Tuesday, March 31, 2009

SPT Challenge March 31

Well, I barely squeaked it in before the end of the day ... but here it is, my self-portrait challenge for today. As per the challenge organizer, Lelly, the challenge for the month of March was to utilize self-portraits featuring the number eight.

Or perhaps not technically "featuring" ... but at least making sure there is an eight, however teeny tiny, showing up in the photo somewhere.

Lelly chose this particular challenge, for this particular month, because she had a son turn eight the beginning of March. All I can say is I hope he's an only-child, because if I have to feature "nine" or "four" or "any other number" later this year for an entire month, I might just boycott whatever month it is.

And that would be a shame, because who *doesn't* want to see weeks and weeks worth of obnoxious self-promotion from me on this site??? (OK, you can all put your hands down now. No, really, there's no need to form a line.)

For this, my final March-eight picture, I'm posing in front of my mom's house. That used to be MY house. Blaine and I bought it when we were stationed at Tinker from 1993-1996. When it was time for us to move to Los Angeles, thanks to the real-estate market at the time, it was newer, bigger, and financed at a much lower-percentage rate than my parent's house. So we sold it to them, and everyone was happy, the end.

Except it **was** really weird the first time we came "home" on vacation the next summer, and my mom had all HER furniture in the house, and had done some re-modeling, and we had to sleep in the guest bedroom in our house.

The brick mailbox was a gift from my brother-in-law, who built it for my parents when they moved in. (Never mind that WE didn't have a brick mailbox the entire three years we lived there, clearly he doesn't love us as much as he loves them, or perhaps he was sucking up under the delusion that there will be an inheritance available and he knew he wouldn't get jack from me and Blaine .....)

What I love the absolute most about this house now? That I only live a few miles away. After twenty-odd years of having to fly home for holidays, it sure is fantastic to be able to call my mom, invite her to dinner, and pick her up ten minutes later.


Alisa said...

woohoo I am the first commenter-
I should get a prize or something!
I almost did the same SPT of my mom's house. But another idea presented itself.
It sure is great to be around family. You share so much more of the day to day regular stuff.
Glad you got your SPT in! I can hardly wait to see what next months challenge will be!

vgsmom said...

Great ending! No matter how had the challenge was you were always able to come up great back stories, I love that part the most.

Dianna in Louisiana said...

I SO, SO, SO hear you about living near family. We too left Georgia to move back home to Louisiana. Wbile the people there were pretty great, there really is no place like home.