Wednesday, October 03, 2007

In Calendar Years

Kristie: Hey, thanks for washing the sheets and making the bed before I got home. It was nice to climb into fresh clean sheets last night.

Blaine: That’s ok. I sort of had to wash them because I got Ben-Gay all over them.

Kristie: Ben-Gay? Why?

Blaine: Well, this change in weather really bothers the leg where they took the bone from that surgery, and makes it ache a lot, so I was using Ben-Gay trying to make it hurt less.

Kristie: Oh.


Blaine: Hey, I forgot to tell you, while you were gone the base called and they should have my temporary false teeth ready by next week.

{another pause}

Kristie: So, in calendar years, you're 43. But basically, in physical years, you’re like, 72, aren’t you?

Blaine: Pretty much.


Anonymous said...

haha! that is too funny! thanks for sharing the laught this morning!

Leesburg, VA

kim-d said... this one, Kristie, I just have to say...if I could have Bill back again, I would buy Ben-Gay by the case and I'd whittle him a set of false teeth myself! I'd even be happy to push him around in a wheelchair, and do whatever else I had to do...if I could just have him back again. It's really too bad that it doesn't seem like anybody even cares too much about certain types of cancer; Bill never even had a chance. So, I know I don't have to tell you this and I know you already do, but enjoy everyday with your 73-year-old-43-year-old husband, even more than you would normally! You guys rock! And tell Blaine for me I got some stuff from my chiro called "Biofreeze." It's on the order of BenGay, Icy Hot, etc., but it's a gel and doesn't smell as much, and works GREAT; the best I've ever tried! It might be worth a shot to try to find it!

LeeAnne said...

LOL!! You are just too funny. Thanks for the laugh and smiles!

leeanne said...

Me again....I read what kim-d said about the Biofreeze. My chiro. uses it too and has used it on me. It really works!! Much better than Ben-Gay or Theragesic. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for the new false teeth!

Grandma J said...

Fresh clean sheets.....not too many husbands would do that.
I am also a huge fan of Biofreeze. You can order it over the internet and save quite a bit. There is no after smell like beg gay.

Grandma J said...

OOPS! I didn't know Biofreeze came in a gel. I had a roll-on which was great and easy to carry in my purse.

Anonymous said...

And another fan of Biofreeze, works great. Thanks for the update on Blaine. Blaine you are such an inspiration to me. Thank you both.
Bubbles in NC

Natalie said...

I am so relieved Preparation H was not involved in this post in any way.

Dianna in Louisiana said...

LOL Kristie! I love the relationship that you and Blaine have. You are VERY blessed!

Pam Doughty said...

My goodness; it seems as if you have a lot of friends who use Bio-Freeze.. so they are either aging in dog-years like Blaine, or they just exercise waaaaay too darn much!
Anyway, what I was GOING to say before I read all the testimonials to BioFreeze is that Blaine's heart is a world-class, A-1 winner in the beauty AND strength categories, and that's ALL you need!

lizinsumner said...

Basically, ya just gotta love the guy.......all 72 years of him!

Anonymous said...

aaahhhh, Blaine sounds so sweet! My husband wouldn't change the sheets if I left them for a month, he'd never notice! You are so lucky Kristie!
I hope those teeth are comfortable, good luck with that!
Take care,
Love Angela

Tracey in Calgary said...

72 with a super cute tushy!!! Don't forget that!!!