Saturday, October 28, 2006


Blaine, cancer, whining. Yeah, yeah, whatever. Bah. I’ll get to that later. For now, I have to share with you the marvelous thing I just discovered!!!

I took my kids through the McDonalds drive-through after Kendrie’s soccer game to grab some lunch (never mind the studies that show kids who eat fast food regularly are at a greater risk for childhood obesity, heart disease, juvenile diabetes, and HappyCrap Toy Overload -- I just sat through a soccer game in 55 degree weather with an arctic wind of 20 mph blowing in my face, trying to squeeze my adult-sized body into my son’s child-sized jacket because it’s the only thing I had with a hood on it, bemoaning my cold, frozen, stiffened fingertips, not realizing there were mittens in the glove-box of my car the entire time, and after that fiasco by God I’m taking the easy route and doing McDonalds for lunch!) and do you know what?

McDonalds is now serving Diet Dr. Pepper! Diet Dr. Pepper, people, the beverage of caffiene-addicted champions! It's like Mayor McCheese passed a "Make Kristie's Life Better" law! And if that in itself wasn’t enough to make me happy, they are serving it in Styrofoam cups! Hole in the ozone be damned, it’s like I’ve won the lottery! And I seem to be in love with the exclaimation point!!!!!

Ok, granted, I’ll admit, it doesn’t quite reach the perfection that is the Sonic Diet Dr. Pepper, because McDonalds doesn’t serve rabbit pellet ice, but come on. The perfect beverage in the perfect vessel …. Considering we only have one Sonic in our entire town, but there is a McDonalds every few blocks, I’d say two out of three ain’t bad!


(Seriously. Do you think I'm a little *too* easily pleased?)

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Denise said...

Hey Kristie,
I am so happy for your Diet Dr. Pepper discovery as I know how I'd feel if McD's started serving Coke Zero (I am heavily addicted to McD's cokes).
But I feel i tnecessary to offer a minor correction to your post: juvenile diabetes is not caused by eating junk food (or by eating anything), it is an auto-immune disease where your pancreas attacks itself and stops producing insulin. Type 2 diabetes, however, can come from poor eating habits and is entirely preventable.
No bad feelings, but as a mom of a child with Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes I felt the need to comment. You have a lot of readers and I want the correct info out there.
Thanks, and my prayers are with your entire family during Blaine's surgery and recovery!