker since the CB days of Kendrie. I feel as if I know your family and would really miss not reading your updates.

Anonymous said...

Do. Not. Quit.

angela conklin
a friend thru your entries in NC

Anonymous said...

Please keep posting - we want to keep up with what's happening with you guys, see how the move goes, hear all the fun stories you tell like the computer repair store ones!! Hope the new relaxed attitude works out - we'd all be missing out if you disappear completely!!


Clara Zimmerman said...

I will definitely stick with you until the New Year, and hopefully you'll decide to keep blogging. I enjoy your stories very much! You are quite the talented writer. Oh, and from the book post several blogs ago, have you read The Red Tent by Anita Diamant?

Anonymous said...

Do what you need to do. If you do this only sporadically, we'll still be here!

Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed reading about you and your family for quite a while and would miss it terribly if you left....but as a mother of 3 I understand that time is very important and those kids are going to fly away from the nest all too soon. So if you decide to stop blogging, I completly understand, just know that I WILL go into withdrawals!

Sandy in Edison, GA

Anonymous said...

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't give yourself that gift! I would soooo miss reading about the adventures of the Escoe clan!

Leesburg, VA

Stephanie D. said...


You're a great mom. Take it from the mom of two teen-age boys, they don't mind when you are on the computer....not paying attention to them. LOL! Seriously, if you enjoy the blog (and Lord knows we all enjoy YOU "enjoying" the blog), then make that your gift to yourself and your family will understand. I love your blog and check daily. Don't comment a lot because I'm so busy (HA! couldn't resist throwing that in), just 'cause we don't always post, us lurkers are HERE and loving your blog, living vicariously through you and your photos. Hope you had a great birthday - you deserve it! :)

Abi said...

Don't quit!!!!!

However, since it is your blog, and your life, etc., you should probably give yourself permission to update more sporadically. Once a week would be nice. I will continue to check it every day for updates, of course ;-)

Thanks for writing!

Anonymous said...

Don't take "our" gift away by quitting this site.....PLEASE. You make me laugh when I am sad, you give me hope when I need it, but most of all, you give me joy. I so look forward to your blogs. The book idea is great.

Anonymous said...

please don't go, don't go, don't go really, it is your life and your blog so I GUESS you are ALLOWED to stop it any time you want....but I've been reading since you started (a caringbridge follower). My son had ALL and i'm not sure how I found your site but I've been following ever since. (I sent you a couple of lengthy emails about my experiences with ALL back when you asked for people to email you if they had any childhood cancer stories.) Just wanted to let you know I'm still lurking about and I check your blog EVERY MORNING...and would really miss it...

Ann from St. Peter, MN said...

PLEASE don't leave us! I am a daily lurker since the early Caringbridge days, and I don't know if I could go cold turkey!

Sherri in NC said...

Hi Kristie,

I really enjoyed reading your birthday letters to yourself. I had also read the Cheeky Lotus' letters and thought it was a great idea. I'd like to chime in with everyone else and say please don't quit blogging, I always enjoy reading stories about your life and would miss you all if you stopped.

Tiffany said...

I love reading your site!! Your writing is fantastic and it's nice to read other people have normal lives too.(gosh I hope this makes some sense) You have to do what is best for you, whether it's posting 1x a week,1x month, or 1x a year, I will still come over looking for new posts updating your lives. I don't have a child or husband that has dealt with cancer but I do have a child with a rare form of spina bifida and we deal with drs appts, testing, never knowing when the Surgery word is going to come up again etc etc and its comforting to know others go through this, since it seems noone in my real life does.
And like another poster said I have to thank you for having a link to PW's blog!
I'm going back to lurking again.

Mel said...

Blaine is sooooo smart.
3 cheers for him. Happy belated birthday.

Anonymous said...

Kristie -

Here's a lurker response you asked for. I've been "lurking" for over two years and found your site through
Carter Martin's site. I, for one, am very pleased to hear you have chosen to continue your blog. I know it's a challenge to keep up with - I've dabbled in blogging myself. But take it from someone who checks your site daily - it would be a big disappointment to a lot of people if you decided to stop. So, keep up with making us laugh, cry and most importantly think. Not many people have a talent such as yours that brings such an entertaining light to things we often consider mundane.

Thanks for all you do!

Claudia said...

I don't think that I've ever posted a comment, but after your note today I felt that I should. I have been following your family since the Caringbridge site and feel that we are a kind of creepy, one-sided way! I love keeping up with you and the kids and hope that you find the balance that every mom is looking for!

Amy in NJ said...

I completely understand what you're saying about the time drain of the computer. I don't even have my own blog but I spend way too much time reading other people's and doing who knows what else. I also have three kids and have been known to brush them off because I was reading something online. I have tried moving my computer time to after the kids (and my husband) go to bed and that helps but it keeps me up too late sometimes. I know though that when I went on vacation and had no internet access for a week, I didn't miss it one bit. But then I came home and got right back into it. So, in my long-winded way, I am saying that I totally know where you're coming from. However, I love your blog and want you to keep writing. I'm waiting for the surrogacy stories now, however much you're able to share. So, I'm hoping you can find some balance and keep going for many years to come.

Janna said...

Well, while I understand exactly what you are saying, I as a faithful reader, selfishly hope you will not shut it down!
Janna in NH

Anonymous said...


I enjoy your blog very much. Whether you stop updating or not, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. I have 3 kids and can relate to your stories!!!


Meg from Americus said...

Happy Birthday to you but PLEASE don't open your present! I don't care if you just post once a week or month, I still love reading. I want to hear about the "replaced Okie" and how Blaine is recovering and how the kids make me feel like my son isn't the only Crazy kid I know!!!

Alisa said...

As one of your followers from Caringbridge I was going to be so mad at you lady! Thanks for giving us all the gift of your chatty wit! You crack me up. And in this world, we all need a little of that. No pressure though to post everyday or be funny every post. We love you because you keep it real! Mostly, really funny. Thanks for keeping on. I promise to try and comment more.

The Running Girl said...

I'll be here as long as you are. Whether you blog once a day, once a week, or once a month is just fine. But I do enjoy hearing about your family. And I would love to continue to see how Kendrie does. So keep it up, but don't stress.

KirstyB said...

Kristie...I am here almost everyday!! You are such an inspiration to me and, dang it, to make me smile!! I'm glad you have decided to not pull the blog for now. I know it sounds completely stalkerish...but I wanna watch Kendrie enjoy life and I wanna see Blaine get better!!'s fun to read you vent about the military sometimes...and sit here and completely nod my head in agreement!! Glad you're sticking around for now!! Hugs from Ohio....oh wait, Las Vegas...I still forget we're here thanks to the lovely Air Force!! LOL

Anonymous said...


Don't stop! Your perspective is refreshing and witty! I've followed you from CB to this blog and will keep checking in. I promise to leave more comments and not just lurk so you know your fans are still out here!
Cincinnati, OH

Trina said...

Okay, I'm a lurker. I sign occasionaly and have since the CB days.

I enjoy reading about you and your family (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

I have to admit I was a bit worried when you stopped posting on Kendrie's site...would I ever hear (read)anything fron this family again? Thank you for choosing to continue, at least for now.

Abbie said...

Kristie...just forget about shutting down the site, it's not gonna happen! What are the rest of us supposed to read?!?!

Hey I do have a question, which I could leave in the caringbridge guestbook but I'm already here so I may as well just ask it...are you and Julianna Banana's Dad still working on that "what to expect" type of book? I like the idea of that project.

OK, that's all. Just wanted to tell you that you're not allowed to close the site. But you DO have my permission to take weekends off...because I am only able to check it Monday - Friday anyway. :)


Safire said...

De-lurking here to say that I hope you don't shut down the site. I've been enjoying getting to you and your family. Happy birthday!

Quinn said...

Kristie, I love your blog, but despite MY opinion, many times it's better to look at whay you need, which is what I think you are doing! I will really miss you when/if you quit. You could do a bi-yearly update though:)

LeeAnne said...

Kristie, I LOVE your blog and dont sign in often enough (apparently). As long as you'll write it, I'll read it and patiently wait for you to get done playing with your kids or scrapbooking to do an entry. Your priorities are in order and I believe you can have your cake and eat it too. Thanks for sharing all you do and I'll be waiting.........

Anonymous said...

I was so sad when I read about your gift to yourself! How I'd miss your witty humor to help me get through my days. I love to read your stories and laugh along with you. I am glad you're sticking around!!

Gayle in AL

Ann said...

I too enjoy reading your blog and I too am a blogger with a much smaller following. I understand the "stress" of feeling like you always have to have something witty or profound to say. I think if you ultimately only update once a week or every couple weeks, people will adjust and be happy just to hear from you. You have a true gift with words, you bring such joy and laughter to people and the beauty of the internet is that you get to share your gifts with the rest of the world.

Thank you for taking the time to share your wit and wisdom.


Anonymous said...

I'd be one of those in favor of you continuing to press on! I followed over here after Kendrie was cleared and have faithfully followed you since then.

That said, as a mother of 4 and knowing the time that they comsume along with just regular life, I completely understand that need to pull back too!

Thanks for sharing your life with us.


Anonymous said...

I just about had a heart attack when I read the lines that you weren't going to blog anymore!! Thank God, Blaine talked you out of that! I LOVE visiting your site. I too have 1 million other things I *should* be doing but tomorrow's only a day a way!!
My vote is keep blogging, I frequent your site daily but usually only commment weekly!
Brookville OHIO

Beth said...

My heart just sank when I read that you may stop blogging. I just love your blog! Been following your family for a long time! I haven't signed each time I have visited, but I do get my "Daily Kristie Dose" (just like vitamens!). :) I hope you hold off on your gift (selfish reasons) -- I have to hand it to you though, it is truly amazing how you come up with things to post and the 'eloquence'.... hee hee Whichever way you decide to go, just know that I will be lurking with the possiblity of signing! Thanks God there are no "Internet Police"...

Hope you have had a GREAT birthday!

Anonymous said...

I read your blog almost every single a lurker. Do take the time for your family, but please don't cut us off! You feel like an old friend even though we've never met. And you say the stuff we just think to ourselves, which is so refreshing. I agree with your husband -- there are many ways to log our memories, and this is an excellent one.

Cheryl said...

I have been reading your blog for most of this past year. I have commented a couple of times. I really enjoy your stories and your writing style. Sometimes I cry when I read your posts and sometimes I laugh out loud. I would hate to see you stop altogether, but your family comes first. My 'kids' are 23 and about to be 21. We spent a lot of time together as a family as they were growing up and it still went by too fast.
Yes, I am disappointed when you don't have a post everyday, but...I'll get by. I'll just imagine you are doing something that you will be blogging about the next day.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts when reading your latest post:
1. Oh good -- a new update!
2. OMG!! Noooooooooo!!!!
3. Blaine is soooo smart!
4. I'm so lucky to have "met" the Escoes through Kendrie's CB site, and am even further blessed to continue this unusual 'cyber friendship' through Kristie's gifted writing!!
5. Brayden, Kellen and Kendrie will treasure this blog when they are grown. My poor kids will have to rely on the memories from aging reliable will that be??
(((Hugs))) and best wishes for continued happiness!
Mary in Illinois

Ashley Hast said...

A lurker saying hello, and that I'll continue to read. :) When I feel like I'm going crazy, I read your blog and realize I'm not the only one. :)

Anonymous said...


I am so glad to see you attempting to make an effort at being a better scrapbooker, mother, wife, blogger, but I have to tell you, you need to give yourself more credit. You are an amazing woman who is probably her worst critic. I read daily and am inspired by you on a regular basis. I need that inpriation from a cancer survivors mother, but I also NEED you to live you life. It gives me hope that I, too, can have that some day.

Shannon Ford

Anonymous said...

Coming out of lurk to let you know how much I have enjoyed your blogging and I followed you from Kendrie's Caringbridge site. Don't worry - take it easy and blog when you WANT to. Absence makes the heart grow fonder - so those of us who will keep on checking on you will be thrilled when you update, like getting a "real" letter from an old friend. We will be willing to read when you need to write - so don't feel guilty! It really isn't all about us LOL! I'm looking forward to any post at any time.

Joan in Mississippi

Melissa said...

I'd be willing to settle for less frequent updates if I had to, but please don't make me go cold turkey! I've looked at a lot of blogs, but for some reason yours is the only one I've gotten hooked on! I hope you decide to continue when it's all said and done!

Anonymous said...

OK -- I guess I need to come clean!! I've been "with" you since Kendrie's CB days. Monday through Friday, when I'm at work and have a computer (we have a computer at home, but I don't use it because it is so DARN slow), I click on "Not Quite What I Had Planned" from my favorites list to see what is going on in your life. I have NEVER left a comment. When I read your post today, my heart started beating real fast and my palms were sweating. "What do you mean you are shutting down," I said to myself. "Don't you know that I click on you everyday expecting to hear what is going on in the Escoe clan?" Then, I realized that you cannot hear my thoughts or read my mind!! So, I am here to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy visiting with you each day and as corny as this might sound -- I would miss you if you closed down. (Sounds like I need to get out more!!)

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that there are probably a lot of lurkers like me out there who enjoy your writing, but just haven't told you yet!

Happy Writing,

Judy from Baltimore, MD

Pam Doughty said...

Blaine is a wise, wise man. There will be a day when your kids cherish this blog, because it is YOU; pure, unadulterated, hilarious, maddening, good-to-the-bone Kristie. Scrapbooks are all pretty, but sometimes they just aren't real. THIS is real, and they will forever be grateful that you gave THEM the gift of you. (and the rest of us just get to come along for the ride!). So blog on, girlfriend, with the understanding that you DO have to get up from the chair and MAKE those memories before you can document them. It's all about balance.
Love you!

Kelly F said...

Hi Kristie,
Another lurker here to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Even if you only update every so often, we'll still be here reading! I started following Kendrie's CB page shortly after I joined the ALL list more than 3 years ago & am still hooked.
Will try not to be such a lurker from now on :o)
BTW, Happy Belated Birthday!

Kelly (Abe's mom)

Melissa in CA said...

Well, not quite 100 comments yet, but you're getting close! Obviously, we all love to read your updates and are highly entertained with your posts. Sure, you could space it out more & take time to do the things you need to do ~ but PLEASE continue to write on the blog. We need you to help us smile when we need to smile and cry when we need to cry. Otherwise, you'll just have to write that book!!!

Anonymous said...


My heart almost stopped beating as I read the words you were considering stopping your blog. Tell Blaine I said thank you from the bottom of my heart. While I do want you to spend more time with your kids and other projects, I also want to hear what is going on with the Escoe's! I check this blog before any others every day. So give yourself a break and take days off, but please, please, please don't ever stop!

Postcard Cindy

Anonymous said...

Your husband is a very smart man...always listen to him! Ha! I am delurking to admit that my palms also started to sweat and my heart started to palpitate.....thank god you are going to keep going. I like many others click on you everyday but seldom leave a msg. Glad you are staying!


Lisa said...

Hi Kristie - Please don't quit. We'll understand if you need a break or to blog less often but you are one of the best things about the internet. Love and prayers.

ClarkFamily said...

OK - I promise to stop lurking it you promise to NEVER EVER close down your site ... I have to admit I am an addict and I won't be able to quit cold-turkey! Your writings inspire me, make me laugh, make me cry but most of make me appreciate all that I have around me ... my family! So pleast Kristie ... stay with us! I look forward to one liner entries as much as I do the long novels! Happy Belated Birthday!

Rebekah Clark
Prior Lake, MN

Jacqueline in Fairfax VA said...

Ok so I am a lurker I have been following the amazing Escoe's of Georgia since Kendrie was first sick through a friend of mine. but in a goal to keep being able to read this site her is a comment darling ! I enjoy reading your blog each day because it is just so honest. Its like a picture of my life and since I cant write I read your blog everyday and laugh till I cry and my husband says are you reading the blog again
Have a an amazing day with those 3 children and your husband !!!

Anonymous said...

please don't quit...i love reading your blog! I came here from Kendrie's caringbridge page so I've been with you quite a while...even though I don't comment often...I'm here! :)

Ashlee in VA

Lindsay said...

Kristie, I don't know you personally but I feel like I do! You have a gift with words, a gift for telling about everyday stories we all understand with touching humor, a gift for telling about the NOT-SO-EVERYDAY things that can happen to us. You simultaneously remind me to learn to laugh about things that are serious, and to be thankful that most of my trials and tribulations are not. This post struck me for a few reasons. First, I would be totally sad if you weren't blogging. Second, I totally understand how something that starts out fun can grow bigger than you meant and need to be reigned in. Third, ironically, scrapbooking is to me what you were saying blogging has become for you...I have always wanted to make these scrapbooks but there is so much to make that it overwhelms me. So I recently gave myself permission never to scrapbook (well, until I have never to scrapbook for myself). And it was amazing how giving myself permission to give it up freed me from the burden and made me look forward to it again. I hope that giving yourself permission to loosen the reigns here has freed up your mind/spirit/whatever to enjoy it more again! No matter what you decide to do, thank you for the laughter, love, and perspective that your blog brings to my life! All the best, Lindsay

Anonymous said...

NO!!! You can't quit! And about that 100 comments, if there were a hundred comments each day, think of the time it would take for you to read all of them, and then you may need to respond to some questions posted in the comments (such as "Is there a Sonic near your new house?", seriously, is there? I have never been to a Sonic. I may have to plan my next family trip around it, just because of this blog...) anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah, you really want a small # of comments so you don't have to spend so much time reading them & responding! Blog on Kristie!
I hope your family is doing well, including Lager, we had to make some hard decisions last year regarding our 16 year old cocker spaniel, so I've been there...
Did you ever get your passport?
See the questions that you will need to respond to now that I commented? It's a cycle...
Looking forward to your next update.
in Grand Forks, ND

Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm guilty of not leaving a message. But I'm here, don't stop, PLEASE. Not yet.

Thanks for your consideration in this manner. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Anonymous said...

Your husband is right - imagine someday, when you are old, wrinkled, feeble-minded and drooling, and your grandkids get a hold of the pages you wrote oh-so-many-years-ago. They will get a glimpse into Grandma (or maybe even Great Grandma)'s life that they never, ever would have otherwise. They will get a chance to see how you lived, thought, loved, and spoke. Before all the drool and "what was that you said?". I'd love it if I could see my grandparents as younger people, and your kids, grandkids, great grandkids will appreciate the gift. So relax and keep updating every now and again. And happy birthday.
Deanna Deutsch - fellow cancer mom in Delafield, Wisconsin

Stephanie said...

Pleae don't quit -- relaxing is fine, but don't quit. I love your are a talented writer and I love reading about the goings-on in your life!

Jaxon and Robin said...

Maybe you are looking at this the wrong way. You aren't wasting time on the are helping other people get thru their days/weeks/lives/sick kids/sick dogs....
You are doing all of us a service. You are an unpaid therapist!
I have been following you since the caringbridge and there have been days when everything is wrong; days in the hospital, days of surgery, days with scary 'unknowns'...and on these days reading your blog was often the only highlight, the only time I would smile or laugh.



Anonymous said...

Kristi - You CAN'T quit! You're pure entertainment, and bring lots of laughs to lots of people! Press on! I like the book idea too! But I truly love checking to see what is new and exciting in the Escoe household! Plus I like keeping track of how Blaine is doing!

Take care! You are PRECIOUS!

Denise Adams

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog, even though I am usually a lurker! I only wish that I took the time each day to journal about things going in my life so that I would have it to read many years later! Keep up the good work!

Savannah, GA

Anonymous said...

I am from Lurkdom too Kristie. Please don't stop. You are a fabulous writer and funny as all get out. I love reading your work and this is an excellent way for you to document your family's growth. I've also followed you from the CaringBridge days...keep writing girlfriend :)

jadine said...

What the hell are you talking about?! --- even *considering* shutting down your blog?? Sure, step away, skip days, but you may not stop.

Did you notice that this is comment #79?? For this one post?? You're all popular and stuff!

High-five, my friend!


From a faithful reader :)

Cara said...

You can't possibly quit! We enjoy reading your stories far too much to let you! Even if they're the mundane-thing-that-happened-today stories, they make us feel not so guilty about our mundane lives! And I agree with those that said they'd quit lurking and share about their lives if you'll keep writing about yours!

PS - Most of those hits on the counter are me, checking for a new update. It's that darn mundane life.

Anonymous said...

Please don't shut down. I always read your blogs even though I have never commented. I am a Mom of four who spends quite a bit of time online too and don't even have a blog to show for it. You always make me smile. Karen S. from Texas

Connie F-G said...

I like the 81 other people to sign before me, hope that you will continue to update your blog. Even once a week...heck once a month would be great. A lot of us would miss our dose of you each day but I for one am willing to compromise...I'll take some over nothing!!

You have big changes coming up in your life...I know, we just moved too...what great stories you'll have. You shouldn't have to tax your mind too much to come up with stuff to write about!


Connie F-G said...

Oh may be less painful knowing that you weren't updating daily if I knew you were writing a book that I could buy later on!


Anonymous said...

Hey Kristie,
What are you talking about? It's tough when you feel guilty about not spending enough time with your kid's but you have to have some time for yourself too! This site will be great for your kid's to read one day as other's have said.

Anyway, what I mean is I'd miss you and your family!!! Perhaps you could just cut down a bit, weekends off as you said!!

Take care,
Love Angela

Anonymous said...

Lurker here!

I check in almost daily. Am an original from Kendries site. I am not as eloquant with my writing as you are ;0), thats why I don't checkin often. Would really miss knowing what is going on with the Escoe's if you didn't blog at all. Just cut back a bit, and enjoy life!
Jo Anne, Pete's Sis. 3.5yr. brain tumor survivor.

Anonymous said...

I adore your blog. I should comment more so you believe me.

I completely understand making priorities and not writing EVERY day, but please please don't stop writing all together. I HAVE to hear about the move and everything.

Loved the birthday notes. I hope your birthday was wonderful.

Kristin in NC

Anonymous said...

Kristie, I have been following you for years now. I am a LURKER! I never know what to write on here. But, I check your site daily for an update. I can understand you wanting some time for yourself. You really deserve it. But, I would be lost without hearing all about your clan. You are normal! It is nice to read about your normal and realize that there is someone that is a lot like me in this world. Take time for yourself - but please don't shut down your site!! Kelley in Texas

Cora said...

*pushing you up to 100comments* CMON people!!

Can I PLEASE ask and can u PLEASE answer, is the support website between u and Banana still going ahead? a 'y' or 'no' will suffice :)

I think it would be really beneficial to some of us still out here, let us know either way ;) xxx

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Please, please, please don't stop! Even if you cut back to once a week, that would satisfy (somewhat) our need for an Escoe-fix. I look forward to checking in EVERY day to see if you've updated. You make me laugh and cry, sometimes all at once. From reading today's comments, it looks like you have a small fan club going up here in Minnesota. I keep hoping that someday you'll make a trek up here, I'd LOVE to meet you!
Happy Belated Birthday!
Sheila in Minnesota

Tina S said...

At first I went "Oh NO!!!!!!!!". Then I sighed a breath of relief. I don't post often, but I do check on your blog everyday since following Kendrie and you through ALL-Kids. I myself have found I update Bryce's site less and less often and then I feel guilty about it, but I guess I shouldn't. There are other things to do too. What ever you choose , do the best thing for you, and whenever you update is fine with me! Your humor keeps me going! And...Happy Belated! birthday!

Anonymous said...


I started reading today's post with an increasing sense of a good friend was going to move and not leave a forwarding address.

Please don't stop. We'll be happy with whatever leftovers crumbs you have to give us. And, we'll still check in several times a day just in case....but I'm sure we all understand that we're probably not the top priority in your life.

Thank Blaine for adding his persepctive!

Dixie in CA

Anonymous said...

Happy now - you got all the lurkers to stand up and admit/chant, "Hi my name is ________ and I am a lurker, a computer blog snooper and a Kristie fan." Hopefully your new resolution to consider quitting blogging will have about the same effect as most peoples' New Years Resolution to stick to a diet! While we ALL want the ending to be...and they lived happily ever after - No One is READY quite have graduation and wedding stories/pictures to share first! Blaine is right, just print a hard a copy for each of your kids - call it scrap booking and when you go on those scrap booking get aways with your friends - just eat candy, cake and drink until you are merry! Thanks for putting it to a vote...Randy

kim-d said...

Kristie~Because you rock, I am not even going to look at the other comments before I leave mine. I know what you're saying, because I find that my blog takes a lot of time, too. So, I understand but, please, don't go. I am one who came over from Kendrie's CB site and, even though I go in fits and starts on the commenting, I always check in. I would miss you so much if you didn't blog; you've been a part of my life for many years now! But, more importantly, I think you would miss it, too, if you didn't have a writing outlet. You are too much of a writer, in my opinion, to NOT write. Yeah, it doesn't always have to be a book, it doesn't have to be everyday and, for pete's sake, write what you want--you don't always have to be witty, although I do think that will always come through, too. So, that's my two cents worth. Please stay, 'kay?

Melissa said...

#94 - just doing my part to get to 100 comments on one post. Gotta be some kind of record...CNN prob does't get this kind of readership!

Do whatever you need to do! How's that song go..."It's all about me...." oh wait I mean you....

lesleegp said...

Please don't quit!! I just got started and you were part of the inspiration to "blog" my family so we could have some memories in writing! No pressure or anything. :)

Pink Lady said...

OMG! I know I should be encouraging to you and your life and your family, but I would be so sad if you shut down this blog. I fully give you permission to blog less (if you absolutely have to spend time with the kids), but please don't leave us!


katy said...

Who would I go to when I can't think of enough people to tag. This is an 8 facts about yourself tag....If you get time to do it.

Renee' said...

Oh thank God. I talk to you pratically daily and still have to have your blog. Thanks, friend.

krueth said...

Oh gosh, I am so glad you decided not to quit entirely. I just so enjoy coming on here and reading what you have to say, and there is so much you haven't told us yet. Happy Birthday, hope you had a good one.

Anonymous said...

Of course you don't have to write something each day---That was only expected back in the days when our children were in the deep thoes of chemotherapy and heck, each hour was a horror story! Madie and I love your blog, and it really is a new type of scrapbooking with the ability to journal in it as well. Just think of it as an extension of your hobby, kinda like a 'softcopy' instead of a 'hardcopy' of the materials.
We love you!
Congrats on the new birthday, I know it is going to be a year of special surprises, love, and dear friends!
Talk to you soon!.........Ice Girls

Anonymous said...

Oh, thank goodness you are going to hang on at least a little while longer. We are hoping A LOT longer, but we'll take what we can get. I check here daily and enjoy so many laughs, smiles and tears courtesy of your great writing. Thank you for sharing your world with your internet friends.

I'm delurking to let you know I'm a big fan. A friend in Fairfax, VA told me about you when Kendrie was first diagnosed. I'm still checking in, but now I'm in Delaware.
Thanks! Andrea

Ab said...

Love your site, love your writing.

It is what it is, and ya gotta do what you gotta do!

But, seriously... look at all the comments on here today, I sit here thinking about what I am going to say and I know I am not the only one who feels that way, it's hard to comment sometime becuase you don't want it to sound dumb and then have you think were crazy.

Anyway, I am rambling!
Take Care :)

Andrea said...


I don't remember how I first got here, one CB site, led to another, led to another, led to here. I've enjoyed your blog for over a year and look forward to each and every post. That said, do what's best for you and for your family. If that means you become a once in a while blogger, big whoop. We'll still be here waiting to read about your latest grand adventure or everyday event. If that means that you stop blogging at some point, we'll all miss you but absolutely understand.

Patricia-Georgia said...

Oh, don't give up...just do it less! That's what I keep telling myself about oreo cookies, ice cream, cookie crisp cereal and all the other "forbiddens" that I need to cut way back on! We'll be here when you post! :)

Anonymous said...

Kristi, I have followed your site for a LONG time now. Previously on Kendrie's site.

I know there is such a thing as etiquette and the flipside is sounding like a weirdo...I have has an epiphany about it though...we, the readers, read your site daily, we feel as though we know so much about you and your family and have come to care about and love your family. On the flipside (the weirdo side) when we comment, you don't know some of us from Adam...HOWEVER, with all of that in mind...I am going to say what I feel and really hope it doesn't come across as weirdo..

I demand a post from you (soon) that lists all the things you are proud of and have accomplished! You are an amazing woman and you are not looking in the right direction about it. One of those good qualities that you may not even be aware of is this BLOG!!!...I know, without a shadow of a doubt you have impacted lives all over the world. You have taught your readers what unconditional love is, what it is to "stick it out" with the hard things of life... When you feel guilty about spending time on the computer, just drag one of your kids over to it and read them one of the responses that says how much you impact lives. It's a gift, Kristi...a gift. You enjoy it, which in turn makes it seem selfish, perhaps, but it is NOT! It is uplifting for all of us.

Now, how about this...WE give you permission (not like you need it) to relax. As much as we love your writing, and would love to read 5 posts a day from you, THAT would be selfish. Write when you want to. You set the standard so high for us, expecting a post every day. It is not necessary!!! In fact, we care about you enough to insist you do some things that you really enjoy too. ie, scrapbooking. And might I mention that we would love to see some pages?

I can't even imagine how hard it is to keep up with a blog. I know I enjoy reading it, but really don't appreciate how much time is put into it.

Anyway, hope this didn't come across as weirdo!!


Tracy'sspace said...

Please dont go! I (and it sounds like the rest of blogdom) would miss your site so much! I have been here since CB days and love reading your updates, you are guaranteed to make me laugh. I do know what youmean though, as I can see myself in what you say :-(

Melissa said...

You can be like Postsecret. You can have 1 day a week that we all eagerly look forward too. Although I hope you don't tell us any of those really warped and weird secrets cause you are NOT anonymous. Just keep that in mind, kay? Happy birthday!
Melissa (in Minnesota)

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
Debbie E.
Peachtree City, GA

Anonymous said...

Not sure if I have ever left a comment but...

I do enjoy reading your blog. Take time for yourself... if you enjoy blogging keep doing it, maybe just not so often, when the mood strikes, etc.

If you don't enjoy it anymore, please don't do it for all of us :) We are not as important as your happiness.

As someone that also scrapbooks, that is a pretty time consuming project but one that is well worth it. My children love looking through their albums.

I do love reading your blog and will miss it if you stop however what ever choice you make you will still have lots of support out here in the "internet world"

Enjoy your day!

Anonymous said...

Oh my God.. that was weird. I was reading along, and then I saw the words "quitting this blog" and I just felt sick.. I was SO GLAD that Blaine said so well what I was thinking.. you are doing such a wonderful job of documenting your lives, giving all of us out here something to think about, cry about or laugh about in almost every entry.. I have followed Kendrie for years on Caringbridge and if you stopped blogging I would feel like my best friend had moved away! Never to be seen again!! Please don't do that..

I admit, I am a lurker. I check your site every couple of days, but only comment about every two months. Would you keep doing this if we comment every time we come??? I'll bet alot us would comment if that would keep the blog going..

Happy Birthday, Kristie, my friend. Blog when you want to, but please just blog!! We'd miss you too much if you stopped.. we'd be sick wondering if Blaine is okay, how the kids are growing and changing... etc! Don't feel like a slave to the blog, but please write every once in awhile. It's always a bright spot in my day.

Rosemary in Albany NY

Anonymous said...

I am joining the masses!!! My selfish self really would hate to see quit. You are the first blog I read and it is from your links that I ventured to other blogs. It is you that inspired me to do some writing and want my own blog. It is simply my own fears, and a good name, that have kept me from actually creating and posting. So please don’t quit. Having said that though, I would understand if you did. I hope that the gift you are able to give yourself is the ability to let go of what you no longer enjoy. You certainly have the right to spend the little free time you have only on the hobbies you really enjoy. When the hobby becomes just another process, stressor, chore, albatross it certainly is time to re-think and maybe let go. Also letting go sure doesn’t mean it is closed to you forever.

But really…don’t quit.


Kim said...


110 comments as of this morning...boy what a testament to the impact you have had on "strangers".

Your blog is the bright spot in my upside-down-with-diabetes-in-a-9-year-old-boy world. You have made me laugh 'til I peed (5 babies - I pretty much pee all the time!), and cried until I couldn't read anymore. You are a blessing - in case you hadn't guessed that yet!

Kristie, when you are ready to leave all us poor saps behind, we will be glad to see you go - because you will be going to wonderful Blaine and your beautiful children.

Sharing your life regularly is exhausting - probably more emotionally than physically. But thank you...for all the times you have done so, without filter, and made my life seem not so lonely after all.



lizinsumner said...

Happy Birthday, my on-line friend! And please don't go! But, having said that, and knowing you have a LIFE (unlike myself!!) with a husband and 3!!! kids, I can understand how you feel. So, here's to hoping that the new, relaxed approach works, and that way we'll all be happy! After all, you're the ONLY person that I "know" in the mid (and very land-locked) west!!! Not to mention that, after so much time, I can't help but feel a propietary need (and compulsion) to stay apprised of both Kendrie's and Blaine's health! (Is the guilt trip working yet? My son says that I do it well!!)!!

Alice said...

Kristie - You know how you had an entry and said you'd take your kids "anyway you can get them" ? Well, we feel the same about your blogs! So, please, even if it's not every day, keep us posted. We'll take you anyway we can!

Jen said...

i will delurk and say i love your blog. i have been reading your caringbridge site since 2004! I am so thankful for Kendrie's good health! you should really update more about the kids, pictures anticdotes etc. I miss hearing about what the hooligans are up to. YOU are funny and a great writer - so create something you are proud of and connects you even more to your kids. Document their lives.

Anonymous said...

I'm new today to your site and I'm so loving it already... not everyone has the gift to write like this.
Put those scrapbooking photos in a PHOTO album (date them, of course :p) and do your "real time/real life" journaling here... print it out later.
THIS is the stuff I wish my Dad could've left me- his stories, feelings, experiences and humor... anyone can leave pics with a few notes... THIS is a legacy (AND entertainment!).

Patty House, Jasonville, IN said...

I almost started to hyperventilate. What on earth would I do at work if I couldn't read about all the things you do and look at your pictures? can't quit!

BUT I can totally relate on the whole computer sucking away your time and no time to scrapbook. I'm lacking in that department too.

I have your blog bookmarked in a folder called favorite blogs and it's on top. When I get the chance to get online...yours is the first I read. So keep the updates coming even if they aren't everyday (I don't get the chance to read every day anyway). =)