Friday, September 12, 2008


Wildlife that has been seen on this cruise, both from the ship and from various locations during excursions:

Mama bear with two cubs, whales, dolphins, porcupine in a tree, bald eagles, sea otters, bears catching salmon, and many, many salmon running in streams.

Actual animals that *I* have seen on this cruise???? Two measly bald eagles. And a whale, if you count a teeny tiny black dot about a bazillion miles in the distance as a “whale”. The rest of the wildlife spottings have been reported through the grapevine, by people who are obviously much more observant than I am.

Although I did get to see the digital picture some lady took of the mama bear, during our salmon bake.

Does that count as a wildlife spotting for myself???? Does the salmon I saw during the salmon bake, grilled, on my plate, and covered in a yummy brown sugar sauce, count?

Perhaps I should have spent less time on my laptop, and more time actually looking out windows.

And binoculars. Remembering binoculars might have been helpful. Because unless a whale swims up to the ship and waves its little fin at me, or blows the message "Hi, Kristie!" through its hole, I doubt I’ll even notice it.


Stacia said...

Awww. I am truly sorry you didn't get to see all that for yourself.
I am like you though and always seem to miss what other more observant folks get to brag about.
Who knows, maybe they are just bluffing and they didn't "really" see those things. Maybe everyone is just trying to one up eachother. Does that make you feel better? :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, I went on a Carribean cruise and everyone was see flying fish but me. Then I started to wonder just how much I needed to drink in order to see flying fish. Just count yourself lucky that you are not on a Carribean cruise now.! Enjoy the rest of your trip - have a drink and maybe you will see wildlife (one type or another hehe)

lizinsumner said...

But, it sounds like you're having fun anyway - and, that's the important thing, right????? And remembe, you can always hit the zoo at home - lots of wildlife sightings there!

Jay said...

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog...gonna make it a regular stop...Thank you!! If you are ever interested in swapping blogroll links, please let me know!

Pam Doughty said...

You know, before I had my nature-loving son, I could have walked right by a tiger, unsuccesfully trying to blend into the Georgia woods, and I probably wouldn't have noticed it. But my boy sees everything, and I do mean everything. I have pics on my blog of an amazing caterpillar that he discovered on the playground at school; he is ALWAYS opening my eyes to the world around me. I can't wait to take him to Yellowstone. And probably, if your kids were on the cruise with you, Kristie, you wouldn't miss a thing! How is it that kids can see every little creature around them and yet miss the fact that they left the front door wide open?

Anonymous said...

My beloved is always pointing wildlife out when we are driving around but unless it's dead on the road and I'm swerving to avoid the mess, doesn't seem like I ever see it! Drives him nuts!