Wednesday, October 14, 2009

And you thought the melting of the polar ice caps was slow

Blaine, the kids, and I, are happily ensconced in our room at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas. This is our second annual "Fall Break at Great Wolf Extravaganza", and we've got five (six?) other families meeting us here tomorrow morning. We drove down the night before on purpose, so we could have a relaxing, soothing evening in the hotel and then hit the water park first thing in the morning. If your definition of "relaxing" involves me getting angry with my children in the parking lot because they didn't want to help schlep the suitcases into the hotel, then our evening has indeed been that.

Further inspection revealed they only sell diet Pepsi products at this hotel. Help me.

And, do you remember how slow the aol dial up of years gone by used to be? Like, dinosaur slow? Well, it appears the free wi-fi service provided by the hotel is run by a provider called "Stayonline", who is apparently the younger, slower, more frustrating step-cousin to aol dial up.

Connecting, logging on, loading this page, and sending this update has taken almost twenty minutes. I haven't been able to access my e-mail at all. I clicked "connect to webmail" and went to the bathroom to change into my pajamas and remove my makeup. When I returned, the page still had not loaded. It's almost enough to make me flash back to the days of "You've got mail!"

It's ok, though. Blaine didn't get to visit Great Wolf with us last year because he was having radiation, so tomorrow morning we have the fun of introducing him to the infamous "toilet bowl" slide. I will call my sister and beg her to bring me some Diet DP, we will spend all day playing, and all will be right with my world again.

At least until I try to get online tomorrow night. Then, if the service isn't any faster than today, I will quite possibly have a stroke.


jojo said...

Hey y'all...have a great time!

vgsmom said...

Kristie-- I think it's a sign...try a weekend without being online...I know it's unimaginable, but I did it last weekend while at WDW (because the charge 10.95 for 24 hours). Have a great time!!

Cathy said...

I hear ya! I hate when I get somewhere and all they have is Pepsi products. I do NOT love the toilet bowl. The hotel I spend a lot of time at for work is extremely slow and it's not even free. How can they expect people to PAY for it when it sucks so bad? Have fun!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

We just left the Great Wolf Lodge. Even though you don't know me, it would have been great to see you and your family there as I have followed you since the Caringbridge days. I hope you have as much fun as we did.

Jenn said...

We LOVE that place! I mean LOVE IT! Wish I was there now! Have so, so, so much fun!

Anonymous said...

We took our child and two of her friends to GWL Kansas City this summer in place of a 13th Birthday Party. A great time was had by all.

Is Austin closer the KC for you?

Connie F-G

Haley said...

Enjoy your trip!! I would love to see pictures of Blaine as he comes off of the toilet bowl slide! That is one of the best water slides out there.

P.S. I always ask for Coke, and if a waiter says, "Is Pepsi okay?" I always respond with "No, I'll take a water." I'm a Georgia girl to the core. :)