Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Kendrie -- Day 223 OT

Blaine -- didn’t like my “meh” ….. but happier today, as his prescription for narcotic patches finally arrived.

First of all, let me say THANKS to those of you who answered my pitiable plea request to sign the guestbook. I’m glad to know there are still people out there, and I hope I didn’t guilt you into signing more often (total lie; you know I want you to.) I was worried that the site counter was going up because my mom was sitting around hitting the refresh button all day, thinking that would make me happy ……… then so many of you popped in to say hello that I got all excited, like a puppy right before it pees on someone’s shoe ………. then, I got a guestbook signature where that person (Hi, Tyler!) told me that’s EXACTLY what he did, refresh the counter all day. (sigh) So, I have no idea how many people actually stopped by the site today, but LOTS of you signed the guestbook, which made me happy. And was totally worth confessing how desperately, sadly, pathetically needy I really am.

Another reason I asked, on a more serious note (not that my dismal need for validation isn’t serious, mind you) is that I am tentatively making plans to quit updating this site, and move my journal over to another blog site. Let me say, first of all, that I LOVE Caringbridge and have no complaints whatsoever. It’s just that although this site is free for me to use, it’s not free for them to host. The intent of CB is to help families in crisis, and I’m starting to feel a little guilty about perhaps overstaying my welcome, now that Kendrie is off-treatment. So, I don’t know. I’ll wait until the kids go back to school (THANK-HEAVENS-ITS-ONLY-NINE-MORE-DAYS-CAN-YOU-GUESS-I’M-COUNTING-DOWN-THE-MINUTES???!!!!) and then, while enjoying the peace and quiet around the house (NOT-THAT-I’M-EXCITED-FOR-THEM-TO-RETURN-TO-SCHOOL-OR-ANYTHING-DID-I-MENTION-ITS-ONLY-NINE-DAYS???) dink around with a new format. If my earlier endless circles in Dante’s Inferno of Hell adventures in technology are any indicator, I might adopt the “why bother teaching an old dog new tricks” philosophy and NEVER leave Caringbridge!

Soooooooo, enough about all of that.

Here’s another funny story (well, funny to *me*, anyway) about Kellen and pajamas. His first year of public school here in Georgia, he was in Pre-Kindergarten (Oh, my, was my tall, lanky 8-yr old son *ever* that young????) and he loved it. Which is what made that one particular morning even more confusing ….. the morning he refused to take off his pajamas and put on regular clothes for school. (Hey, I’m sensing a theme here!!!) Anyway, he refused. So I said fine, I’m not fighting you on this. I loaded all three kids up in the van, drove to the school, parked in the lot, handed him his book-bag, and told him to get out of the van and walk with me into his classroom. He practically started hyperventilating when he realized I was serious. I made him walk almost to the front doors in his pj’s, him near tears, before letting him turn around and go back to the van and change into the clothes I brought with me. Then I said, in my meanest voice possible, “Next time, I won’t bring clothes, and you WILL go to school in your pajamas!” And he’s never given me a hard time about getting dressed for school since. Until yesterday. Which, maybe he figured since its summer break now, who really cares??

You know, upon re-telling that story, and listening to it in my own head, it’s not really funny at all. In fact, it’s sort of mean. I’m actually a very mean mom. Hmmmmm. Who knew?

Anyway, on to the reason for today’s post: HOW STINKIN’ CUTE IS MY KID??????

These photos were taken courtesy of Flashes of Hope, who had a photo session set up the last time we were in clinic. It was nothing more than good luck on our part that Kendrie had an appointment on the same day they were set up at the clinic in Atlanta, and we got to have our photos taken. Flashes of Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to creating uplifting portraits of children fighting cancer and other life threatening illnesses. The portraits, taken by award-winning photographers, help children feel better about their changing appearance by celebrating it. For families of terminally ill children, it's especially important to have a portrait that preserves forever the beauty, grace and dignity of their child.

In addition to the photographers, there was a make up and hair artist to help the kids, siblings, and parents “primp” for the session. Kendrie, of course, was horrified when they suggested she wear a little lip gloss or perhaps put a barrette in her hair. She looked at me like, “In the name of all that is holy, get that woman away from me with the mascara” …. But scruffy hair, t-shirt and all, I think she’s adorable!

I can’t tell you (actually, yes I can, otherwise why do I keep babbling on this site?) how thrilled I was when I received these pictures tonight. Truly, I think the photographer did a great job capturing her personality. And I always hate the way I look in pictures, but these …. are .......... not terrible. And hey, coming from me, “not terrible” is pretty good. Kendrie and I had a lot of fun doing this; the Flashes of Hope workers and volunteers made it an enjoyable, special time, and I appreciate that, and the keepsakes.

You should check out the Flashes of Hope website, partly to see the beautiful work that they do and just admire the portraits they have on their site, but especially if you have a child with cancer. They offer sessions all over the country, and it’s not only a lot of fun, but you get some fabulous photos out of it. Or at least I think so. I mean, we might not be supermodels ….. then again, Kendrie just might!

Kristie PS. Can you believe two of the soccer signs I put out yesterday have already been stolen?? Who *does* that? Who removes signs from a public intersection about something as innocuous as local children's soccer sign-ups???? Egads

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