Friday, July 01, 2005


Well, it appears our stay here in the Hotel de la Childrens has been extended another few days .... lucky us. Of course, if Kendrie is still sick then this is the place for her, but what I wouldn't give at this point for a good night's sleep in my own bed and a nice, long shower in my own bathtub...

Her counts went down today, quite the wrong direction, so our Get Out Of Jail pass was promptly rescinded. In fact, we are sitting here as I type this waiting for the antibody testing to be completed so she can receive another blood transfusion. All blood and stool cultures are negative for any sort of infection, so we're still leaning towards this being nothing more than a pesky virus that she's having trouble knocking. To think it could be anything more serious than that is too terrifying to even consider, so not even my imagination is allowed to go that direction. My short-term goal at this point is to get her well enough to come home in time for the 4th. Although if we're still inpatient, I've heard the fireworks view from the roof of the hospital is wonderful. :)

Have I mentioned to you that when I am stressed, I eat? And when I am bored, I eat.

I have gained at least ten pounds in the last week, evidenced by the fact that the "fat" jeans I wore in here last Friday are now too tight.

Yet another reason to hate cancer.

Thanks for checking in and leaving us so many nice messages in the guestbook. My friend Renee (who has completely saved us this week by babysitting Brayden and Kellen every day so Blaine doesn't have to call in to his brand new job already!) lent me her laptop tonight. For some technological reason that is outside the realm of my computer-understanding, I STILL can't access my e-mail. But I can at least access our Caringbridge guestbook and was able to read Kendrie some of the entries tonight. She enjoyed that for about fifteen minutes, until it was time to watch Cheaper by the Dozen again.

Well, hope you all have a good weekend and a happy holiday,

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