Tuesday, May 17, 2005


211 Days to Go

The Top Six Advantages to Having Your Cancer-Kid Come Home From School, Fatigued and Nauseous:

1) She can keep your fatigued and nauseous husband company.

2) Perfect excuse NOT to clean the house; I can’t run the vacuum when she’s napping.

3) Perfect excuse NOT to run those pesky errands; a nauseous child doesn’t want to be driving around in the car.

4) Perfect excuse NOT to exercise; I can’t be stuck on the treadmill in case my poor baby needs me.

5) Perfect excuse to order take-out dinner; the smell of cooking might upset her stomach.

And lastly,

6) Did I mention it was a perfect excuse not to exercise?

So, because I love my daughter more than anything, after the school called at 11am today to tell me Kendrie didn’t feel well, I drove there to pick her up and decided, although it would be a sacrifice, it was my duty as a caring, loving parent to sit next to her all afternoon on the sofa, reading my Harry Potter book while she rested, and I’d probably need to eat an Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate-Chocolate Chip muffin while we quietly passed the time together. And I thought about the advantages that would provide, as listed above.

Imagine my surprise when I got to the school and discovered Kendrie in the cafeteria, three quarters of the way through her hot dog, laughing with her classmates. I pulled her out in the hallway and we had the following conversation:

Mom: “Kendrie, I thought you called Mommy because you didn’t feel good.”

Kendrie: “No, I feel ok”

Mom: “So why did you call Mommy?”

Kendrie: “I just missed you and wanted a hug and a kiss.”

Now really, how can you be mad at that? Especially when you realize that by the time she reaches Brayden’s age, there will be eye-rolling and shrugging of the shoulders and absolutely NO p.d.a. from a parent of any kind. But best of all, the half hour I spent at the school, finishing Kendrie’s lunch period with her today, meant that I *STILL* didn’t have time to exercise!

Hope you are all having a great week!


WORST THING ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: My worst thing today is actually what is happening tomorrow --- driving to Atlanta for a needle-poke in my chest, chemo, and the beginning of Steroid Week …. Aaagh! That BETTER not mess up my t-ball game tomorrow night!

BEST THING ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: Who knew my mom would drive up to the school just to give me a hug??? (Although something tells me she would do it for Brayden and Kellen, too, and cancer doesn’t really have anything to do with it.)

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