Sunday, October 28, 2007

An 8-yr old Interview

If you could have one superpower, what would it be? To run really fast.

What was the last chore you did? Empty trash cans. The ones in the house.

What was the last movie you went to see in the theater? I’m forgetting the name of it. Wait, hang on. What was the name of that new movie that just came out?

What he is your favorite song? The Cheating Song {Before He Cheats by Carrie Underwood}

Do you get an allowance? How much? Ten dollars, as long as you do all your chores.

How do you get to school? My mom takes me to school and I ride the brown bus home.

What do you like to eat for lunch? Nachos. And hot dogs. And mashed potatoes. And peaches.

What’s the nicest thing you’ve done lately for someone in your family? Told Daddy the truth about something. But I don’t want to talk about it anymore since Daddy already took money off my chore chart for it.

What makes you mad? When Brayden and Kellen sing that song {Run, Joey, Run} and then it gets stuck in my head.

Where would you like to go on vacation next year? Georgia, because all my friends are here.

What do you think of the house we are going to move into in Oklahoma? Lager won’t be able to get up the stairs.

What would be the most perfect pet in the world, and what would you name it? A dog and I would name it Lager Jr. And a hamster and I would name it Willy since our hamster in kindergarten named Willy died but then Nicholas bought a new one.

Who is your favorite relative and why? My cousin Lawson because he’s almost my age and we play games every time I go to his house.


Lisa said...

What a sweet little interview, but do I detect she's upset about the move, the comments about her friends and Lager sort of give it away. I've lived, loved, been married and widowed and worked all within a five mile radius of where I'm sitting right now, ha ha, I can't comprehend a country so big you move time zones :)) I hope the move goes very well for you all. Love and prayers.

Elena said...

I was looking at her pictures and was struck with just how much this beauty has come in the last few years since I've "met" your family. It's so wonderful to see her doing so well! And looking happy...Hope the move goes well!

I may have just missed it (though I doubt it cuz I check your blog a LOT!), is there a move date yet?

Jeanette said...

Don't tell her, but I love the girly hair.

Kelli said...

Love the interview and the pictures. (is someone "borrowing" your photos?) I love the girly hair too...can't wait to see what mine grows back like. (I got another week at home before I have to go back, so that's why I get to post!)
Kelli in TN

Grandma J said...

How sweet and funny. My favorite part....when she gets her allowance "docked" for telling the truth to her Daddy. That was the "something nice" she did for a family member (I think lol).
I also love the fact that she has so much compassion for Lager.
AND last but not least...she is a mini Kristi, and becoming such a young lady! Time flies, but in this case it's a good thing.

Colleen said...

Thank you for sharing the interview with us. I can't believe how big Kendrie's getting. She's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kristie, she looks awesome in those pics! I've been a "lurker" for years & seldom post, but I remember Kendrie from your early journals & she has come so far & is so beautiful! God Bless her!

Renee said...

Kendrie is beautiful - inside and out. Miss you guys! Lager, too!

Meg from Americus said...

I know this sounds crazy since I don't even know you, but Kendrie looks just like you!! She has gotten into that place in her life where she is starting to grow into herself and I never thought she looked like anybody but Kendrie, but she is getting so grown up and pretty...maybe skirt wearing isn't too far in the future!

Anonymous said...

hello there!
would you all do me the biggest favor and add a little girl, hallie to your prayer list. she is from louisiana, has stage 4 neuroblastoma and has just been put on hospice. she has the sweetest family and i adore beautiful hallie.
her website is:

Anonymous said...

What a great post, Kristi!!! She is looking really girly lately!...shh, don't tell her I said so! hee hee! I am so excited for your move home. I am from Oklahoma too. I lived my first married years in Texas and got to move home about 7 years later...I know the joy of moving back home and sharing with your children all of your precious memories! And really, Oklahoma is just a safe, comforting place to live!!

Rachael J
now in AFRICA...haha!!!

Anonymous said...

Tammy in Fort Worth says: Kendrie, your getting so tall! And just look at all that hair. I used to think you look just like your Dad, but I'm not so sure now, your starting to look like your Momma! Cute Cute Cute! P.S. start brushing that pretty hair after your bath, so you Momma does'nt make you cut it all off! Have a super dee duper day! Hugs from Tammy

lizinsumner said...

Looking at that beautiful, healthy face and that full head of hair brought tears to my eyes. I'm so thankful that she's well!

Melissa in CA said...

Oh my, the sweet and intelligent mind of an 8-year old (I can't believe she's 8 years old!!). I love the answers to these 3 questions: "Where would you like to go on vacation next year?"
"What do you think of the house we are going to move into in Oklahoma?" and "What would be the most perfect pet in the world, and what would you name it?". The girl obviously LOVES her dog and is going to miss Georgia after the move. So sweet & sincere, though...I love it!

Dianna in Louisiana said...

Awwwww Kristie--- You're girl is so stinkin' cute--- There's just something SO loveable about her. And, what a blessing it is to see how well she is doing!!!!


P.S. Anon at 12:52, I'll be praying for Sweet Hallie.

Anonymous said...

is it me or does Kendrie just keep getting cuter?! Anyway, the interview is neat. It will be really cool to show her this when she is grown.

leesburg, va

Anonymous said...

Dear Kristie,
I love the interview, Kendrie is just so cute! I too really like the answer she gave about telling the truth to her daddy, that was very nice! The one about the dog too, so sweet! In some pics I can see her daddy's face but it's so funny, in others she looks just like you, wierd! Hhhmmm, I didn't mean that YOU look wierd, I mean it's - well I think you know what I meant to say! She looks so well, she's beautiful!
Take care,
Love Angela