Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SPT October 13

Continuing in my October Self-Portrait Challenge Theme of "4 Random Things About Me" ..... I present Random Item #2:

Of all the places Blaine and I have ever been stationed, the one I loved most, and would most consider returning to, was Ohio. In fact, Blaine and I agree that if we didn't have family here in OKC, then Ohio is the place we would most likely have retired.


It is the farthest northeast we have ever lived, and therefore was the most beautiful during fall, my favorite time of year.

It is the place we lived when our children were babies (and one was even born there, becoming a Buckeye for life!) and had pinchy-squeezable cheeks and I was still the boss of their social schedule. The three years we spent there were an enormously happy time in our lives. (and hey, no one in my family had cancer yet!)

Hands down, it had more family friendly activities (farms, pumpkin patches, public parks, festivals, etc) than any other place we have ever lived.

It was the most similar to OKC, so we felt at home there.

And most importantly, for this reason:

(please ignore the fact that they are all dressed and I am still in my pajama bottoms. It was perhaps not my most productive weekend ever .....)

Some of the best girlfriends in the entire world, most of whom I met in my mother's club, while living in Ohio. They supported me in my "young mother" days, introduced me to scrapbooking, and became the best adult-women friends I have ever had. Almost all are military wives; almost all have since scattered to the wind since our time there, like me. We have been meeting, all over the country, to scrapbook together, since the year 2000. We laugh, we talk, we eat chocolate, and we make the most killer amaretto slushies you have ever tasted in your life. Our friendships extend beyond scrapbooking. We care about each other's marriages, children, and families. We watch each other's kids grow up through pictures and stories. We e-mail, we call. We share news; we ask advice. We vacation together. Two of us were unable to attend this year ...... the rest of us were sad.

I am beyond blessed to be a part of this amazing group of women.

And this year, our annual get-together was in Ohio. Really, could I ask for any better?


jojo said...

very lucky indeed. And Hey, pajamas are my uniform so I think you look smashing!

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

How very lucky you all are to have each other. I am jealous.

Anonymous said...

You are certainly blessed to have such a large group of true blue women frends. You deserve it!

Karen B.

Miss Barnard said...

Where did you go in Ohio? My uncle was stationed there and probably was there at the same time you and Blaine were there. They live in Beavercreek. He is now retired and they stayed in Ohio. I love going to visit there. I agree with you, Ohio is beautiful in the fall.

hyzymom said...

I totally concur Kristie. Ohio was our favorite as well! I was only in the Mom's group for a bit, but it was great!

Renee said...

And we're lucky to have you!!! THe common denominator in the group!

Natalie said...

Gulp! You're making me miss Ohio! I love it that you drove. . .

Alisa said...

Glad you had a good weekend! Glad your back home- can't wait to see what you put together while you were gone!

Kathleen said...

I just spent time with military friends in Baltimore. We too were stationed together at Wright-Patt. They are moving back there as soon as he retires and I have two other friends moving back there as well.

Unfortunately for me, my husband loves Georgia or I would be back there in a heartbeat. I miss it.

Cindi said...

What a wonderful tribute to your friends. "Friends" isn't even the right word for people who play such a major role in your life.

If you miss Fall in Ohio, stop by my blog. We went out through Amish country last weekend and it was beautiful! Although I'm not a great photographer, I took some pictures.

Anonymous said...

Care to share your killer slushie recipe?? I love me some Amaretto. Thanks!
Shelly O'Reilly

P.S. I LOVE your blog. Been following for years. :)