Friday, October 29, 2004


Week #11 of LTM

Well, here in the “rural” county where we live (only three minutes from the mall, but unable to get pizza delivery, go figure!) Saturday has been decreed as Trick Or Treat Night and all I can say is “Thank Goodness!” If I have to listen to my kids count down the hours, or plan their attack of the neighborhood, fantasize about the buckets of treats they hope to score, or argue about whether the miniature Snickers bars or Tootsie Roll Pops are the better of the candies …. needless to say, I just want Saturday night to get here already! (The fact that I pillage their stock after they go to bed doesn't have anything to do with it, do you think?)

We did have a fun activity this week and I thought I would share some photos with all of you. Our friends Laura, Rob, Lonnie, Melissa and Emily invited us to their annual Pumpkin Carving Party on Monday night. First we painted mini- pumpkins (well, first we **ate** because if you know the Escoe family at all, you know that is the most important part!) and then we used those cool pre-printed designs to carve the bigger pumpkins. I had never used a kit before, which would explain why my carved pumpkins from previous years always look a little lopsided and un-proportioned. Sort of like John Kerry’s head. (Not that I’m endorsing Bush in any way on this upcoming election next Tuesday ….ahem … )

So anyway, we all had a great time and really got into the act. Thanks to Laura, Rob and their kids for hosting and including us in such a fun annual event! We hope to be invited back next year and promise to do a better job cleaning up the back yard before we leave.

Blaine and Brayden have a little bonding experience on their pumpkin. Actually, Brayden is the only kid in our family who yanks out the insides of a pumpkin with glee. Kendrie was willing, but timid, and Kellen is such a girl, refusing to get his hands "icky".

I just love this picture of him .... he almost looks angelic, don't you think? Must be a trick of the lighting.

"What do you mean pumpkins aren't blue? I'm five ... I have a good imagination, and I want my pumpkin to be BLUE!"

All the kids show off the masterpieces at the end of the evening.

See? I told you the tongue disease runs in our family!

Actually, I'm probably lucky my own tongue wasn't hanging out for this photo!

I hope everyone has a fun Halloween (or Harvest Festival, or Fall Party, or Autumn Extravaganza, or whatever PC thing it is you choose to celebrate.) We’ll post pictures from trick-or-treating this weekend …. First of my kids looking cute in their costumes … then of my kids going door-to-door demanding candy in a most neighborly way … then of my kids sacked out on the sofa in a sugar coma, chocolate smeared on their faces, clutching that last roll of Smartees in their grubby little fists, I’m sure.

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Ugh. Tonight was a THURSDAY, which used to mean my mom would yell at us to be quiet while she watched Survivor. Now, since starting long-term maintenance, Thursdays are marked as the night I have to take seven pills before bed. Seven! I don’t care how much my dad crushes it up, that’s a lot of damn applesauce.


Today was Mix-N-Match Clothes Day at school. I know, I know, that doesn’t have anything to do with cancer, but you should have seen how funny some of my classmates looked! And tomorrow, my mom is bringing pumpkin cookies to school, woohoo!

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