Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lunch Dates

Soooooo, can you guess who I had lunch with yesterday?

Hmmmm? Can ya? Can ya? Hmmmmm?

(contented sigh)
Ahhhh. It's good to have friends in high places.

Actually, what's good is to have lunch with an old friend, who you've only seen once or twice in the twenty-four years since you graduated high school together, and see for yourself that they are (he is) just as smart, just as funny, just as nice, and just as gracious as they were (he was) in school. It's very easy to be happy for someone else's success when you see how they have genuinely lived up to thier potential as successful husband, father, provider, and businessman.

Of course, the fact he agreed not to sue me for telling the extremely unflattering frog dissection story to the internet helped as well.


Cindi said...

It sounds like you had a great time! Next time you talk to him, ask him when Sonic is going to venture into east central Ohio...I've never been to a Sonic before.

Were those gift cards in the picture? And did you actually go to Sonic for lunch or somewhere else?

I bet he was just as happy with how YOU turned out as you were with how HE turned out!

Rebekah said...

Oh Kristi - Sounds like a really fun time with an old friend - oh and thank you because this post makes me drool ... we are on count down here in Minnesota ... we are about to have out 1st Sonic set to open up in September! Now we are Sonic Virgins so I am asking for advice ... what is the best item(s) to get from Sonic for the very first ... we are chomping at the bit here - we have Sonic commercials with the couple eating all those yummy concoctions and then BOOM - we can't have it! Not to mention I am 3 months pregnant and would love to send the hubby out for those cravings ... Oh and congrats on the photo class! Love you blog and your surrogate story! Thanks so much for sharing such an amazing part of your life!

Rebekah from Prior Lake, MN

Anonymous said...

Rebekah in MN, there is a Sonic already open in St. Paul. I might be kind of a drive for you, but heck, make a road trip! (We used to drive from the Cities to Rochester for Long John Silver's and Shakey's Pizza). It's on 94 and White Bear Ave in St. Paul. I went again last week and it's still yummy. They are still staging the cars next door to get into the drive-in part (a month after opening)and the whole time we sat in our car eating, the drive through line never let up!
Kristie-so glad you had fun at lunch and even more glad you aren't going to be sued!

Ryley @ That's My Family! said...

He gave you gift cards????????????/
No way!! That's so awesome.. I'm glad you had fun catching up with him.. Where did you go to eat??
You can't leave out important details! :)

J-Quell'n said...

So...did you go to Sonic for lunch?

CAT said...

Good for you Kristie!

I bet you had a great time, I still have never had the Sonic experience, maybe in August when we drive through several States. My family will wonder why I have this Sonic obsession!

Take care and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Steve! How fun to re-connect. I'll bet you two laughed your a$$es off - he sounds like a good sport!

Need help - a Sonic is being built 1.2 miles from my house. Never been before. What is your favorite menu item - besides DDP in a styrofoam cup, of course!

Diane in Cincinnati

Unknown said...

No pictures? Who picked up the tab? Did he give you any Sonic gift cards?

I'm so all about the greed, aren't I?

I'm glad you had a good time, and I'm glad he is "real" and doing it right.

Anonymous said...

Where did you eat? and he gave you gift certificates? Did he invite you over to meet the family? So cool to hook-up with someone from the old days.


Anonymous said...

Now that you have reconnected with a friend in high places, could you use your powers to persuade him to build one in the the Bay Area of CA? I don't care where....I can drive.


Anonymous said...

I am in Savage Mn and they are building a Sonic as we speak a few miles away from me. I remember Sonic fondly from when we lived in OKC- it will almost be like it was when we lived there. Except for the brutal never ending winters we edure here in MN. There is nothing like Sonic fountain drinks!!

PS- Rebekah- we're neighbors!!!

Anonymous said...

hey dixie...i think there's one in fresno. don't know where you are but i'm in santa clara and i have yet to make the drive but i'm getting quite tempted. my husband knows a guy who's looking for a location to open one up so if you know of a place with 30,000 sq feet of space, let me know and we'll get one underway for you!!

santa clara, ca