Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Really? A pregnant lady?

I looked at the calendar yesterday and realized that our summer vacation is coming up .... much sooner than I expected. Then I looked in a full-length mirror and realized .... this is not a good thing. My vacations the past two years have involved jackets and hats and gloves, oohing and aahing at beautiful glaciers in the chilly northern Pacific waters off Alaska.

This year, unless I can convince my children that filming a documentary about polar bears and penguins in the Arctic is more fun than snorkeling in St. Thomas, I'm afraid I'm going to be forced to put on a swimsuit.

In public. (shudder)

To that end, I decided today was the day. The day to reclaim my body and whip it into shape with some healthy eating habits and exercise. I would have decided yesterday was the day, but I went to my sisters and she had a bag of those new cheesecake Hershey kisses, have you had those? Yum!!! I ate about thirty. So clearly, *today* would have to be the day.

I went to the gym, checked out a clicker thing, and started walking. Two laps warm up, then into my fast-stride-but-I-only-jog-when-I'm-passing-people-because-heaven-forbid-I-actually-RUN mode. I felt strong; I felt determined; I felt skinny already.

Well, not really because I pass these tall windows all the way around and I can see my reflection and CLEARLY I am not skinny, if I was, would I be at the freaking gym????

But I felt good about myself.

Until a lady speed-walked past me.

She was pregnant, and going faster than me.

Pass the stupid Hershey kisses; I'm calling the tourism board of Antarctica.

PS. My answer to Mind-Bender Monday is ..... it depends. If I'm driving in my car and want to sing along, then I vote SH because he has a better voice and I think musically, they were better with him. But if I'm at a party, drinking trash-can punch (not that I would do that) and playing my air guitar, then defintely DLR ... pretty much anything off 1984.


vgsmom said...

I've been saying "today's the day" for 10 weeks now. Good luck with that!

Trish in Leesburg, VA said...

Yeah, today wa ssupposed to be the day for me, but DH just called and said we're having pizza for dinner. And I now must stop at CVS and find those cheesecake hershey's kisses! yummy!

Kori Barry said...

i love it. i have been reading you for a long time but have never commented. stalker i guess. i bought a clearance valentine's day heart with butterfinger chocolates in it the other day and am finishing it off as we speak. happy v-day to me. it has been "today's the day" for me for at least 3 months. and my kind of new boyfriend just bought a kind of new boat that i am supposed to showcase my not new at all body. in two months. ugh. i might breakdown and try the acai berry and colon cleanse!

karen said...

OK TRY THIS again. I am right there with ya Kristie. We are going to see family (our usual family vacation if you can call it that) My BIL has a pool and then we are going to Wis. Dells for a few days. It is not going to be a pretty sight. I just finished off a box of turtles Jeff gave me.
But hey at least you have a real vacation scheduled. We are still trying to figure out how we can get back to Florida again.
hang in there.

Rhonda said...

I started off "on the diet wagon" this morning and then found out at work today that those freakin' GIRL SCOUT COOKIES will be delivered Friday...ugh...it's always something!!!! And, by the way, I'm proud to say that I owned Van Halen 1984 in **8 TRACK**!!

Anonymous said...

Ok.....I am clueless. What on earth is trash can punch?

Natalie said...

FYI: Today was NOT the day for me. Sigh. Anyway, don't you think if you eat well and workout for one day you should be rewarded with thinness? It just seems fair.

raino said...

good for you! clicker thing??


gorillabuns said...

grannies in walkers have outwalked me as of late.