Sunday, July 30, 2006


The most disturbing thing I saw this weekend:

Have you seen the latest feature in some airports? Or at least in the airport I was in ….. a video arcade for children (or extremely bored adults would also qualify, I suppose), set up next to the boarding/waiting areas. To help passengers and their kids pass the time while waiting for their flight by playing games. And not just any video games, oh no, not boring games like Donkey Kong or Missile Command or Tetris, either. But “Interactive” video games; the kind where you simulate an activity such as motorcycle racing, or Nascar driving, or downhill snowboarding, and actually sit in the drivers seat, or stand on a moveable platform. Basically, games that cost a lot of money to play.

Because it’s not enough that the airlines charge a bazillion dollars a ticket to fly anywhere. Or that you’re required to show up at the airport two hours in advance, and then as a captive audience, you’ll be asked to pay $3 for a soda, or $4 for a bag of m&ms (not that I would know about that personally, ahem) or $12 for a ham sandwich. Now, they’re gouging people with time to kill, and placing expensive arcade games nearby. I would have been really upset by the whole thing, but I was too busy eating my bag of solid gold nuggets M&Ms, and beating my own personal best score in downhill skiing.

The second most wonderful thing I saw this weekend:

The Exit Row sign above my seat on my flight home. The leg room that provided was FABULOUS!!! I’m spoiled forever now ---- if you can’t afford first class, at least try to flight Exit Row!

THE most wonderful thing I saw this weekend:

A fourteen pound, healthy, happy, loved, handsome little man named Nicolas.

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