Tuesday, September 16, 2008

He's so much smarter than me I am

Last night I was reviewing some of Kellen's homework. He had written a sentence for Language Arts, and although it's certainly not my policy to technically *DO* my kids' homework for them, I do look over their work and make any simple suggestions that I think they might have overlooked in error.

He and I had the following conversation:

Me: "Kel, take a look at this sentence. I think you have a mis-spelled word."

Kellen, looking: "What word? None of those words are wrong."

Me: "Look at the word "somthing". Does that look right to you?"

Kellen: "Yes. That's how you spell it."

Me: "Well ...... actually ..... there should be an "e" in the middle. It's s-o-m-E-t-h-i-n-g."

Kellen, looking again very closely: "No, there's no "e" in it."

Me, thinking that arguing with a 10-yr old is kind of silly: "Uh, yeah, there is."

At this point Kellen looks at me with all this disdain and contempt that his {obviously} superior intellect could muster, and says to me in a patronizing tone: "Mother, there is no "e" in "somthing". I should know, I've been spelling it this way my whole life!"

Ummmmm, remind me again how the boy got in the gifted program!??!


Anonymous said...

Scary, isn't it? One time a little boy looked at our dog and said to his mother, "Her are purty, ain't it?" Good grief.

Hey, I've got a question for you. I just started a blogspot blog for my class reunion. How can you tell if someone visits your site? Will I even know if they check it unless they leave a comment? Is there a counter or anything I can add?

Can't wait for the Alaska pics. Hope you're well rested.

Claire in Indiana

Anonymous said...

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It's funny!That's his conviction.
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Anonymous said...

LOL....Goodness lets hope he doesnt grow up to be a spelling teacher, or maybe in the national spelling bee, well that would give you something hilarious to write about though...Love, Marci

Anonymous said...

Claire - sign up for Google Analytics. You can find it at www.google.com/analytics. It'll tell you where people are viewing your site from, how they're finding it, how many people a day are visiting, etc. Easy, but kind of addictive :-)


Unknown said...

It's amazing how parents survived before having children. The world was a bit backwards wasn't it? Just imagine how everything will be spelled in years to come with all the shortened versions kids use to text.

Anonymous said...

My daughter Alex can't spell worth a flip.
When she was given her "happy" medicine before one of her surgeries, they asked her to spell her middle name (Marie). Her response "M.....A???? I just really don't know." I laughed it off thinking that it was the medicine, until I asked her a few days later. Turns out, she really couldn't spell it!! LOL

Cumming, GA