Thursday, October 01, 2009

A freakin' awesome day

1. I made it as far as step ONE in fixing my blog before running into a glitch and having to ask for more help.

2. My credit card was declined at the grocery store today.

3. The contractor cashed our $1000.00 deposit check and then never showed up to work today, nor did anyone in his office answer the phone all day, nor did anyone return our calls.

4. Half-way through Kellen's football game tonight, the auto-focus on my camera quit working.

So, you got anything? Anything at all you'd like to throw at me? Locusts? Famine? Plague? Because really, the mood I'm in, I can take it.

Bring it on.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you had such a shi**y (aka:freakin' awesome)day. Praying your Friday will be 100% better!

Ann said...

Well Hell! Hoping tomorrow is a better day - you certainly are due.

jojo said...

oh Bloody Hell! Have a better day tomorrow...thinking of you..jj

Anonymous said...

It seems to me with your could always get worse. :(

Rosemary said...

I'm sorry.. I hate those days, and lately.. seem to have alot of them!! My 16 yr old drank at a party last weekend!! YAY!! The fun begins!!!!!!!

Hope Blaines root canal went okay.. I was thinking about him (and you) and throwing good thoughts out there. Cause it was kinda noisy here - with all the yelling..

Jeanette in GA said...

If anyone can handle a stressful situation it's you! But I imagine you get a wee bit tired of stressful situations.

Marisa said...

I would have to say yesterday just plain sucked for you. I hope today is a MUCH better day. Hope Blaine is recovering from his Dentist appt.
Prayers ALWAYS for your family.

The Running Girl said...

I hate days like that! Hope today is a better day.

Anonymous said...

What a crummy Thursday. Here's hoping today is a great day to make up for yesterday!

Connie F-G

Anonymous said...

I will come beat some contractor ass if you want me to.


Momto4 said...

sounds like my week last week!! My 11 year old was trying to get something out of the cabinet about the stove - so he puts one hand on the counter and his knee on the front of my glass top stove - which gave in and cracked right across the middle (luckily he was not cut)He looked at the stove, looked at me and just said,"I'll be in my room" - go idea - 3 days later we were in the ER with the same son who we thought was having an appendicitis attack - after 23 hour observation - nope they sent him home - appendix intact. The next day the washing machine leaked water all over the basement floor...Let's just say I am glad that week is OVER!!!

Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain...our painter left with $1000...over a month ago!!
We had a falling out the first day he was here. He was supposed to come back the next day to test the moisture in our shingles...NEVER CAME.
When I called his house, the person said, "he went to Long Island, or Rhode Island...I get those two mixed up!" Haven't heard from him since...even by phone. All his painting shit is still in my garage and his ladders are in my driveway. WTF???
Hope today is better.
Meg...Milford, CT

Beth said...

Oh life! Why must you be like this? Hoping for a better weekend for you.

Chris M. said...

We got our 'crap sandwich' yesterday. Justin has 'mild' cerebral palsy - he and Allie were born at 28 weeks and he had a stroke. I've always been happy though, that he was doing so well that I didn't "have" to be one of "those" parents who HAD to have a CaringBridge site - even though I had 28 weekers, my twins had pretty much over-coming the odds and obstacles and there wasn't "enough" to say about them to warrant a CB page.

Until yesterday. Justin and Allie are now 10, and yesterday we found out that Justin's muscles have "quit" growing and his body is starting to outgrow them. He has to have major surgery, where we will cut the muscles, then cut the nerves in his spinal cord. My kid who runs, jumps, plays, etc. and is 'normal' to the point that no one would even really recognise that he has CP, now faces life in a chair. And I now am a Caring Bridge parent.

Plus, Allison's best friend's dog died yesterday, the neighbor girl took the wrong bus home but for about 30 minutes no one knew where she was and the whole town was scrambling thinking she had gone missing, and now my husband told me we don't even have enough money to go pick up Allie's HDHD medicine from the pharmacy.

So, my advice to both you AND me? Let's go back to bed, grab a trashy romance novel, eat popcorn in bed, and deal with it all tomorrow.

That's my plan, at least.

(Justin, so far, seems to be taking it well. His comment? "Well, of COURSE this happened, mom. I am after all, YOUR son and you have the WORST luck ever." It was pretty funny...)

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Oh Geez Kristie........ What do you even do about the contractor? Call the police????????? I hope your day looks up and the contractor did the work in record time and you get the issues with the pictures and your credit card cleared up.

Rebecca said...

Oh dear. Sounds like The Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

How did Blaine go?

debbie said...

having a flame war on your fb comments, now that was interesting...(I recently had to delete the comments from someone on my page). But if it makes you feel any better, I have totally fouled up my new computer by adding Chinese characters to the keyboard. Since I'm late writing this (hopefully it will appear in English, not Chinese), I hope today was much better and Blaine is doing well.
Debbie E.
PTC, GA 和咯

Mad Woman said...

Dude...that is a shitty day!! Hope tomorrow is better!

SandyBo said...

It was OCTOBER 1st, not April 1st!

Anonymous said...

My cell phone I called the boy from the work phone only to find he was sitting in his school parking lot with a dead car battery and needed to be leaving for the volunteer camp I told him to walk home, take my car (since I bike to work,) and I would deal with his car when I got home from picking up my race packet for the 1/2 marathon on my ride drops me off...I walk to the school with the dog who takes 3 dumps and I only brought 2 bags,)I sucker a dad into jumping the car, drive to work to pick up my bike...husband is stuck in traffic in L.A. and right when I thought I would be home a.l.o.n.e. tonight the girl comes home from college. Life is good...bring on the locusts!

Too bad this is in a comment cuz it would be good blogging material for tonight...if I had a blog....lMnop

Anonymous said...

OH my, I sometimes it seems like when it rains, it pours!! I am praying that nothing else comes your way, i.e., plagues, famine, locusts... You really don't want that to lift your mood :)
Tammy in OH

Renee' said...

These types of things push a sane person over the edge. Hang in there. Better sandwiches are on their way - in the form of Tammy's yummy sandwich maker machine next week!