Sunday, October 31, 2004

A COMPLETE 180 IN 365 ......

Week #12 of LTM

Our three little goblins this Halloween: Brayden, a witch either practicing her come-hither pose, or needing a hip replacement ... Kendrie, the lone Muskateer ... I have no idea WHY people thought she was a boy, do you? And Kellen, who chose to be Zorro because he had the "best sword".
Photo taken 10-30-04

Well, we made it through the Halloween holiday here in Georgia, safe and sound and only a few sugar-induced arguments to show for it. Last night the kids were happy, enjoyable, and loving life. This morning, thanks to the rapid drop in blood sugar, the late night spent socializing with neighbors, and Daylight Savings Time …. My gosh, we’ve got three unpleasant campers on our hands. You’d almost think we had THREE kids on steroids, the way the mood swings and grumpy attitudes have come out in full force. Thank goodness it’s only one night a year, right?

I wanted to show you guys a picture from last year which should help explain why this year was so much more fun.

Last Halloween, Kendrie had been diagnosed only two weeks before and had just gotten out of the hospital. She hadn’t even started losing any hair yet, but all I have to do is look at her face in this picture to remember how confused and distrustful she had become. No smiling for photos, and no interest in anything that was going on around her. What a difference year makes!

Also wanted to share with all of you (who might not have heard of her) that the Book Fairy came to our house last night. Who is the Book Fairy, you ask? (Or, you didn’t ask because you don’t really care, but I’m going to tell you anyway.) She’s the chick who dates Santa Claus on the sly (sorry, Mrs. Claus) and shares an apartment with the Tooth Fairy. Every Halloween, when our kids come in from trick-or-treating, we let them eat candy to their heart’s content. You know the saying …. "Halloween is like a frat party; it’s not a success until somebody pukes." And when they are done eating enough candy to keep Mars Corporation in business, they can choose five pieces to keep for the next day. Then, all the candy and suckers and gum and everything that is left goes back in their buckets to be left on the porch for the Book Fairy. On Halloween night, she flies to everyone’s house and every child who has left their candy for her to eat receives books in their pumpkin!! (I KNOW! Can you believe my kids fell for it again this year????) So Brayden is now the proud owner of a set of Amelia Bedelia books, Kellen is learning about the wonderful friendship of Frog and Toad, and Kendrie received a Brand-New Reader set of Monkey Books. It’s actually a terrific idea that I got from a friend a few years back, as long as your kids believe (or prefer books to candy). Plus, it makes it harder for me to dip into the buckets and snack myself into oblivion, since I make Blaine take the evidence to work with him. I guess the kids still believe ….. first thing they did this morning (at 6am …. Darn daylight savings time!) was run to the porch to see if she came. I know they’re getting smarter, though, because Kendrie’s comment was, “Mom, if the Book Fairy ate all that candy, it must be hard for her to fly!”

Hope your Halloween was wonderful!!!



Well, probably just that on the weekends I have to take my icky Bactrim medicine. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Do you realize that I’ve had leukemia for a little over a year, about 55 weeks, and I take four doses of Bactrim a week. Now, we haven’t covered too much math in Pre-Kindergarten yet, so I can’t be sure ….. hmmm, times four …. Carry the one ….. drop the decimal …. I think that’s around 200 doses! In fact, it’s exactly 220 doses! (Mom said I could cheat with her calculator.) I take one teaspoon at a time, times 220 times (oh, geez, more math) Let’s see, that’s almost three cups of Bactrim, one squirt, squirt, squirt at a time! Y.U.C.K!!!


My mom told me when she went to fill the Bactrim prescription this week, Jerry (that’s our pharmacist. He and my mom are on a first-name basis because she has to go there so much for my medication) told her one suggestion was to let me melt a Hersheys Kiss on my tongue, then squirt in the icky-tasting medicine real quick while my tongue was still coated with chocolate. Hmmmm. I just have a few questions. First of all, where on earth am I going to find a coat to fit my tongue??? That’s just silly. I suppose he’ll want little mittens for my teeth, too? And secondly, why did Jerry wait a whole year to make this suggestion? I am my mother’s daughter, baby, bring on the chocolate!

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