Thursday, April 21, 2005


Remember a few entries back when I oh-so-sagely said if something exciting didn't happen soon I wouldn't have anything to write about???? Weeeeeeellllllllllll.......

Blaine, who is still home recuperating from his surgery, is in Augusta today (3-hours from home) at the Army base having his leg looked at. He left the house at 5am; it's now almost 5pm. He's been having it looked at every few days since the surgery because quite frankly .... well, I have no idea WHY the doctors are looking at it because it's disgusting. I swear every single time we go to the base hospital someone asks him what kind of land mine he stepped on because that's how nasty the scar/wound is. Blech! (PS and I mean absolutely no disrespect to the brave men and women serving in Iraq or places where they seriously have land mines. .... just making a comparison, that in hindsight, is probably inappropriate but I'm too lazy to go back and change it although as much time as I've spent typing this PS I could have just gone back.)

Anyway, a few nights ago the area of the skin graft started bleeding profusely (surgery was a month ago, so you'd think it would be better by now) and then two days ago his foot went numb. His surgeon in Seattle predicted a clot .... his doctors in Augusta suspect an abscess. His cat-scan from today shows a "suspicious looking area" (again, thinking abscess) but his white count, which should be high if he does indeed have an infection, is normal. What to do .... what to do? (sigh)

So, they are deciding (as I type this) whether or not to take him to the OR --- TONIGHT --- and operate on this suspicious abscess-y looking area. Bear in mind, they told him he would be in the hospital for several days, and he is three hours from home without a change of underwear or a toothbrush to his name, he forgot his cell phone, probably has no more than five bucks in his wallet, he has NONE of his medication, and *I* am scheduled to go out of town first thing Saturday morning!!!

So, it appears I will be spending tomorrow doing one of three things:

a) Dropping the kids at school and driving like a bat out of hell to bring Blaine his crap while he recuperates (alone in the hospital) after surgery .....

b) Saying the heck with it, it's a hospital after all, they can get him some replacement meds, and spending all day trying to find a sitter for Saturday since *MY LIFE* is the important one I don't want to disrupt ....


c) Watching Blaine sleep on the couch because they decided surgery wasn't necessary.

Pray for "C" people, pray for "C" !!!


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