Saturday, April 11, 2009

My new, NEW favorites

OK, I know I said I had a favorite photo less than an hour or two ago, but I'm still sitting here browsing through the tournament pictures, and I've found a few more favorites.

I love this one:

because it shows off Kellen's ninja warrior athlete prowess.

I love this one:

because it shows off Kellen's stealth, intelligent, mental ninja warrior capacities. (That, or he's just wondering how much longer until half-time so he can get a drink of water.)

So by this one:

it's pretty clear that's he's not a ninja soccer warrior at all, but rather a poor impersonation of Farrah Fawcett. In fact, I think the boy next to him is wondering to himself, "Hmmmm, dude? Or chica?" although really, I don't think anyone sporting a faux-hawk should point fingers. I'm just saying.

Ahhhhh, wait, here we go:

Ninja warrior soccer skills back in action .......

No, at this point I just have to face the sad truth. This photo makes him look like Ursula from The Little Mermaid.


Anonymous said...

He's gonna be a heartbreaker that one, but yeah, give the kid a cheeseburger (LOL). Soon, you'll wonder WHERE did all those @@#%$@ groceries go??

M said...

I could show you pictures of Nolan looking just like that...well, at 6'6" he does still look like that!! He eats like he hasn't had a meal in days...but I believe he has a hollow foot...a size 15 foot! I will be saving his skinny pants and shoes for Kellen in a few years :)

Renee said...

I absolutely love his hair!!!
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

My son has the same haircut...umm well unhaircut...he wants to be one of the Sprouse twins...the ONLY time he considered cutting his hair was because his coach actually offered him a scrunchie so he could see where he was running if hair is the only issue I have with him then I am not complaining...awesome pics too :)

Bridget from Canada

Alisa said...

Farrah and Ursula- I am cracking up!

Anne Marie said...

Love the Ursula I have a skinny 10yr old boy that has the long hair too. We get comments on what a nice/handsome boy he is sometimes, which makes my shy child embarrassed and he'll get a funny look on his face, then the person will ask me quietly, "it is boy, right?"