Saturday, April 11, 2009

My favorite

So I've been sitting at the computer this afternoon going through the photos I took at the soccer tournament last weekend in Arkansas -- yes, I realize it's been a week since we got home and no I hadn't even looked at the photos yet I don't know why its taken a week when I'm normally so anal about photos but I'm sure I've been very very very very busy doing other things like holding the sofa down with my bottom and bemoaning the fact my dvr cut off Adam's performance on American Idol this week and complaining that although Target FINALLY opened up after sustaining tornado damage that they've moved everything in the store and why oh why is home decor right next to automotive what genius thought THAT bit of ergonomic-failure up and .... wait. What was I saying? Oh, yes. Its taken me a week to look at these photos, just shut up about it, I lead a very fulfilling life.

I took over 700 pictures that weekend. Without a doubt, this is one of my favorites:

I'm not sure if it's because he's so long-legged and thin that he goes knock-kneed when he bends over to pick up the ball, or because despite the fact it was only 30 degrees we forgot to bring anything to cover up those stick legs, or because he's eleven years old and clearly doesn't know how to pull the stocking cap down on his head properly, which just cracks me up. 7-11 robbery, anyone???

But I love this photo.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday tomorrow. We are attending church as a family (the whining and complaining about having to wear a dress has already started, three guesses which kid) then having Easter lunch and egg coloring and hunts tomorrow afternoon at my sisters. Without a doubt, I'll be slipping an extra chocolate bunny in above-child's Easter basket in the hopes of putting some meat on those legs.


Anonymous said...

Hey...Am I the first??? Can he be any skinnier? I love the picture!We just got home form the b-day dinner and still trying to recover from our little adventure. Just wanted to say hi and happy Easter. Give my love to your family! xoKim

Lesley said...

I had one of those extreme skinny minnys. He was so thin I had to tighten the bottoms of his baseball pants with diaper pins so that they would stay above his calves and not fall down to his ankles! He looked like Bambi! The poor kid!! Now he's almost 24, 6 ft tall and 190 pounds. I never would have believed it.
Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

Your dd is beautiful! Tell Kellen he must cut his hair! He looks like a GIRL!

Anonymous said...

I notice the height before the weight. Good Lord, is that kid 6 feet tall already? He has to be taller than you. It is a cute pic, LOL at the hat.


theothermother said...

I was going to suggest you feed that boy a few cheeseburgers, but I see you've already noticed his need for fat and sugar. Boy, am I jealous!

Stefunkc said...

Man I love it when you blog!!