Tuesday, September 08, 2009

SPT September 8

OK, so now I have a dilemma. When Lelly of Lelly's Musings quit blogging, and therefore quit updating her weekly SPT Challenges at the beginning of the summer, I thought I was being smart by going back and doing her challenges from 2008. Then, last week, she popped up with a current challenge for today. So now I don't know whether to continue following the 2008 challenges, or change again, to the current challenge, but what if this is a one-off and she doesn't do another one next week, then I'd have to change back AGAIN, and then I would be so messed up, and people would be all hey, is she doing this years, or last years, although I doubt anyone cares, but really, its so confusing, although in all honesty if this is my biggest problem ........... oh wait. It isn't.


I've decided to continue posting the 2008 challenges, at least for a while longer. Mainly because I already had the next two weeks in mind and why on earth would I do extra work if I don't need to?? Please don't suggest anything inane like personal growth or self improvement or any crap like that.

So, for the month of September, the SPT Challenge theme is: "Because of a Blogger ...."

This week, my "Because of a Blogger ...." features my fellow blogger and friend Lori, from I Can Be Right, Or I Can Be Happy. Lori and I attend the same church, but I think we first met through our daughters, who attend school together. This year, with the girls going into the 7th grade, she blatantly stole from another friend of ours had the great idea to host a Mother/Daughter Breakaway Weekend for six of the girls from their middle school.

The goal of the weekend was to spend some quality Mother/Daughter time together, but in a social setting so the girls wouldn't be so quick to turn up their noses which would be more fun for everyone. We did makeovers, ate out, ate in, ate junkfood (there was a lot of eating, now that I think about it) played games, sang karaoke, made scrapbooks and keychains, did a book club, tye-dyed t-shirts, etc. Lots and lots and lots of fun.

And in between, we also snuck in a bit of life-skills training, appropriate for pre-teen girls. We had breakout sessions, led by the moms, on subjects ranging from body image, to nutrition, to the importance of friendships and family relationships, to the damage that gossip and hurtful word can cause .... etc.

Lori worked her tail off to arrange accommodations, both overnight and for our activities, plan menus, make reservations, arrange a jam-packed schedule chock-full of fun activities, provide door prizes, and all the other good stuff that happened that weekend.

Like me, Lori is NOT a touchy-feely person, but I can honestly say that weekend we had laughter, tears, prayers, hugs, and more laughter --- and all for good. The girls, I believe, enjoyed themselves immensely. Brayden has the photo below from that weekend framed and hanging in her bedroom. The moms felt, or at least *I* felt, that we {{hopefully}} made an impression on the girls about what kinds of situations they might encounter in their upcoming teen years, and {{again, hopefully}} gave them a few resources and ideas for how to handle whatever might arise.

Most of all, I think the weekend served to reinforce the girls' friendships with one another, which we all know is crucial to surviving middle school intact. I agreed to attend the Breakaway Weekend for that reason .... to encourage Brayden in these relationships with girls who I think would be supportive, helpful friends to her. Ironically, I came away with reinforced friendships myself, with the other moms.

Lori included.

So thank you, Lori ---- because of you and your hard work, it was a great weekend.


kd said...

Details! I need details! I have a 6th grade daughter and lead her Girl Scout troop (hopefully for the last year, loser that I am), and really need help. Do you or your fabulous organizer friend care to share info, especially of the breakout sessions you did? What a memory maker!

vgsmom said...

You are so sweet. You know that whole thing made me a nervous wreck to start with, but then it turned out so great that I found myself wanting to buy door prizes at that last sale I was at for the next weekend breakaway...is there gonna be another one? Thank you for your kinds words--I have often thought that I could've missed being your friend had it not been for blogging. Grace and Peace.

kd-- I'd be glad to share our agenda for the weekend with you--lsmith@snu.edu

Renee said...

We need more moms like you guys in this world!!!!

Pam D said...

I just passed this on to my next door neighbor; she has 4 girls ranging from 6th grade down to age 3. What a wonderful way to build bonds between the girls and give them confidence as they face a new stage in life. Awesome!

lelly said...

ha ha!! an spt rebel! love it ;) what a treat to hear that you have been continuing on in the spt tradition. i feel a *little* bit of pressure to step up the new challenges (even though i was tempted to reach into the past and relive some older challenges.) now, won't that throw you into a tizzy... :)

Alisa said...

What a great topic from last years SPT- (and it reminded me to get the CD'S going pronto!)
Loved the idea, loved the weekend, loved the company, loved all the things we did!
(Ok, I guess now I need to blog about it too!)

Lucy and Ethel said...

What a terrific idea!

You may want to plan another one when they get ready to enter high school, as that first year (first DAY, in my daughter's case) can make middle school look user-friendly.

I bet the girls would even help plan!


donna said...
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donna said...
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donna said...

great idea.:)

kimybeee said...

That was a great idea. You really should make it an annual event to include any new friends they may have and to reiterate the important things in life.

As for the self portrait challenge. I challenge you to create your own club beginning January 1st. Maybe instead of every week, you could just pick dates like the 2nd and 22nd. That way it wouldn't seem like such a chore to do it every week. You have until Jan 1st to come up with your topics. Make them seasonal or informational or just darn fun....

Lauren said...

A year or two ago there was a great article in our local paper about a group of four moms and daughters. The girls were friends all through high school, and the moms became friends too. For college, all the girls went to school in the northeast--New England and New York. The moms decided to do a road trip together, and drove to each school, where they picked up the daughter there and visited the school and then went on to the next one. Their trip made a wonderful story, and from what I heard, the daughters and the moms thoroughly enjoyed it. Perhaps such a trip is in your future?

Karen - Mommy to four sweeties said...

Great idea. I need to do something like that with my twin 12 year old daughters and friends.

Cathy said...

Wow, that sounds like an amazing weekend! I would love to hear about the agenda as well! Your kids are all so lucky to have moms who care enough to arrange something like that!

Cathy in San Diego