Thursday, December 09, 2004

The TSO Countdown Continues

OK, I admit, I came thiiiiiis close (imagine me with my eyes squinched up and my fingers pinched close together) to putting an "Alvin and the Chimpmunks" rendition of Jingle Bells on the site today just to see if you guys were paying attention. But then I realized my list of “want to play TSO songs” is longer than the days I have left before Christmas, so I couldn’t waste a day and a song on the ‘munks!

Thanks to all of you for your suggestions regarding Kendrie and the boy who made fun of her appearance at school yesterday ….. except for those of you who suggested perhaps the boy has a crush on her, or the reason it upset her was because she has a crush on him. Those entries found Blaine out in the garage, making sure his shotgun was loaded --- about ten years too early in my opinion. Either she bounced back or has already forgotten about it because today’s wardrobe choice was a long-sleeved t- shirt, sweatpants and a base ball cap. (And that was dressing *up* to go out to dinner!) For the record, I completely don’t care how she dresses. Whether she wears Kellen’s hand-me-downs or Brayden’s makes no difference to me! But thanks, also, to those of you who wrote in the guestbook and e-mailed privately to let me know you were/are the same way, and that it wouldn't be such a bad thing if tomboys ruled the world!

Hope you all have a great weekend -- I probably won’t update the journal this weekend (I’ve got an important date with my scrapbooking girlfriends on Saturday, that involves lots of chocolate and late-into-the-night bonding) but I will change the song every day if you’d like to check back in. Enjoy the holiday spirit in the meantime and whatever you do, avoid the malls!

Take care,

It appears my weekly seven and half tablets of methotrexate is indeed the nausea culprit, as I took the medicine last night and then felt crummy at school today, just like last week when I took the medicine and then got sick the next day on the way to the clinic. Hmmmm. I have 53 weeks of this medicine to go, good thing somebody invented zofran.

BEST PART ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: That my mom had the good sense to take a stash of zofran up to the school at the beginning of the year and the nice nurse who let me have one today. Have I mentioned that zofran is a wonderful thing?

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