Thursday, July 24, 2008

Need Advice ....

Ok, so, we bought a dog. A puppy actually, that will be coming home with us in two weeks' time. Two of the longest, most slow-moving, most dreadfully-drawn-out weeks in the history of mankind, according to my anxious, impatient, beleaguered children.

She is adorable and cute and licked me right in the face the first time I picked her up .....

Here's the deal ... we don't know what to name her.

You *know* we name our dogs after beer, right? We named our first dog, a beautiful female golden retriever we got in 1989, "Fosters", after Blaine's favorite beer. Then it only made sense to name our second dog, a male English Setter we got in 1992, "Lager". (Although we pronounced it "Lagger" ... which is still better than "Clyde", the name he had before we got him.)

So in continuing with our glorious and highbrow tradition of naming our dogs after beer (even though neither of us even DRINKS beer anymore) we had already selected the name of our next dog to be "Sam Adams" .... and the pound pup would be named "Miller". (Try not to be jealous of how much class we have.)

The puppy we just bought is a squeezable, precious, cute-as-a-button golden retriever who I think will be a great addition to our family. Blaine is excited to train her to hunt with him, the kids are ecstatic to play with her, and once I get past the mental images of housetraining, and dog hair all over my house, the chewed up furniture and shoes, and the overall and general freaking MESS they make .... well, once I get past that, I am excited as well.

But here's the problem --- she's a girl. And we're just not sure "Sam Adams" is the name for her. I want to call the dog the full name ... "Sam Adams", although I acknowledge it will probably get shortened to "Sam". Blaine says we could name her "Samantha Adams" and simply *call* her Sam, but I'm afraid it will get feminized to "Sammie", which I don't like. And I can't STAND the full-name Samantha. (Goes back to a girl I knew as a teenager named Samantha ... negative connotations and what-not.)

So then Blaine said, "Why not just name her Miller?" but again, I don't think it's particularly feminine. Not that "Fosters" was feminine, either .... so maybe I'm deliberating for nothing. And yeah, I know in the big picture nobody gives two hoots what we name our dog ... as long as we pick up it's poop on walks, everyone will be happy.

But still .... barring any health issues or complications, we'll have this dog for at least ten years, and I want the name to be right and good and perfect.

"Amaretto", my favorite drink, would be way too cumbersome .... I suggested "Cosmo", for "Cosmopolitan", but we both feel pretty strongly that we want to stick to beer.

I've googled beer lists (dear Lord, do I really have nothing better to do with my time???) and haven't seen anything I love. I can tell you right now we're not doing "Bud" (too obvious) or "Coors" (feels wonky to say firmly, as in "Coors, you drop that underwear right now!") We'd like it to be fairly identifiable ... no "Old Speckled Hen" or "Dogfish Head Snowblower Ale" or anything like that.

And for the love of Pete, don't suggest naming her "Heineken" and calling her "Heinie" .... we might be white trash, but our children wear shoes and we DO visit the dentist and I draw the line at calling my dog "Heinie".

So, any suggestions out there?

PS. You know, my life is pretty blessed. This time four years ago, my four-year old was fighting cancer. Today, my biggest problem is deciding what kind of beer to name my new dog after. So overall, I'd say life is good.


MonkeyBusiness said...

I like Stella... both the beer and the name :c)

Janet said...

How about "Paulie Girl" . . . isn't there a St. Paulie beer? Or St. Paul? Then there is my favorite, Guinness.

Congrats on the new puppy :)

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I'm totally NOT a beer drinker but what about calling her Amber? There are even several beers with that name although I recognize that amber is a word used to describe the kind of beer not the brand name.

MacTarnahan's Amber Ale is supposed to be quite good!

Hallie :)

EME said...

I like Amber, Stella, Michelobe with a nickname of course. Killian is cool and so is Porter as a type of beer.

Anonymous said...

What about India Pale Ale and call her India? Or Pilsner? Märzen? yuengling? Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (Call her Sierra)?


Anonymous said...

There's a good Australian beer called Tooheys. I like Toohey as a name for a girl dog. Though this would definitely be on the more obscure side unless you have some Aussies in your area!

Anonymous said...

I like St. Pauli Girl and calling her Pauli Girl or Stella Artois and calling her Stella
Good luck with the name, it took up forever to name our puppy as well
Jill from Missouri

Donna said...

Millie (Old Milwaukee)?

I do like WWW's suggestion of Amber, especially for a golden retriever, but there are several other beer words available, some of which could be insulting to the sensitive female dog:
Stout (how rude!)
Porter (not very feminine)
Hefeweizen (hunting in wheat fields?)
Maibock (maybe not)

But then I suppose you could always just call her Schlitz.

I am personally lobbying to change the names of the Mighty Hunter's two English Setters to Bartle's and Jaymes...

Anonymous said...

I love Corona beer. Would Corona be female?


Anonymous said...

Leinie's has a Summer Shandy (which is the only kind of beer I would drink in Germany since it's only half beer. We used to mix our beer with pop to be able to drink it and get drunk, now they're selling it that way!). You could call her Shandy, or Radler like the Germans call it. That's exciting that you're getting a puppy! Be sure to post lots of pictures when she comes home!
Sheila in MN

Eloise said...

Another vote for Stella Artois and calling her Stella.

Can't wait to see pictures!


NES said...

I like India, too. How about Hops (or is that too rabbit or frog?)? Or Tap (on tap...)? There's a great beer from Baltimore called National Bohemian. Everyone calls it Natty Bo - that would be a great name but I don't know if it's too local to be recognized. Along the lines of Amber you could also do Summer.
(If we ever got a dog, which we probably won't because we're not home nearly enough, we'd name her Noodle.)

jadine said...

Molson! (of course) :)

Anonymous said...

How about Genesee - could be shortened to Genny (pronounced Jenny)?

Anonymous said...

what about "Barley"....i know it is not a beer, but it is a very important part to beer...I think!

Libby said...

My favorite beer - which I drink every couple of years or so - is Kirin - it's a Japanese beer. You could shorten it to Kira??

Congrats on the new addition - I have four furried friends right now - three Pembroke Welsh Corgis and one Schipperke. Talk about hair everywhere! I need to go vacuum right now!

Mamaebeth said...

I was originally going to suggest Amber from Abita Amber. (Abita is pronounced Uh beet Uh)

Although Abita Turbodog has a nice ring to it :) and Abita Golden is also nice since she is a golden retreiver.

Anonymous said...

Definitely CORONA!

Donna R. said...

Name her Stella after the beer Stella Artois.

Grandma J said...

How about Corona? Schlitz? Ale' (pronounced Allie).

I agree, once you put things in perspective, it's not that important call her Beer Baby.

Anonymous said...

Stella Artois - call her Stella.

Was my husband's favorite beer here in Georgia.

Kathy said...

Killian!! From Killian's Red beer. totally fem!

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Corona, LMAO. Godd luck with the new dog, your kids must be over the moon:)


Iowa Girl said...

Blue Moon- You could call her Blue or Moon for short... My most favorite beer of all time!!

Smithwicks- Smith for short
Goose Island

Anonymous said...

Another vote for Killian here!

Jacqueline said...

My first thought was Guinness. Amber could also work...or Shiner.

Anonymous said...

it has to be Stella - how perfect for a Golden!!


There's a great Aussie Beer called "Lucky".

Their motto is "Lucky Beer spreads love, fulfilment, good times, and good fortune wherever it travels."

Seems appropriate! ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm a long time lurker, from Kendrie's cb site. I love your blog. We got Bud first, so the next dog had to be Weiser. We recently lost Weiser to what else, but cancer. So we have moved up in the white trash world and now have Jack Daniels. I know that's not a suggestion but maybe it'll help.:) Carol

M, Ms. R, Mom, Auntie M, Marey said...

Hoppy Brewing Co has a brew called Blonde Ale...Blondie perhaps? Huntington Beach Brewery has a Blonde Girl Ale too...although I do like Sam best...once taught a girl named Sam and she was a delight...I first thought Paulie after St. Pauli but see that several other people suggested that...Sierra Nevada has a Summerfest Ale...Summer's a good CA name....whatever you chose it will be a good one...congrats on the next dog is going to be a therapy dog....then I can legally take him to work.

leeanne said...

How about Abbey? It's actually called Abbey Belgian Style and is brewed by New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins, Colorado. (My hubby is a beer salesman, so this was actually kind of easy....and fun!)

Congrats on the new puppy! Did you take a picture of her yet?

lizinsumner said...

My co-worker suggests "Fat Tire" or "Arrogant Bastard", which, apparently are actual names of real beer. Personally, I like "Amber Ale", which is not technically a brand name. Then there's Corona and Dos Equis and Pacifico, if you want to get international. There's also one called "Blue Moon", I'm told, and you could call her Mooney. Sorry I'm not much help, I don't drink.....but, if you want to switch to COFFEE names, I vote for Starbucks!!!! Or, better yet, Latte!! Oops - another co-worker just wandered into my cubicle and suggested "Moose Drool"......I better sign off quick before I get another suggestion!

Daisy Duke said...


Stella Artois has quite a cute ring and well, Stella is just *not* embarassing to yell out into the backyard.

(fairy) Godmother said...

Now you are kicking yourself for publicly wondering about names, aren't you! I am joining those for Stella Artois... while Stella is a crisp clean Bud-like beer Stella is a much prettier name for a little puppy!

Anonymous said...

shiner (shinerbock)

Lisa & Paxton

lisa56 said...

Dolceci (dol cecky) Mexican beer
I cant spell

I'm glad yall got a puppy


Rachel said...

Blue Moon! You can call her Blue, I think its a great girl dog name. Sassy :)

Anonymous said...

If you want it to recogonizable as a beer then I would go with Corona, if not I like Stella.


Anonymous said...

If you want it to recogonizable as a beer then I would go with Corona, if not I like Stella.


Anonymous said...

There was a great beer brewed in New Orleans before Katrina called Dixie Blackened Voodoo & Dixie Crimson Voodoo. You could name her Dixie.

- DavesAnngel

Anonymous said...

What about a Canadian beer? You could name her "Molson." My Bernese Mountain dog is named "Porter."
I've been reading your blog (& Kendrie's caringbridge site) for YEARS and this is the first time I've commented!

Stacie from MN said...

I vote for Guinness

Dianna in Louisiana said...

LOL Kristie---- I second Mamaebeth and Davesangel...... The first thing that came to mind is the Louisiana local beer brands Abita and Dixie.... Abita Amber, Turbo Dog or Golden or just plain ol' Dixie (I've never had the Voodoo Kind, but was definitely a "Dixie" girl in my college years!) Have fun with your new addition!

Ann from St. Peter said...

There's a great here at a bar/restaurant here in St. Peter, Minnesota called "Rag Top". When I went out with my fellow EMTs, we always got schooners of Rag Top. Good stuff, and you could so name a dog that!

Lesley said...

I do not like Stella :( How about Champagne?

Anonymous said...

I vote for Riley or Quinn. Both great beer names.

Patti in NJ said...

I like Stella for both Stella Artois and Amstel! :) But Corona is good, too!

Anonymous said...

What about Dos Equis?
Or Leinenkuegal Honey Weiss (you know how akc dogs have those fancy names?) and you can call her Leinie. :)

Not a beer, but Bacardi would be a cute dog name too!

Amy from MN

Twenty Four At Heart said...

If you're sticking with beer, I'd name her Corona. We are a Golden Retriever family and ours have been named after wine. We got our first from a breeder who owned both parents. The mom was named Chardonnay (she was a very blonde golden), the father was named Cabarnet (he was a darker red golden). We named our very light colored puppy Chablis.

Lissy said...

I like Stella - favorite beer of mine and a nice name.

We have a dog named after beer here as well (although we are all recent college grads. Natty - for Natural Light or National Bohemian (Natty Bo) but they may be northern type of beers. Natty Bo or Natty would be nice as well.

Of course, our female cat is named Miller, so that could work too. lol

Anonymous said...

I saw something on Yahoo a couple of weeks about how more and more people are naming their dogs with real people names. If you want to be different, though, I like Abita!

Anonymous said...

Stella is great.(suggested by Monkeybusiness) But there is also a brew called "Ale Mary". How about "Becks"? Sounds like it could be short for Becky. Sierra?
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I used to have a golden retriever named "Amber"...a great name and a great dog. I also like "Stella."

Congrats on the new puppy! Golden retrievers are the best dogs in the world!

Anne in GA

Lisa from Texas said...

I'm going with Killian or Toohey...both of which are original and cute. You know some traditions can end and maybe the beer one has run it's course and it is time for Cosmo or Amaretto (my fav, too. Good luck the housetrainer may send you back to beer drinking!

Karen in Sacramento said...

Personally, I am a rum drinker and love Captain Morgans spiced rum. I even named my cat Morgan. However, my sister and her boyfriend enjoy something called Fat Tire. Guess that wouldn't work, would it! LOL

I like Amber or Killian. Feminine and sweet. I don't think I ever met a dog (or any other living thing) named Killian and I like it.

Anonymous said...

Top picks are Stella (Great french beer) and Becks. Kinda leaning towards Becks as a more "beer" recognizable name.
Sandy in GA

Kathi said...

I had lhasa apsos named Kahlua (1st) & Bailey (had to stick with the theme also) -- and my friends used to refer to them as my walking liquor cabinets :) both were girls ...

Abigail said...

My favorite beer is Bells Oberon.

Could you call her Bells? Or Oberon?

Anonymous said...

I don't know much about beer, but (after googling a little) I found there is something called Ginger Beer. And I think Ginger would be a cute name for a golden retriever. Besides it also has the word "gin" in it, another link to the alcoholic family!! :) Anyway, my suggestion is "GInger".


Sandie in MN said...

Karen- we have a Morgan too!

I like the suggestion of Killian best.

But, since your drinking habits have changed over the years, maybe you should consider "Pepper" instead- just sayin'....

Anonymous said...

In Canada we have some great beers for inspiration:

Rickard's Red
Moosehead (for a male dog this would be great)
Labatt Blue
Formosa Springs
Molson Golden
Griffon pale ale

Others that aren't Canadian but still good :)
Murphys Irish
Tetleys English Ale

Kaitlyn said...

My friend has a female dog named Molson.
What about Honey? As in Sleeman Honey Brown.
I also like the name Brahma - tastes good too!

Anonymous said...

Not that you have to go with the most popular vote by lurkers, but I must admit Stella came to mind for moi also.

Good luck and congrats. Beer names are better than chemo names.

Anonymous said...

I vote Stella or Amber...My favorite beer is Duvel which is belgian for if you live with her for a while and the name fits......;)

Meg from Ga

Anonymous said...

harp or guinness ...your own black and tan!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I like this project!

My first thought was to name her "Guinness" and call her "Ginny".

And now I'll just name some beers that maybe hadn't crossed your mind. Or maybe they had, and I'm just going to mention them again!

Labat's (sp?)
Fat Tire
Goose Island
Honkers Ale
Sierra Nevada (call her Sierra)
Smithwick's (pronounced "Smid-icks)
Red Stripe
Dos Equis

I can't think of any other good one's right now. So while I know you said you'd prefer to stick with beer, I'm going to move on to liquor. :)

Jaegermeister (call her Jaeger)
Schnapps (I don't really like that one)

Pinot Grigio (white wine since she's a golden, call her Pinot)




I don't know...just some ideas. And I apologize I did not read through all of the other 60 comments so I'm sure I've repeated something someone else said.

Good Luck!


(Oh and by the way...I don't like/drink all of these things. I'm a bartender. My drink of choice, and therefore the name I like the best, would be Miller.) :)

Anonymous said...

Did you read Dad Gone Mad's blog today? How about Chimay? We have a beer at a local brewery called Fat Bastard.

Jessie P. - WA

Jamie AZ said...

I was going to suggest Stella for Stella Artois beer. Makes me want to have a bottle of it tonight!

Anonymous said...

How about Sierra Nevada? You could call her Sierra for short.

Jenner said...

Honey Weiss "Honeey" or Amber. Congrats on your new puppy. Can't wait to see pics!

Gina said...

something i can contribute to yea!! I own a liquor store. So I picked out a few. Point, Shiner, Mickey, Lemp, Harp, Guinness, O'hara, Amstel, Grolsch, Corona, Bass, Cantina, Stella, Modelo, Peroni, Labatt, Abita

Trish in VA said...

how about cerveza?

But really, I vote for Corona. It just sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

Kokanee and O'hara are my picks! Stella is also nice... and you can't go wrong with amber!

Congrats on the new addition, she should be lots of fun!

Mylah :)

Laura said...

Honey Brown or Killians. Good beers so maybe they will make good names. :)

Hilary said...

Well, I just spent almost five months in Melbourne, and they were all about Victoria how about Tori? Not sure how mainstream that is on the beer side, but could be a cute name for a golden. I love the Stella idea too though!

Claire said...

Ok by 1:30 pm you have 75 comments on your post what to name your dog. By golly, do WE have anything better to do with our time?? OMG! I digress.. I think Sam Adams is a fine name for her. And I think so too since you tagged this blog "Sam Adams" as though you'll have future blogs under this same very title.

I do like some of the suggestions - Amber is cute. Shiner is fun too.

Happy Deciding! And how blessed you are that Kendrie is so healthy today!


ET said...

My first born daughter will, in fact, be named after a beer: Stella.

Lisa L said...

I grew up in New Guinea and cut my beer teeth on South Pacific Lager...'South Pacific' would be a mouthful though.....I love Kirin (and its a really nice beer!) and I love India Pale Ale and 'India'would be beautiful for a dog.

Anonymous said...


santa clara, ca

Anonymous said...

Here is what I came up with from google...

Amber Bach
Pauli Girl
Honey Brown
Sierra Nevada
Brooklyn Brown

Congrats and good luck!!!

amber - ohio

Pam Doughty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pam Doughty said...

Sorry.. I had a boo boo in the post, and I hate boo boos. Just sayin' that I like Killian... but since I let my son name our new dog and thus we have "Blackie", I don't have a lot of street cred in choosing dog names....

CAT said...

Hey Kristie!!!

I am so excited for you guys, wow I can't believe all of the posts...

Ok if you honour us Canadian's and go with our name of beer I vote for:
KOKANEE (It is catchy)

If not Canadian, I say CORONA.

Good luck and no matter what you choose I am sure it will be a good one.

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

How about Honey after Honeyweiss? and she is a golden retriever--honey colored?

Anonymous said...

I like Corona too. You could call her Rona.

Deb by NY

Anonymous said...

I'm in agreement with several others....I like Stella or Corona.
But really, shouldn't the dog be named SONIC???

Can't wait to hear what you name the pup and to see pictures of it.

Greenacres, FL

Tricia said...

How about Brooklyn?

Good Luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello there Kristie! I am a long-time lurker, having followed you from the old CB site. I am joining the masses and adding my vote for Stella. I've worked in the animal health field, so Corona get's a big thumbs down! Did you know there is something called Coronavirus? Dogs, cats, other animals, and even humans can "catch" different variations of the virus. I don't think naming your pet after a virus is a good way to start out that relationship. :) Just a thought.

Amanda in Ohio

Anonymous said...

My husband's family would say it might have been an awful beer, but it was cheap...Pfeiffer. I think that would be a great name to yell out the door!

I can't picture any of you choosing too girl-y of a I think Pfeiffer could be in the running!


Haley said...

Since you already have a great list of names, I decided to come up with a list of what not to name your dog: (I'm on summer break and bored)

Heineken - Heiny for short. Can you imagine shouting that out the back door? Your neighbors would have thought you'd lost your lady parts.

Playmate - No nickname necessary, as soon as you begin yelling for Playmate, your neighbors will start packing their bags.

ATSF Santa Fe - "Oh, aren't you just the cutest thing, ATSF." "You, come here right now, ATSF." Four initials just don't work for a name.

Barf - I just don't understand why anyone would ever name a beer Barf. Very odd to me.

Red Ass Ale - This one doesn't need an explanation. Hopefully your dog won't have a red ass.

Dixie - I actually like this one, but when you shorten it those few times and call for Dix, everyone will have a chuckle.

The names one here that I would really vote for Stella, Blue Moon, and Barley. I like Barley because you actually know it is a beer name.

Good luck in your naming process!

Anonymous said...

I like Stella, but I like Michelob better -- call her Micki!

Anonymous said...

How about Jamieson? There is an Australian Beer called Jamieson Pale Ale - could shorten to Jamie???

GinaS said...

Doesn't Sam Adams have a Ginger Honey Ale ?
Maybe there is some potential doggie name there.

Of course you could name her Ginger after ginger ale, a decidedly non-alcoholic beer name.

I like Stella best though.

Anonymous said...

I have to say "Stella"
Milford, CT

Amy said...

Definitely Corona. I think it is girly enough.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion is Blue Moon, but I totally fell in love with Stella after reading it! Both of these are delicious and would be such cute names. Either would be great!

Anonymous said...

STELLA! --- Will Olson is my husband's cousin, and I have been reading your site since I started reading his. I have followed your site and enjoy reading all about your surrogacy, parenting, rental house renovating, scrapbooking, etc. I fell in love with the name Lager, and we named our now almost 6 month old golden retriever, Lager. At the last minute, my husband almost caved and asked the breeders if we could have a girl instead, JUST so he could name her Stella, after his favorite beer. I won, we got Lager. But, my vote is Stella, all the way!-- Alison

Mama Bear said...

So much good advice already!

We are a golden retriever family, with a Molson golden and a Genny (Genesee Brewery is a local). My sister owns a Guiness (black lab).

The newest member of our family, a dark (red) golden retriever is named Sherman (like the tank). We considered naming him Wegman after our favorite grocer, but Sherman got more votes.

Our neighbor across the street named her new puppy Stella and all the neighborhood kids stand outside the house doing their best Marlon Brando impersonations yelling "Stella!!!"

Mama Bear said...

So much good advice already!

We are a golden retriever family, with a Molson golden and a Genny (Genesee Brewery is a local). My sister owns a Guiness (black lab).

The newest member of our family, a dark (red) golden retriever is named Sherman (like the tank). We considered naming him Wegman after our favorite grocer, but Sherman got more votes.

Our neighbor across the street named her new puppy Stella and all the neighborhood kids stand outside the house doing their best Marlon Brando impersonations yelling "Stella!!!"

Anonymous said...

Now, see, I won't be able to share this blog entry with my DH, because if I did, our next 2 dogs would be named Corona and Cervesa. Which, by the way, I think are great beer names but I would rather not have our dogs named after beers.

It's bad enough that our cats through the years have been named after food....Milkshake, Gumball, Mushroom, Grey Poupon....well, you get the idea.


Grandma J said...

One more....Cerveza

Anonymous said...

OK, after reading all of the comments, I see that some fellow Minnesotans have suggested Leinenkugel's Honeyweiss and Summer Shandy. The suggestion to call her Honey or Leinie was a good one but I personally like Amber. I have a sister-in-law named Amber and I love her to death.
Good luck with the new pup!!
Susan in MN

Anonymous said...

I vote for Stella. Jesus H Christ -I can't beleive how many comments you have - crack me up.

Tiffany said...

I used to know a family with 2 cats, a male and a female. They wanted to name theirs after beer so they named them Bud-weiser and Annie-heiser (Anheuser Busch).

Anonymous said...

I vote for Stella Artois and calling her Stella!

heather said...

Corona or Killian...I have 2 dogs, Texas and Chainsaw-used to have a Beta fish named Massacre but he/she died.

momto2boys said...

Like the third comment listed, what about Amber? I think that's a perfect name...can't really shorten it so the name is the name. I'll be curious to see what your family decides upon.

momto2boys said...

Like the third comment listed, what about Amber? I think that's a perfect name...can't really shorten it so the name is the name. I'll be curious to see what your family decides upon.

Patti in NJ said...

I know I already commented, but I wanted to throw Sambuca ('Buca) out there. No, it's not beer, but it is alcohol. And yummy. Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristie,

I cannot wait to read all of the stories that will soon be
generated by the pups headed your way.

I can imagine the laughs you and Blaine will get out of
all the suggestions you are bound to receive.
Hey you asked so here goes!

If you want a little Cajun inspiration you should think
about the Abita Springs brews.

Abita Golden

Now if you want a little European influence you might be
inspired by these Belgian beers!

Pissenlit (self explanatory for the next few months)
Dulle Teve -Mad B*tch (let’s hope not)
Blanche de Bruxelles - Belgian White

But my favorite would be Shiner due to my Texas roots for
Shiner Blonde by Shiner Bock!

Have fun loving the new pup!

Robin in Georgia

Sage said...

I say Killian or Stella. My son has a pound puppy named Stella.

Marge said...

Hefeweizen? Heffie for short? Corona's kinda cute.

Rene S said...

In our house, our animals have been named after baseball players. We have a dog and a cat, both females. The dog preexisted the kids and was named Allie by my husband after some obscure player. Our cat was named by our son who was 4 at the time (5 years ago) and a Cubs fan, eventhough we live in NC. Her name is Sammy -- as in Sammy Sosa. At the time, he might have actually named her Sammy Sosa, but she's always been Sammy.

I agree it's not a big deal, but you're right. You'll have this name a LONG time. Make sure you like it. Good luck. It looks like you have some good ideas. You just have to decide what sounds good to your ears.

Kati said...

I second Stella and add Sweet Water or Carolina Blonde (which might not be made anymore)...

Anonymous said...

I think you should still go with Sam Adams there are lots of girls named Sam these days Killian sounds good too, but don't you think it might give Kellen a little bit of a complex? Congrats on your new puppy :) Bridget from Canada

Monica H said...

I'm going the malt liquor route and voting for ZIMA!

Whatever you name her, please DON't name her Schlitz- that just sound nasty.

CeCe said...

Hi, from a faithful follower,

I live in Maryland and a old time favorite bee

Most customer just call the beer Natty Bo, I think this would be a perfect name, shorted just "BO" after all isn't she a perfect 10, (Bo Dereck watch out)

Anonymous said...

how bout corona

oh boy i need a drink now.

Sherrill Jones said...

From the New Belgian Brewing Co... just north of me...

Fat Tire
# Sunshine Wheat
# Mothership Wit
# Blue Paddle
# Abbey
# Trippel
# Mighty Arrow
* Springboard
* Skinny Dip
* 2° Below
* Frambozen
La Folie

However... Just "Ale" sounds good to me...

My dogs are my "flower children" - Petunia and Violet are the pugs & my new 6 mo old Shiba Inu is named Lily Belle.

Enjoy the new puppy... best advise - get a crate!

Love ya,

Ang said...

WOW! Some great ideas!! I near spewed my tea when I came across "Schlitz" as a suggestion, ROFL!

Our golden (RIP buddy) was named Alex, after the Stroh's dog, you could use that for a female. That was the best dang dog in the world. Still miss him!

We tend to name our critters after characters. We've had Spanky (little rascals) a cat, Steve (irwin) a snake, and Jake & Elwood (Blues brothers) cats, really brothers.

Putting vote in for Stella or Pauli Girl. I use to call our husky "Carrie girl" all the time, would be cool as really part of the name.

Though if this dog is like many goldens, wonderful dog-dopey as ever, you could call her Rolling Rock. :-D

Lauren said...

Wow--120 comments. I have no words for that!

But I did sign on to suggest Amber and Stella, both of which have received lots of mention already. I like India too. There's always Amstel (not sure if that was mentioned) and Yuengling.

I've been meaning to write you and say an English Setter puppy is joining our house in 2 weeks. He's a little boy, and we are all very excited too. Top names here are Teague, Rain, and Dash. We have no theme for dogs, though our cats are Ocho and Doce.

Good luck picking your beer!

mom to Fergus

Anonymous said...

Couldn't help but notice that the MN people were the ones talking about Leinie's. Leinenkugel doesn't really make it out of the upper midwest because it's a smallish brewery and the WI and MN people drink it all. :)

Big Fat Deal said...

I like Barley. There it is. I have followed you for years and my first post is to try and help you name your newest family member. Not that I didn't think about you during Kendries illness or Blaines problems or when your dog died or when you had bad bangs or when you were in Seattle with no Dr Pepper or when your rental property was driveing you crazy or when....ohh enough? You believe me! I have been reading and laughing for a long time. You are an inspiration to many


melinda marie said...

And I thought I was being unique picking STELLA! I also like Hornsby (the cider) and Guiness

Anonymous said...

How about Victoria for my son's favorite Australian beer, Victoria Bitter? (Only available in the states at a place in SF.....) Little known here, but a google search to check it out!!

Pat in CA

Sarah said...

If you want something that will be recognized as a beer name, I'd go with Killian or Corona. Do you want to use the full name or would you shorten it? If you're ok with shortening it, Millie (for Miller) is sweet for a girl. Enjoy the puppy phase - I'm sure the kids are out of their minds with excitement!

Anonymous said...

I was here this morning and this post was not here. Now it's dinner time and there are 125 responses. I know there's a message....just trying to figure out what it is.


Wendy said...

Yuengling. Pronounced Ying Ling, if you haven't heard of it.

Or Kendall. It's actually after Kendall Jackson wine, but that's what I was going to name Noah until he turned out to be a girl.

If you name her Miller, you could call her Millie.

Anonymous said...

My husband's dog growing up was named "Molson" which is a Canadian beer. And therefore not only a beer named, but an exotic beer. Or you could go for "Blue"...after Labatt's Blue...again....

Kelly said...

OK Don't laugh, My husband drinks a beer called Chimay (Sh may). It's a corked monk made beer that he loves. It sounds a little girlie and it is a real beer look it up, made in belgium.

Good Luck,

Tina S said...

I don't post often but this hit home b/c we just got a dog and sent an e-mail vote out to name our dog. I won...Bluebell. But since that is not a beer, I found a website with the names of tons of beers at

Some I found are...
Pearl Lager - England
Sugar Hill (Sugar)- USA
Wagger Dance- England
Flowers Best Bitters (Flower)-
Dixie- USA
Cactus Queen( I guess good if you live out west somewhere)- USA
Big Easy- USA
Blue Girl- Germany
Blue Marlin (Marlin)- USA
Heather Ale- Scotland
Honey Porter- USA
In-Heat Wheat (This really was a beer!) - USA
Jubelale- USA

There are my odd but different names I found. Good luck with your new puppy!

Kelly said...

Me again if you go to
They have all kinds of names of beers, it's a place for home husbands new obession, I mean hobby.

jodie said...

How about Barley - not a beer name but an ingredient.

Katy said... in Shiner Bock. Best beer in Texas.

Shannon said...

Okay, really...I was going to give you an idea, but clearly I am a day late and a dollar short as usual.

Good luck with the doggy name, personally, I'll just take the beer, imports only, please!

Anonymous said...

My friend's dog is Honey - as in Honey brown

Susan said...

Well, when I picked up my new toy poodle, she was apricot in color with this white swirl right in the middle of her forehead. She looked like a Brandy Alexander where the ice cream wasn't totally mixed. The name she was given -- Brandy Alexandra. I call her Allie!

Anonymous said...

I have 3 suggestions.

Guinness is my favorite
Becks is a good second
and Killian is my third.

Have fun naming her!

KirstyB said...

I have to second Chimay!! Loved that while we lived in Belgium...along with Stella!! :) Good luck!!

Cindy said...

Here's an idea.....
Name her Barley and when you get the "pound puppy" you can look for a three-legged dog and call him hops! (Ha)!!
Just Kidding!!! I do like Stella, though.

Cindy Yukon

The Spiritual Matters said...

1. Amber
2. Guiness
3. Killian

Pam Doughty said...

Dang, Cindy... that "Barley and Hops" thing is funny... in a sick sorta way.....
Kristie, stop the madness now! Give a short list to vote on and be done with it....

Anonymous said...

May I suggest that you Go back to your German tatoo days, Remeber that Beer???? Light beer-Hellis, Dark Beer Dunkle. Hellis is a perfect girly golden retreiver name. You will only have to ensure that you get a Dunlkle for the pound pup.

Jennifer said...

My vote is for Guinness and I'm also seconding Shandy. You could change the spelling to Shandie if you wanted.

kim moore ( said...

I was looking for something feminine & not hokie sounding - you could name her : Weiss (chocolate malt-sweetness), Kristall (sweet w/hint of vanilla), or Pinkie (Pinkantus Weizenbock-smooth and liquorice-tasting)

Here's the definition of each below!! Good luck!

For a systematic tasting, I went back to Erdinger Weissbräu's original premises, a 1537 house that is still the brewery tap, at Number one on the High Street, Lange Zeile.

First, there were two bottled beers at around 1050': the filtered Erdinger Kristall, sweetish, with a hint of vanilla; and the sedimented Erdinger Mit Hefe (with yeast), which has a fruitier (apple-like) character.

The Erdinger Weissbier Dunkel (dark), at 1050-52', had a spicier character. This is a style of wheat beer that I especially enjoy, with its teasing counterpoint of tartness and chocolate-malt sweetness.

Finally, the strong version of the dark: Pinkantus Weizenbock, at 1070', smooth and liquorice-tasting.

Anonymous said...

Sticking with the beer tradition:
Barley, Hops, Stella, SoCo, Holland, Stoli, Perle, Curly's, O'Keefe, Sierra

How about a new tradition?
Sonic drink flavors or gourmet chocolate?

Jen in TX

lynie said...

My very fav brew is called
"Ruby" and is a raspbery wheat microbrew from McMenamins wonderful
lodges and breweries throughout Oregon and other western states.
If you google McMenimins you will see how wonderfully fun their beer empire is!

Another Pacific NW fav is MacTarnahans. The brewmaster, Mac Mactarnahan was a client of mine long ago and I adored him! Anyway, if you named her MacTarnahan, you could call her Mackie!

Check 'em out!

And enjoy....Our Golden is named Lucky and every day we know we are the lucky ones to have him in our lives!


Jennifer said...

I vote for Stella also. I quite enjoy Stella Artois. :) We also love Fat Tire and Corona - but not sure about those names! Corona would be ok - but I vote for Stella.

Jen said...

One our neighbors (and family friends) has a daughter named Killian. (She's in Mia's girl scout troop, too, and their good friends.) They SWEAR they didn't name her after the beer. :) But you could name the dog Killian's Irish Red and then just call her Killian. I kinda like the name. It's different and pretty at the same time. And definitely feminine.

Anonymous said...

I have to join in! I like Genessee, Pearl, Bergoff (Bergie?), Sierra - (Who knew there were such great dog names listed in beer?) LOL Hope all is well with you guys!

Anonymous said...

how about "brandy"

Nancy Irving
toronto, Canada

Snodgrass & Matilda said...

I vote for Stella. I like Killian, but it's a little too close to Kellen...

The Running Girl said...

OMG, 152 comments on what to name a dog!!! But I do think it's great that you have nothing more to worry about than picking the perfect name. I'm sure with 152 comments there are some good suggestions and since I can't think of any, I'll just wish you good luck!

Danielle said...

I like Stella.

Anonymous said...

Yuengling? :-) Good luck!

Nashville, TN

Anonymous said...

155 comments?!?!? Wow! You know how to stir up some commotion!

We're pretty trailer trashy I guess so our beer vault pretty much consists of Keystone and Coors occassional Bartles and Jaymes or Bacardi. I'm not even sure how to pronounce half of the suggestions you got! I do like "Brandy" a couple up from this comment though. That's a good girly dog name!

Good luck on your decision and enjoy the new addition!


Anonymous said...

My brother had a beautiful golden retriever - Molson Golden. Went by Molson.
good luck!

Anonymous said...

Stella! I love it.


Jennifer said...

I know I already commented late last night - but had to come back and check on the progress. lol i saw another oregonian commented with "Ruby" - and while I'm still voting for Stella, Ruby would be my 2nd choice! It's a great beer at McMinnamin's out here in OR! Their stout is called "Terminator" would be a great name for your pound pu! :)

Anonymous said...

I like CORONA. I like Stella too but people won't recognize that as a beer name.

Good luck - Golden Retreivers rock!

Diane in Cincinnati

Anonymous said...

We have a golden lab and call her Corona.....the cat is heinie (no kidding....) so I like Cornoa for obvious reasons....but Stella is great too....

Amy in NJ said...

I also thought of Corona which would definitely be recognizable. Also, isn't there a beer called Genesse? It's not super recognizable as beer but it sounds girly and you could call her Genny (like Jenny).

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I came to leave a comment suggesting "Sangria" but someone beat me too it. :-( It's not a beer, but it's still a fun name! (And as I recall, a fun drink!)

Claire in Indiana

Jeanette said...

Amber Bock-isn't that a beer? Call her Amber.

It's better than Busch.

Anonymous said...

How about Amaretta? I know it is not a beer, but it could work. Time to branch out?
Stephanie in Portland

Anonymous said...

I was all set to say "go with Stella" cuz how fun is that to yell when you're really ticked? But then...I saw the post from Sheila in MN and I got to throw my vote to Shandy (which is a refreshing way to drink beer in the summer....)

Sheri in MN

Jennmeeker said...

Too bad it isn't a pug and then you could call her "ugly pug"



Becca said...

My dog is named after a beer, too! He is Polar, which is a Venezuelan beer...

My dad has llamas (yes, I said llamas. they guard the sheep. don't ask) named Leinie and Kugel.

I vote St. Paulie Girl or Corona--the two most recognizable beer names that are still really cute!

I know a Killian human child who is a little boy. Also, very close to Kellen.

Amber is cute, but too mainstream. Stella is cute, but I would not have thought of a beer if introduced to a dog as Stella. said...

How about Amber (as in Amber Bock) or Terrapin (a local Athens, Georgia beer)? yes, I know a Terrapin is a turtle but it's pretty good beer according to those who drink it.

Anonymous said...

I change my mind - definitely GUINNESS!

pb :)

Kelly said...

How about Guinness and call her Guinnie?

beanieb said...

So, go with Miller and call her "Millie". I have a friend at work that has a Millie (short for Millicent which I despise!!) although, "Millie" has grown on me!

Sandy P said...

I don't have a name for you, but I thought I would let you know I stole your blog name for my title today!

Cathy M said... in Killians Irish Red! Call me partial since our daughter is named Kelliann.... (She gets called Killians all the time....)no we didn't name our daughter after a beer!!
Can't wait to pictures of the new pup!!
Hope all is well!
Cathy from Suwanee!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristy!
Have you read Dadgonemad today? His latest is about a beer he had in Vegas called Chimay. Hmmm...
Christa Frantz

dena said...

Three words........Dad Gone Mad. Danny wrote about a beer called CHIMAY(she may)........what a cute name for a puppy!!!!!!!! Hope you are having a great day:)

jbaj said...

Ooh I was going to tell you to stick with Sam Adams but I like Amber too! Congrats on the new pup!

ashley said...

Geez.... 177 comments... apparently cell phones and beer is what gets people talking lol...

I also think Stella is a super cute name for a dog :)

Anonymous said...

I still like Sam Adams.

Erin R

Lisa L said...

OK girlfriend. For the love of god. What have you decided to name the puppy??????

The other me said...

'Leffe Blond' is a pale abbey beer, with a full, sunny, golden colour...almost sounds like a retriever don't it?
Guinness maybe?

there's one in there called Brewdog! She could just be brew.
The possibilities are endless.

Lea White said...

How about Tui? It is a beer from New Zealand and also the name of a type of bird and lots of girls here have the name Tui. (You pronounce it Too-ee)

Lea White

Megan said...

What about REMY MARTIN, its a cognac. I had a friend that named her dog that. I think it's cute! You could just call her REMY.

Anonymous said...

Murphys is a great beer (and name) OR you could just call her Brew. That's my last name and what I call my husband. We have a cousin whose maiden name was Brew and she named her daughter Brew. It's a really cool name!

Anonymous said...

What about the name "Sterling"

That was a beer company in my hometown of Evansville, Indiana

Anonymous said...

Amstel.. like Amstel Light.. LOVE IT :)