Thursday, December 02, 2004


Ok, everyone, be on your toes. It appears our sweet, loving, easygoing daughter Kendrie is missing. Well, hang on. Don’t call 911 just yet. To be exact, it’s only her personality that’s missing. A crying, whining, fussy brat has been left behind in the human shell that resembles her. Invasion of the Body Snatchers … er, Personality Snatchers? No, just a typical monthly steroid pulse. Rumor has it the side effects of steroids *can* be cumulative each month during long-term maintenance. In that case, let’s celebrate the fact we only have twelve steroid pulses left! (That sounds so much more optimistic than a whole ‘nuther year of steroids!)

Hey, I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who signed in our guestbook today to tell me they actually like both TSO and Meatloaf, from yesterday's journal entry! I’m telling you, there is a whole fraternity of women out there; who, if we just had a few hours to meet in person, with a boatload of chocolate, a karoke machine and the Paradise by the Dashboard Lights song ….. I’m betting we could establish a bond like no other. :)

And speaking of guestbooks, thanks to those of you who let me know it was taking a while to open. I had Caringbridge archive everything prior to December 1st, so it should load a whole lot faster now and you can start signing again if you’d like. Thanks for being patient.

So here’s the next song for today (tomorrow); Boughs of Holly. If possible, I like this song better than the last one. But of course, I like all of the TSO songs “better than the last one”. And the more I hear them, the more I like them. I’m starting to worry I’m really simple-minded. Or just easily amused.

Finally, here are a few photos from our Christmas Decorating Frenzy tonight. We have company coming over tomorrow night and of course I waited until last night to “surprise” Blaine with new garlands that needed to be hung, new lights and lawn decorations for the outside of the house, a new table (some assembly required) … etc, etc. I definitely heard some grumbling underneath the Jingle Bells tune he was whistling. But we got the tree up and decorated tonight with no lives or limbs lost. (People limbs are what I worry about while my kids are falling all over the tree, not tree limbs!) My kids were pretty good sports about posing for photos (except for Ms. Grump-Butt aka Steroid Girl who only cooperated if I dangled cheese in front of her.) It’ll be a rude awakening when they have to pose all over again in this year’s New Christmas Pajamas.

In keeping with the Christmas theme, I want to do a survey in this journal update and ask all of you to give me your answers in the guestbook:

What are your three all-time favorite Christmas movies?
(Ok, maybe it’s not very pc … but I can’t think of any Kwaanza blockbusters off the top of my head … enlighten me if you can!) I’m asking partly because I’m nosy and partly to get ideas for movies to watch this year. And did I mention partly because I’m nosy???

Here are mine: (not necessarily in order; depends on my mood)

1. A Christmas Story (aka, the Red Rider BB Gun Movie, or The Ralphie Show, as it is known around here.)

2. Scrooged (with Bill Murray …. If nothing else, for the scene when Carol Kane belts him up side the head with that toaster… I thought Blaine was going to wet his pants when we saw that in the Minot Movie Theater!

3. love, actually (Oh, my gosh, this is the best movie!)

So, how about you guys?

I’ll be back with a new song tomorrow night!


Really, truly, I don’t understand why I’m so grumpy. Things that normally wouldn’t set me off are just making me a weeping mess today. Like Brittney, my neighbor down the street, playing with Kellen’s matchbox cars today without asking. I had a complete meltdown, and they’re NOT EVEN MY CARS!!!


Wow, you should see my mom jump. I forgot my back pack this morning and rather than risk the wrath of Steroid-Girl, my mom went home and brought it back to the school for me. Normally she’s a “tough break, kid” kind of mom, but these five days each month …. She’s like butter, I’m telling you, butter!

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