Wednesday, April 08, 2009

And so the pre-teen years begin

Brayden: "Mom, you should know that I got sent to the principal's office today and you're probably going to get a call."

Me: "Why were you sent to the principal's office?"

Brayden: "Because B. sent me a note in class asking me out and the substitute totally had it in for me and embarrassed me and all my friends thought it was ridiculous and I should never have gotten in trouble for it!"**

Me: "Wait. Why did B. ask you out? You're too young to date. Plus, you already have a 'boyfriend' "

Brayden: "No, C. and I broke up two weeks ago. But I need you to understand that it was totally not my fault I got in trouble."

Me: "What do you mean you and C. broke up two weeks ago? Why? What happened? Why didn't you tell me?"

Brayden (loooooonnnnnnnnnnggggg exasperated sigh): "Because I KNEW you would go all Dr. Phyllis on me!"

And with that, I didn't know whether to laugh, or cry at what's clearly ahead.

**For the record, a little further poking and prodding in the conversation revealed a few teeny tiny (picture my thumb and forefinger, pinched very very very very closely together) minor details Brayden forgot to tell me (like the fact she was completely disrespectful to the sub) and that she in fact, actually, probably deserved the trip to the principal's office. And did I mention that the substitute is not only our neighbor, but in my ladies Bible Study group? Man, I love small towns.


Anonymous said...

Oh Kristie, you have all my sympathy and prayers. Good luck!
It's a good thing you don't hear me chuckling to myself because I'm thinking about the middle schoolers I work with and the middle schoolers that my own children used to be. We all managed them making it to adulthood, so there is hope for you, too!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how true this post rings (since I have a 13-year-old daughter)...and how it made me laugh! Good times are definitely ahead, Dr. Phyllis. :)

Mary Z

The Foster Home said...

I am laughing to keep from crying. I have a little girl, and while it will be a while til she is at that age, I know the time will come (and quicker than I want) til I have to deal with that stuff.

Rhonda said...

Oh girl, I feel your pain! I am in Human Resources at our school district and quite friendly with all my daughter's teachers and school staff - professionally and personally. It's so not pretty when I receive an email about an "issue" at school! Small towns ROCK, but sometimes it is better to be anonymous!!!!

Cathy said...

I went to school with most of the teachers and staff in our local school. I can tell it's awkward on the principal's end as much as it is for me when he has to call me about an issue. My son is 13 and not supposed to be into girls either but yes has had "girlfriends". One day he has a girlfriend then 3 days later he told me he was going to dump her, I said why and he said "because I heard she is going to dump me." I should be glad at this point he actually tells me a lot of what's going on.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE small towns too. I always told my kids that I might not find out about something right away, but I would at some point. Of course, they tried to prove me wrong, but it didn't work. The "MOM LINK" as we called it always rocked!!!

Anonymous said...

Christy it will get worse!!

you wont know from day to day - who she is dating. some times they last less than 2 hours.

Paxton was one of the best to have a boyfriend that morning and by lunch she had dumped him caz he did something wrong!!! and you have to!! I feel for you


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, wasn't Brayden the kid that was suspended last year? Oh boy, that one is going to keep uoi hopping.

I have one of those, too. A bit older than Brayden, very lovable at times, still a good kid, but full of the devil. You know it is bad when the 7th period teacher calls you on the third day of school and asks if you ever considered medicating your kid. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

That should be "keep YOU hopping".

I have no idea what my fingers are doing today!

Angie said...

My oldest is almost 9, but I swear she thinks she's almost 19! I am not looking forward to the pre-teen OR teen years. I'm sure if she doesn't kill me, my other two daughters will!! I'll need Dr. Phyllis on speed dial! ;)

Thanks for the laugh!

jodie said...

I really did laugh out loud! That Dr. Phyllis remark just cracked me up.

Cozyflier said...

Kristie, I'm rolling! My boys, 21 and 18 haven't caused me any grief! But my 12 yr old daughter is going to keep me on my toes!!

I totally get the small town thing, my husband was the only doctor in a Oklahoma town of 1200 for 3 years!! Ask Stefunk about that one!!

raino said...

i too hate living in a small town sometimes too.

Anonymous said...

HaHa, Dr. Phyllis. Too cute! I noticed you are reading Firefly Lane. I bought it yesterday, and after I finish reading Plain Truth, I plan to read it.
Joann in AL

Alisa said...

This gave me a good chuckle tonight.
Were you glad you had a little pre-warning about getting a call from the principal?

Rosemary in NY said...

Oh, I love to start my mornings with a story like this.. I am laughing out loud! My darling 14 year old frequently says "Does everything have to be a LESSON?".. I'll have to tell her, "yes, because I am Dr Phyllis".. I just loved that!!

I so love your stories, Kristie.. I hope the kids don't make you stop telling them! I've been following you since Caringbridge, and feel like our kids are growing up together. Even though you don't know me. Or anything about me or my kids. Not a stalker. I promise!

deb8able said...

My daughter who is getting ready to enter high school...."Mom, I have friends who smoke weed and have sex, but I'm just not interested in that stuff yet - give me a year or so and we'll talk again" IT ONLY GETS WORSE!!!!

Elaine at Lipstickdaily said...

Oh yes . . . small towns . . . love em and hate em. So far I only have to worry about Maggie wetting her pants when she gets defiant . . . but she's pretty much remorseless so I'm bracing myself! Uh . . . girls are getting asked "out" in the beginning of the pre-teen years? I better stock up on chardonnay or something.

Stephanie said...

Oh yeah, gotta love it...about as much as I loved finding out from a friend that my older daughter had her first kiss...from a boy who is 18 and already has a girlfriend. Hello! Can you say "HEART ATTACK"?? They just grow up way too fast.... (And yes, she and I had a LONG talk that night and it's a good thing I haven't seen that boy in a while because I still want to kill him.)

Haley said...

I always make sure to email parents well before the school day ends about any trouble at school. That way they have my side of the story, too!

Regardless of any awkward moments they provoke, I love small towns!