Sunday, April 19, 2009


I gotta be honest with you guys ... I am really struggling to find things to blog about lately. And by "lately", I mean the past six months or so. And by "things", I mean anything that won't put people in coma from boredom. When you find yourself relieved that its Tuesday, and a self-portrait challenge is due, and therefore there's no need to be witty or clever or original, then perhaps it's time to re-evaluate your own blogging abilities. For me, this blog started out as a Caringbridge page; a personal journey through pediatric cancer .... and then evolved into a family blog ... which quite frankly, probably isn't that fascinating to anyone except my mother. My kids aren't little, they don't do cute and funny things on a regular, reliable basis anymore, and if I post one more time about woe-is-me-I'm-an-overweight-PTO-mom-who-is-tired-of-volunteering, I'll have to poke MYSELF in the eye with a sharp stick.

When you realize you're boring even yourself, perhaps it's time to re-group.

So in the meantime, I'm going to do what I do when I can't think of anything worth sharing ..... answer comment questions, and hope inspiration strikes soon, before I'm forced to resort to sharing old naked baby photos of myself.

NES asks: Forgive a stupid question - what's a crop?

A "crop" is the term for when a group of scrapbookers get together and work on their albums for any length of time. Sometimes synonymous with "scrap", but not always. For example, you can "scrap" or "crop" with friends; you can "scrap" or "crop" pages for your albums; you can attend a "crop", but you can't attend a "scrap". Hmmm. Wonder if either of those terms are in Websters yet ....

Dto3 asks: Better yet, what's WOOT!?

As far as *I* know, it's a term used when a person is excited about something, like a cheer. Think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, when she so un-lady-like-ly rooted for a particular horse at the races by rotating her clenched fist in the air in circles, yelling, "Woot! Woot!". You can always go to Urban Dictionary if you need to double-check, because Lord knows I could be wrong.

Stefunk asks: Are you pregnant??

I don't even remember what on earth this was regarding, but I can answer with a resounding "Hell to the no".

Anonymous says: Ok.....I am clueless. What on earth is trash can punch?

OK, anonymous, I know you're only staying anonymous because you don't want your friends and family to know you're soliciting the recipe for trash can punch, you lush, you. Although, I thought drinking trash can punch was a rite of passage in middle America..... no? Not so much? Well, it's basically a ghastly concoction of fruit punch and alcohol --- typically everclear, vodka, or rum. In a nutshell, it's disgusting. I think it's called "trash can" punch because you normally mix it up in large quantities to serve at parties. Or at least you DID, before all the women of the world had to be suspicious of drinking anything prepared by strangers at a party.

However, if you're looking for a much more festive way to deliver a trash-can punch-type drink, do what we used to do (Mom, close your eyes.....) Buy a large watermelon. Cut a small hole in it. Buy one bottle of everclear or vodka, take the cap off, and insert neck of bottle upside down into the hole. Let sit for 24 hours. The booze will soak into the watermelon .... slice and serve at your next party. Viola!! It's the red neck way to get your liquor and vitamin C, all in one package!! Yee-ha!

And now, the fact that I've been able to type two very long paragraphs about trashcan punch and watermelon vodka leads me to my next blog post, titled "The time I checked into rehab".

Alison states: Also, "The Secret Life of Bees"--do you plan on seeing the movie once you finish reading? I loved that book, but have yet to see the movie.

Alison, I actually rented it a few weeks ago with Brayden, when we had a Mommy-and-Me movie night at home. We both enjoyed it very much.

Lisa L asks: Thank you!!! But just one question re: the meatballs...sweet chili sauce, or regular (hot) chili sauce? :)

Um, I'm assuming this is in reference to my crockpot meatball recipe. Clearly I should answer questions in a more timely fashion so I would know these things. Its definitely sweet chili sauce..... nobody in our house does spicy because we are all a bunch of weenies.

Gina gave a very helpful explanation regarding brain tumors and ended with: I hope that makes sense and I didn't confuse you any intentions are good.

Gina, I don't know that I ever got around to saying thank you to you for this information. It made perfect sense and helped me to understand more clearly exactly what the doctors were saying. So, thank you.

Lollyblogger mentions: Third, Have you and Blaine ever thought about making a road trip to MD Anderson in Houston? He seems like a unique case that they would have interest in, and they are the BEST in the world. My husband did his surgical fellowship there, and it's quite a place.

Lollyblogger, Blaine has never been to MD Anderson for an oncology consult, but the Air Force did send him there back when we were researching his options for reconstructive surgery. (Right after they sent him to the breast reconstruction doctor at Emory and I made jokes about him winding up with a big nipple on his head.) As luck would have it, he flew to Texas for a consultation, and the doctor he was to see had a wife who went into labor the day of Blaine's appointment. So while it appears for now things are being handled well locally (and how fabulous it is that he no longer has to travel five hours round trip for every single doctor's visit!) it's good to know the Air Force would consider MD Anderson again if need be. But selfishly, I'm crossing my fingers there is no "need be".

Bridget from Canada wants to know: ..Just out of curiosity who is taking these SPT someone in the family or a timer? Cause they have all been really good.

Bridget, thanks. A few have been me with a timer, but my camera is too heavy for me to hold up with one little dainty butterfly hand. Plus I don't have the coordination to turn the zoom lens, hit the auto-focus button, then press and release the shutter all with one hand. I've borrowed Brayden's little point and shoot a few times, but most of the photos have been taken by my kids.

And for the record, I *did* last week's SPT "Gift a Friend" In fact, I wrote up this great (well, in my own mind, anyway) post about being a princess, growing up in an all-prince world, and how even princesses have to kiss a lot of friendship frogs before they find other princess friends they really and truly connect with. I have a group of them, sadly, scattered all over the country, and one of them turned 29 (ahem) last week and I gifted her with a drive to Dallas to take her out for brunch for her birthday. (And I gifted her with the coolest pink peace-sign purse, too, but since we're not supposed to spend money of our gifts, I guess that part of the visit is ineligible.) Anyway, I felt weird posting something the day after I got news of Thalon's passing, then just a few days later the friend I wrote about in the post lost her father in law very unexpectedly, and I felt weird posting about her, too.

So in a nutshell, the point of the post is ladies, if you have one or two or five or ten friends who you can really, truly count on in a pinch, who make you laugh and listen to you bitch and care about your family and cheer for you all the same, hang on to them. For dear life. Because the older I get, and the more I've traveled around the country with Blaine, the more I'm learning that there are some psycho FREAKS out there to be avoided at all costs, and true friends are to be cherished.


Stefunkc said...

Oh how I wish I could remember why I asked if you were pregnant! Might have to spend some more time on my butt here on the couch and figure that one out!

Bonita in Az said...

Kristie.....please dont feel like you "have" to blog on any regular basis. Just blog when you have something to blog about or the mood hits you. We know that blog worthy things dont happen everyday or that you have time everyday so dont worry. I think its contributing to your writer's "block". Just keep writing when you want to or feel inspired to. I couldn't stand the thought of not keeping up with you and your family so dont stop under any circumstances!! That's an order! lol I know I enjoy your everyday "boring" to you life but dont we all have that at times? Anyway, dont pressure yourself and just blog when you want to blog!!

Sue G said...

Well, for a "boring" blog entry that was pretty interesting, informative, and entertaining (or should I spell that intertaining to go with the i-i-i run I had going?)!

That said, now that I know you believe nothing much is going on in your life to write about, I understand the Adam Lambert love interest much better.

To mimic Kara Di whatever her name is, he is definitely an artist. But I would rather see him captured on canvas than running amuk in a recording studio.

Anyway, I digress. Keep writing about nothing. You'd be surprised how much your nothing beats most people's something.

vgsmom said...

I love what and how you blog whatever...even just to clear your head, or wait til the spirit moves.

Cozyflier said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets writers block!!

You still make an interesting blog!

Random said...

Just so you know, nothing you've blogged has ever been boring - and your children are bright and funny enough to keep all of us entertained on a regular basis. (Probably because we don't have to put up with the aspects of having them that only a parent would encounter...)
Don't feel like you ever have to blog (after all, what good is your blog if you aren't enjoying it?), but know that we love your posts when you do!

Sandie said...

We called trash can punch a "Wopit too eee" or a Wop for short. The scary part was always at the end when the color was brown and nasty!

Lissy said...

ahhh around here we call trashcan juice "jungle juice" and if you're feeling really alkie, you throw beer into it (usually natty light) and call it "man juice"

although trashcan juice is probably the most accurate thing it's ever been called!

never thought about watermelon...we used to soak gummy bears in vodka or everclear though...

Melissa said...

We used to call it 'hunch punch' and it was made with Everclear and fruit punch. You couldn't taste the alcohol, but after a few swigs it would hit you like a bus...

Lucy and Ethel said...

I don't think you're giving yourself nearly enough credit for your blog!!!

I agree with Bonita in Az that you shouldn't feel obligated to do it every day; goodness knows you have just a few other things going on. If you feel you have to do something, bring back old posts or something easy. We newcomers wouldn't mind :)


Becky Smith said...

Even your "boring" stuff is interesting. Believe me!

Becky Smith

Marisa said...

The watermelon was a great way to "sneak" liquor into the Ky Derby infield back in the day!!
Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

Your drink is called Hunch Punch in the south.....

Anonymous said...

I still like your blog. Please don't think about stopping.

Lisa C.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy your blog. As a mom of 4 kids around your kids' ages, I just enjoy comparing notes, seeing where we have similarities/how you handle things, what your kiddos are doing in school, etc. My favorite Kristie posts are just the ordinary every day ones about being a mom of 3. Guess it is the sociologist in me, lol.

By the way...I heard a new song on the radio the other day called "Kristie are you doing OK" (By the Offspring) and thought of you, since you are the only "Kristie I know". My song would be called "Rita says please take the pins out of the voodoo doll, she has been punished enough and needs some peace!"


Alisa said...

i am laughing and hoping I dont fall into the "psycho freak" category- and that I grow into the friend category!
Love your writing- whenever and whatever it is about-

The Running Girl said...

Ahhh, the mention of trash can punch brought back some memories. Well, some memories of not having any memories!

And I couldn't agree with you more about holding on to dear friends. They are few and far between.

Deb from NY said...

Kristie, your blog never bores me. Please keep writing when you can.

raino said...

although i understand the feeling of pressure to post something for the world to read, i don't REALLY. this is your blog, you make the time table.

i kinda think that absence make the reader grow fonder....

enjoy YOUR blog.

Anonymous said...

Yes and Amen! Cherish all your friends because one day when you're not paying attention one may die of ovarian cancer very quickly and one may die of altitude sickness while climbing mountains in South America and when it happens a few weeks apart, you'll wish you'd never taken for granted the notion that'd you grow old together.

It's OK if you want to take breaks, but just don't disappear on us. I like hearing about your "boring" life because to me, it isn't.


Lisa L said...

Your blog has nevah, evah, been boring to me. You are freakin hilarious and I love your intellect and humor. Keep on girl!

Estrelleta said...

I agree with what everyone else is saying. I find your blog very entertaining even on days like this, when you may not feel you have much to blog about. If you need to, take a break (not too long, though!).
I'll have you know, though, that I have a google reader and on any day I may have 150 unread posts when I open it. If there is a new post from you, it is always the first one that I open. That is how much I enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm still laughing at the Easter Bunny picture.

Lollyblogger said...

Here's to hoping Blaine doesn't have to take a trip to Houston ever again. Maybe God induced that labor to say "Hey there! No need to come to Houston! Unless you want to go to Goode & Co for some pecan pie."

And please don't stop blogging. Some of my favorite posts have been the simplest ones. I loved seeing what was in your pantry. Or hearing about grocery shopping. Or seeing closets turned into bedrooms. Of course, mutant Easter Bunnies are always good for a laugh.
Take good care---

lynne said...

For the record you never bore me and I think you'd be an awesome person to meet in real life.

oneordinaryday said...

Just found your blog and have been enjoying it very much. Feels like we're talking across the kitchen table.