Saturday, September 18, 2004

"Let's Do.... the Time Warp .... Again!"

Week #6 of LTM

You know, if I could go another round on my “TIME” tangent from the other day, I want to mention a song that I just heard for the first time. It’s by a new (?? Who knows? I am so out of the loop of current music, these guys could have won a Grammy last year and I wouldn’t even know) group called Bowling for Soup and the song is called “1985”. The lyrics, in a nutshell, are along these lines:

“She likes Bruce Springsteen, Madonna,
Way Before Nirvana
There was U2, and Blondie,
When there was *music* on MTV

And now her two kids in high school
Tell her she is uncool

She is still preoccupied,
With 1985.

When did Motley Crue become Classic Rock?

When did Ozzie become an actor?

Who's that other guy singing for Van Halen? Etc, Etc”

I’m telling you, I about wet my pants when I heard it for the first time. Then I got frightened because I knew that song was written about ME!!! I like it so much I’m going to go buy the CD tomorrow so I can put it on this site. (Don’t even get me started with the Kaaza and Kaaza-Lite …. *that’s* how stuck in 1985 I am --- I still PAY for my music!!! Ipod? Mp3 player?? Shoot, I consider it a technological success when I get reception on my cell phone.)

So, since I’m being blunt and sharing with you guys, warts and all (you do know that’s just a figure of speech, right? I mean, I don't actually *have* warts) I thought I’d repeat an e-mail here that I posted to my ALL-Kids Support Group list earlier tonight.

As a bit of history, one of the members, Kim, mom to Andrew, found out that a fabulous photo taken of her husband Doug, crossing the finish line of the Team in Training 100 mile (around Lake Tahoe!) Bike Ride with Andrew in his arms, was being published in Shape magazine. Quite frankly, I think the photo is so wonderful that it should have been on the cover of Sports Illustrated. But I digress.

Kim heard it was going to be in Shape magazine and, since I am forced to live vicariously through other people, I really wanted a copy of the magazine. Here’s the story that unfolded; just thought I would share with the rest of you the e-mail I sent to Kim:

“I was in the grocery store, waiting in line to check out, and I looked over and noticed the current issue of "Shape" magazine. Thinking to myself that Doug and Andrew might be in it, I picked up a copy to buy. So I'm standing in line, with my Shape magazine perched carefully in my cart, in between the box of Ring Dings and the Cheetos, balanced precariously on my Otis Spunkmeyer Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Muffins, wondering who on earth actually *buys* Shape magazine each month? Then I figure well, if I've paid for it, I might as well read the thing, even though it *appears* to deal primarily with the topics of diet and exercise, two subjects that do not interest me in the least.

So, the past few days I have been flipping through the articles and ads, looking for Doug and Andrew, and do you know what I've found out?

I have bad hair, bad skin, no willpower, a big butt, flabby thighs, poor posture, and terrible taste in music, clothes and makeup. I eat too much, exercise too little, and don't appear to have much self-control. My diet is a disaster, my personal life is in chaos, and I need to take charge, obtain control, and find order, peace and inner happiness. Unbeknownst to me, I am a big, fat walking disaster and I didn't even realize it.

Oh, and I still don't have a photo of Doug and Andrew. It wasn't even there.”

So it appears that I’m mighty lucky Kendrie is in long-term maintenance and doing so well, since according to Shape magazine, it’s time for my mid-life crisis!!!

Hope you are all having a good weekend, and reading magazines that don’t give you total complexes about yourselves! And hey, if you get too depressed, do what I plan on doing --- put on your Flashdance sweatshirt, crank up the AFOS tunes (and if you don't know who AFOS is ... then you're probably not old enough to hang out with me!) and moonwalk your troubles away! 1985, here we come!


WORST PART ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: Well, it really wasn’t too bad, but when we went to the park today I started having flashbacks when my mom was yelling at me to put on a hat. I guess I don’t have as much duck fuzz as I thought and she was worried my little head would get sunburned.

BEST PART ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: Those checks for the Light the Night fundraiser are still coming in -- we got two more in the mail today! Thanks so much to everyone for helping us surpass our $1000 goal. If you are an online friend and you’d like to help, there’s still time! Just go to Team Kendrie and Madie to make an online donation to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Thanks!

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