Sunday, May 29, 2005

FEELING BETTER TODAY, THANKS! (I'm talking about Kristie, not Kendrie)

199 Days to Go!

Hey do you see that? We have officially got LESS than 200 days of chemotherapy left, yippee! Have I mentioned to you lately that we are having Kendrie's Official Off-Treatment Party on December 18th, 2005 --- mark your calendars now!

First of all, three cheers (or prayers, or meditations, or chants and incense, or whatever floats your boat) for Jake, whose bone marrow aspiration on Friday showed NO bone marrow involvement in his relapse! This is really, truly, wonderful news. He’s still got a long road ahead of him and his parents and doctors have some tough decisions to make, but this is definitely a blessing and I’m so happy and grateful for their family.

Secondly, thanks to all of you who offered me kind words in the guestbook after my last *melancholy* journal entry. It’s extremely comforting to know that I can come here and throw a virtual temper tantrum, or virtual pity party for myself, stamp my foot on the “send” key, and actually have people tell me they feel the same way, or offer a note of support. Anyone who needs proof about the goodness of mankind just needs to spend a little time on Caringbridge.

Speaking of Caringbridge, we’ve received official notice that the “new and improved” Caringbridge will be unveiled on June 1 (and unavailable from 8pm until midnight CST on May 31.) Apparently, as per the e-mail I received, all CB sites established after that date will have a “new” look with “new” cool features. All of us with sites begun before that day will now be referred to as “Classic” sites. I don’t know who came up with that title, but it’s downright insulting to a 38 year old woman who spent an hour last night plucking the gray hairs out of her head. First my high-school glory days songs are “Golden Oldies” on the radio, I *NEVER* get carded for beer anymore, and now I’m a CaringBridge “Classic”????? I’d like nothing more than to pull up my knee-high support hose and give that person a good swift kick in the --- oh, never mind.

I’m going to talk a little more in my next journal entry about *why* I think I was melancholy earlier this week (I know, like my personal inner feelings aren’t boring enough now I feel the need to analyze them?!?!?) but for now, I’m going to end this journal entry with some photos. This is Memorial Day weekend here in the US of A, which means that Monday officially marks the beginning of summer. (Technically, I think summer doesn’t begin until June 20, and here in Georgia, it’s been summer-weather for over a month already, but I’m sticking to the holiday time-frame for ease of record-keeping purposes!) Many, many thanks to those serving (and those who have served) in the military.

Summer is a’coming, and this is how we spend it in middle Georgia!

Brayden and Kellen enjoy what is officially known at our house as our "poor man's pool".

"Holy Crap, it's cold in here!"

"Yeah, well, it's not as cold if you only stick your face in."

"For only fifty cents a day you could provide three nutritious meals to this starving child -- look at his bones sticking out!"

"Well, who cares if I'm skinny? When the sun is shining warm on my face and the water is cool on my body, that's all I need to be happy."

Ah, the fun of being a kid!

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend (at least what is left of it.) We are hoping to take the kids' fishing tomorrow, if the weather holds up, so the next pictures I put up will most likely be of Brayden catching a fish, Kellen squealing like a girl and refusing to touch it, and Kendrie rolling her eyes and baiting the next hook.

Thanks for checking in, Kristie

PS. Happy one-day early anniversary, Blaine. I'll be honest --- the first sixteen years were a lot more fun than the last two. Irregardless, I love you, picc line and staph infection and all. But let's work on the "getting better" and healthy-living thing, ok? :)


WORST PART ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: Um, really nothing. I'm feeling pretty good today!

BEST PART ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: I get to go to a birthday party for my cancer-buddy Jacob! Who knew that getting leukemia would mean I would actually make MORE friends???! Please go to Jacob's site and wish him a happy birthday!

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