Thursday, March 20, 2008

Springtime Freshness

I freely admit that in between our move from Georgia to Oklahoma, and the fact the holidays happened shortly after that move, and then all the work I did on the rental property, well, I’ve been more scatterbrained than normal. I don’t know, some days (weeks, months) lately, I can’t seem to get my act together.

Kellen had his first soccer practice for his new OKC team tonight. I went upstairs to get his shin guards and shoes, and guess what I found in his cleats? That’s right, the socks that he wore to his last soccer game …. in Georgia … from last November.

What does that say about my house-keeping and laundry skills?

Ahhhh, that was some springtime freshness aroma, for sure. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go put a bandage on my head, from where I got little x’s over my eyes, passed out from the smell, and fell over backwards.


Grandma J said...

hey, at least you found his cleats! Little by little, your life is settling down...except for little things like socks.
Happy Easter Escoes.

Anonymous said...

That's happened to me before too. They are especially "fresh" when they stuff them in the shoes wet from a rainy day game in plastic lined gym bag that lets no air in and you don't notice until April. Nasty...just nasty! And my house gets like that without having the excuse of a cross country move. I blame it on keeping up with 4 kids and their activities while working full time. Guess what takes a back seat?!?!

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

If that's a sign of bad housekeeping and laundering skills (skills? really?) then we're all in trouble. Seriously! :)

Anonymous said...

That is as bad as finding swim suits and towels in a sports bag a few months after swim season is over. I just hate having to throw away fifty dollar Speedo suits because they're moldy.
Sheila-in snowy Minnesota (I thought it was supposed to be springtime here!)

Cara said...

hmm, this is very familiar - if you substitute soccer with lacrosse. And delete the part about moving - we didn't have that excuse.

Jen said...

At least he has at least one pair of matching socks. (Even if they ARE a biohazard.)

I can't pound it into Noah's head that his socks do not need to be just flung and discarded all over the house wherever he feels like taking them off. (Seriously, I've never noticed him walking around in one sock, but somehow, one will be flung under the coffee table, and the other under his bed... how does that happen?!?!)

Any day that I can actually find two socks that match for him is a good day. :)

Anonymous said...

That ranks right up there with the sippy cups with milk left in them found under the seats of the car after about 3 mos or so...!!! So much $$ spent on new sippy cups. You couldn't PAY me enough to open one and clean it!
Spring here in GA is beautiful. The azaleas and dogwoods are just outdoing themselves this year.
We miss you here in the South!

Meg from GA

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I went to get my son's clothes out for school on Wednesday and he was out of clean underwear. I had to do the sniff test to find a pair that he could wear again. Please don't tell him... Clara Zimmerman

jadine said...

Mmmmmmmmm...boy feet.

I still say that the smell of an old milk-filled sippy-cup or bottle rolling around in the back of the car/van is worse. Okay, I've never really *said* that, but it's true.

Sigh. Now I read the comments and see that someone already said that. So, I'm still right...just not original :)

I liked Jen's 'biohazard' comment :)

The Running Girl said...

Ha!!!! Last fall I would come home and walk in the door and this "musty" smell would hit me. My husband checked the utility room to make sure the washer wasn't leaking. We couldn't find anything. We finally figured out it was Dalton's soccer bag - with socks from who knows when still in there. I know that smell all too well.

lizinsumner said...

I woulda burned the bag.......