Sunday, December 18, 2005


Day 3 OT

Last night, we put our daughter to bed (well, to “sleeping bag”, anyway) on the living room floor with her siblings and the one cousin who was brave enough to sleep over. For only the second night out of the past 800 or so, we put her to bed without force-feeding her toxic chemicals. Chemicals that I was more than willing to give her, don’t be mistaken, but chemicals nonetheless. Really, how should you feel when the instructions are for the parents to wear gloves and masks, but “here, it’s ok to put it in applesauce and let your kid eat it!”

But not last night. Last night she drank a glass of chocolate milk and curled up next to her cousin ….. sleeping the innocent sleep that a six-yr old deserves. And Blaine and I went to bed, knowing our biggest concern for the evening was that she not wind up in our bed again, especially after watching The (slightly intimidating for a six-yr old, if I do say so myself, especially if your six-yr old is like ours) Chronicles of Narnia.

I love this song. The first time I heard it, I earmarked it for her first night of sleep without chemo. Knowing that in her dreams last night, the moon is her guide, the stars they have kissed her …………… no more chemo, no more cancer ….. safe on a fairy tale stream. Start a new dream, Kendrie, start a new dream.

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