Monday, February 07, 2005

Chemo Takes A Dive …. And other Rhyming Words

(311 Days to Go)

So, up at the top of this web page is the personal motto we blatantly stole from someone else and adopted as our own: Chemo Takes A Dive in 2005! My comment afterwards, “unless someone can come up with a catchier phrase than that” actually brought forth one suggestion, from Madie’s mom, who is using this phrase for Madie (also finishing her chemotherapy treatment this year) “Holy Moly, Sakes Alive, No More Chemo in 2005!” which I have to admit, is pretty catchy. Any chance I get to say “Holy Moly” works for me.

Then, I got this great e-mail from my girlfriend Jadine the other night about our motto. Now, Jadine is one of the Pflugerville Greats roaming around CaringBridge, and although her town might have adopted Julianna Banana as their official Canadian sister-citizen, I TOTALLY claim Jadine because I knew her first! Plus, her personality is just as warped as mine, and she stays up just as late as I do, both of these things evidenced by the extremely disturbed e-mails we send one another at 2 am.

Jadine sent me an e-mail about how she’s been trying and trying to come up with a catchier phrase and although she bows down and accepts the fact that my wit is superior to her own, she wanted to offer a few suggestions. (well, ok, that bowing and accepting part wasn’t really in there, but you know what I mean.) So I gave Jadine’s suggestions to Kendrie …. this **is** her site, after all. After perusing them for a day or two, Kendrie returned to me a poem that she has written based on Jadine’s ideas. I thought I would share that with all of you today.


When I was One, I was just begun,
And when I was Two, I was still pretty new.
When I was Three, I was hardly me,
And when I turned Four, I got acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Wow, that really sucked.

But now I am Five and I’m MORE than alive!
I thrive and survive and I like to hand-jive.

Some day when I’m older I might learn to drive,
And maybe I’ll even attempt to sky-dive.

At the Cliffs of Mexico, I will arrive,
To amaze and impress with my aerial swan-dive.

Computer problems? I can fix that hard drive.
Want a salad for lunch? Here, have some endive.
Tennis, anyone? I have a great back-hand drive.
Planning a surprise party? I can connive.
I’m playing t-ball this year and hope for a line drive.
Hey, want some honey? I’ll go rob a bee-hive.
My dad says I’m NEVER allowed to have a sex drive. (Whatever that is.)
Whew! I’m getting tired! Perhaps I should take five.

But the poem’s not over, let me revive,
To enjoy my great life, I will really strive.

Oh no, this cancer beast, cannot deprive,
The joy and happiness I am determined to derive.

So for now the big question that I must contrive,
Is whether to play the Bee Gees “Staying Alive”
Or Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”
Naaaawwwwww, I think I’ll stick to my favorite, the awesome -- “Hand Jive”!

Most important of all, as long as I thrive,
Is that Chemo Takes a Dive in 2005!

--by Kendrie (no autographs, please)

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