Friday, December 02, 2005


13 Days to Go

1) Anyone who has been around Caringbridge very long knows the song “He’s My Son” by Mark Schultz. It was written for a friend of the songwriter whose son was diagnosed with leukemia, and it’s beautiful. I’ve never put it on Kendrie’s site because although she *thinks* she is a boy and she *wants* to be a boy, she in not, in actuality, my SON. Today, however, I saw the live performance video of the song. You remember I mentioned that since Kendrie was diagnosed I cry at the drop of a hat? Well, it’s official, I am a wreck after watching the video. I cried for the entire seven minutes and forty-six seconds and went through two perfectly good Kleenex. Visit it for yourself if you'd like to see it. But be prepared ... have a Kleenex ready! (there is a commercial at the beginning, so just be patient.)

2) A much HAPPIER video follows: TSO Wizards of Winter. If you followed Kendrie’s Caringbridge site last holiday season, you know I am a little obsessed with the songs of Trans-Siberian Orchestra. That’s the music you are listening to now, and the music which I’ll have on the site for most of the season. I’ll change it every few days, though, just for variety. I think most of the internet-world has seen this video already, but just in case you haven’t, take a look.

3) Kendrie came home from school again today, complaining of a stomach-ache. She tried to come home Wednesday, but since I didn’t answer the phone, she had no choice but to stay. (oops) She likes school; she really does. So I know when she comes home, that she genuinely doesn’t feel well. They say chemo can be cumulative. I would guess after two years, one month and two weeks of treatment, she might be feeling the effects. She doesn’t miss that many days overall, but I am happy that her treatment is coming to an end, just in case. I hate that she feels punky, even occasionally. I’m sure she hates it, too. Oh my gosh, Kendrie has been taking chemo for two years, one month, and two weeks --- her treatment is two years and two months long --- do you realize what that means??? Two weeks baby, only two weeks left!!!

4) Check out the counter at the bottom of the page --- sometime this weekend or early next week, we should hit the magic number 500,000!!! What’s magic about it? Well, absolutely nothing! But I still think it’s exciting, so please log in to the guestbook and let us know if you are visitor 500,000 …. Or even CLOSE to 500,000!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. We will be watching Brayden ride a fire truck in a local Christmas parade, attending our first Christmas party of the season, and avoiding the mall at all costs. :)

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Said today, by Kendrie, to me, when she saw me return from the hairdressers after having my blonde highlights replaced with red ones, "Um, maybe you should stick to yellow next time."

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