Monday, February 23, 2009

The excitement never ends around here

Kristie: So I was at Wal-Mart yesterday* and I noticed they have some good-sized fire and water-proof safes like we were talking about getting. You know, since I've got our small one filled up with photo cds and the one with the "important papers" really isn't anything more than a metal box. What do you think?

Blaine: You think we should buy the bigger one?

Kristie: Well, yeah, I think we probably should. It was almost $200 .... I was thinking we could get it for our anniversary gift to one another.

Blaine: Um, really? For our anniversary gift?

Kristie: Well, I realize it's sort of a *practical* gift, but we need it and it's too much money for me to take out of our "other" account this month.

Blaine: Well, yeah, I guess we could get it for our anniversary.

Kristie: What's wrong? You don't sound very enthusiastic. Do you want to do something special for our anniversary? Something less sensible, less boring? Something a little more sentimental and loving???

Blaine: No, it's just that for our anniversary this year, I was going to spend the money on a new stainless steel sink for the kitchen.

It's a damn miracle we don't burn this house down with our flaming hot romance.


*Can you believe the tornado that ripped through here a few weeks ago and tore a hole in the roof our our local Target apparently caused enough damage that the store is STILL closed?? And rumor has it they won't re-open for NINETY DAYS?!?!??! And ok, yes, it's great timing for my 2009 Finance Resolution, seeing as how if I can't go to Target I can't actually SPEND ANY MONEY in Target, but still. Ninety days??? I feel a little weepy inside every time I think about it.


KirstyB said...

There's something wrong with Target being closed for 90 days!!! Target is my zen place and I don't know what I would do if I couldn't walk the aisles (well...of course, I would just drive the extra mile down the road to the next one...but you know what I mean)!!

lizinsumner said...

It's Monday morning and I'm once again chained to my desk at work for the next five days.....thanks, I needed a good laugh!!!!!!!!!!! And, if there's a vote, I vote for the sink, but please tell Blaine that I want a very large, undivided white porcelein farm-house sink instead of the one he was planning on - I'm sure he'll be just so pleased with my suggestion. But, it will go with the $9,000 red enamel industrial strength gas oven/stove that you need! And no Target?? I'd be having DT's by now.......

vgsmom said...

I figure that I'll be totally out of the habit of going to to Target by the time the 90 days are up, right? Of course I've already been to the one on Memorial. I have to take the girls to Target to go to the travel aisle before WDW so I'm thinking of hitting the one in Yukon. There's no hope, I must have my Target fix.

raino said...

i just burst out laughing at this post! very good. sounds exactly like a conversation that the husband and i could have easily had. funny!

Alisa said...

I miss being able to just run into target to "look"- I could go to the others ones- but it is such a commitment to go. I like being able to just run into the one over here.
Love your hot romance- it sounds so, hmm, familiar?!

Stefunkc said...

How about this for flaming hot love. For Valentine's I got Shawn a side mirror for his car to replace a broken one. Feel the love.

I heard today Target is saying another month. That should help you finances!

Heather said...

How will you ever survive 90 days without Target. I could never do it.

Anonymous said...

I choked on my coffee reading your comment about it being a "damn miracle your house doesn't burn down with your flaming hot romance" crack me UP, girlfriend! How's that exercising going? I joined the gym with a friend of mine yesterday. She's an exercise's sickening. Anyway, she had me do this fifteen (15, not 50) minute ab class. Hell, I can do ANYTHING for fifteen measly minutes. So I did it, and then some cardio for another 30 minutes. We planned to meet there this morning at 5:30am (what exactly WAS I thinking?). I woke up last night at least 4 times because my entire "ab" region (which, by the way, apparently extends from my boobs all the way down to my underpants) ached. I woke up this morning at 5am,, do you think it's too early to quit this exercise regimen on the second day?!! I went, against my better judgement...but decided NOT to do the spin class we were going to do together! I'll let the pain in my abs subside before I assault my legs, thank you. Too funny. Or not.

Julie H.
Bucks County, Pa