Friday, September 11, 2009

Hidden Mickey Moment #1

My blogging friend Lori, who I mentioned in my "Because of a Blogger ...." SPT earlier this week, has another skill besides hosting awesome mother-daughter retreats. (Well, I'm sure she has many skills, but this is one that she talks about publicly on her site.) (On second thought, that doesn't sound quite right ... never mind.)

She is an all-things-Disney-guru. She is a plethora of Disney vacation know-how, and from this point forward in my life I will never plan a trip to Disney without consulting her first. She knows every secret, every shortcut, every tip .... I actually think her frontal cerebral lobe is shaped like Mickey Mouse.

She also has a running bit on her blog about "Hidden Mickey Moments". That's what she calls it, when she finds the quintessential Mickey shape of ears and hat together, unexpectedly. She finds it a lot -- a lot. Probably because she's constantly got Disney humming along in her subconscious. Me? Not so much.

Sure, I like Disney .... I've been to Disney ... we watch Disney movies ....

But I had never found a Hidden Mickey Moment, until today. It should come as no surprise that I found it on my desk, considering how much of my day, life, very existence is sucked away by this black hole called the internet.

I suppose it should also come as no surprise what items comprised my Hidden Mickey Moment.


I don't know whether to laugh, or be ashamed. Most likely I'll laugh --- that's what too much caffeine does to me.


vgsmom said...

I love it!!! I should've guessed that yours would consist of sonic cups. Thanks for playing.


Anonymous said...

You crack me up, but please tell me... what exactly is Sonic? We don't have them here in the Great White North (Canada)!

Natalie said...

Who's the leader of the club. . .? Love it!

kimi said...

Thanks. Now I'm seeing them everywhere! How fun is that?!! I found one smack dab in the middle of a picture here:

Cracked me up - this one was HUGE!


Alisa said...

Of course it was sonic cups!
You will start seeing them everywhere. Luke is always finding them, and creating them.
The first time I spotted one I was so surprised!

Anonymous said...

You have got to check out