Tuesday, March 24, 2009

SPT Challenge March 24

Self-Portrait Challenge for the entire month of March as per Lelly's Musings is to go all Crazy-Eights on ourselves. The only "rule" is that the number "8" must appear in the photo. And for the person who asked, yep, most of my "self-portraits" are being taken by my kids. Hmmmm. I guess they're not really SELF portraits then, are they?? Is a self-portrait one you must take yourself? Or is a self-portrait simply one where I intend for my own image to be in the picture? Because what if I used my timer? And a tripod? Truly, it's a complicated quandary.


Here is today's:

And in case you can't see the "8" close enough:

Happy One-Day-Early Birthday, Kellen!! Eleven years ago today I checked into the hospital, almost two weeks overdue. No dilation, no contractions. You showed no signs of leaving and my doctor said it was past-time to serve you your eviction notice. In fact, I like to joke that you would still be in there given the chance. Although, to be honest, that joke was a lot funnier when you were still little and now it's just sort of icky.

Anyway! Twenty-eight hours later, you still had no intention of leaving. The doctor said, "If you want, we can turn off the machines and let you get some rest, then start again tomorrow ...." I said, "I don't care if you pull this kid out my nose, I want it over with ...." and the doctor said, "Good, because I have tickets to a Lakers game."

8 pounds, 13 ounces. My, you were a fat little chunk.

What happened? You're like a Cambodian now.

Despite the fact you weren't too eager to make your entrance, you've been a delight ever since.

Most of the time.

I love you, honey --- Happy Birthday tomorrow!!


Dianna in Louisiana said...

Kellen will treasure this entry forever Kristie. Gosh, I just can't get over how fast your kids (and the kids in my family) are growing up. We an eleven year old....my sister's son, Jacob. It is really a delight to see what great kids they are all turning out to be, but, OMIGOODNESS, is Kellen really going to be 11 tomorrow??????

Heather said...

Happy #11 tomorrow Kellen!

Cozyflier said...

Krisite, tell Kellen, Happy 11th from Stephanie's cousins in Lubbock! My how fast they grow!

Trish in Leesburg, Va said...

Happy Birthday Kellen!

MadWoman said...

Great picture, great post.

And Happy 11th to Kellen tomorrow!!

Alisa said...

happy birthday-
love chunky babies!
Great 8!

Julie said...

Happy Bday Kellen. My boy turned 11 last week. Wow! How time flies. I also am Mother to a Cambodian although in our class, I believe that the real Cambodian's might share their food with Zack because they would feel sorry for the state of his skinniness. Caught him using a shoelace for a belt for his PJ's because they wouldn't stay up. He's a size 12+ for height and possible still a 6 for waist size. Ah to have such problems... :o) Have a great Yes Day!