Wednesday, March 31, 2004


You can go back a few journal entries if you don't know what I'm talking about, but here is a list of things mentioned in Kendrie’s guestbook over the past week or two, of additional Canadian persons, places and things that all deserve mention. Not necessarily POSITIVE mention; after all, Jim Carey is on the list. (I am SO not a Jim Carey fan!) But mention, nonetheless.

The movie “Strange Brew” which I think was an earlier showcase of the beer-swilling voice talents from the moose of “Brother Bear” …………. I personally have never seen moose drink beer, but maybe this is where the two worlds intersect. ????

The Avonlea books. (what???? Are these the ones with Fabio on the cover?)

Music groups:
The Barenaked Ladies (their name makes me giggle)
Rush (total flashback to the 80's for me)
Triumph (another flashback ........ guess I'm dating myself)
The Guess Who (at least THIS group is too old for me!)
BTO (any group whose name is so long it can be reduced to syllables and people actually know who you're talking about, now THAT'S what I call success!)
Nickleback (only group on this list so far still getting any air time)
Avril Lavigne (Is it ok for an almost 40-something carpool mom to totally love Sk8er Boi???)

Actors and actresses:
Jim Carey (again, ugh)
Martin Short (totally loved Inner Space)
Mike Myers (woohoo, Shrek 2 is coming up!)
Dan Ackroyd
Lorne Michaels (the Bonanza guy???)
John Candy
Keanau Reeves (yummy!)
Christopher Plummer (who?)
Matthew Perry (all good Friends must come to an end, I suppose)
Donald and Keifer Sutherland (ok, the young one is cute, but the old one is creepy!)
Pamela Anderson (this joke is just too easy)
Kim Catrell (Blaine really liked her in the Mannequin-era, but not so much in the Sex & the City era. Of course, that could be because we don’t have HBO and he’s never actually *seen* Sex & the City.)
William Shatner (of “beam me up, Scotty” fame??)
and Monty Hall (when I first read this name in the guestbook I thought they meant Monty Python and I could have sworn he was British. Then the light bulb went off ……..the Let’s Make A Deal guy, right?)

Two very special angels: Angel Marcus and Angel Conor Please stop by their sites and let their families know you still care.

Smarties and Mars Bars

Relatives of a couple of great Caringbridge kids: Ashley and Conor

And as far as Blaine is concerned, the very best thing to come out of Canada; Canadian geese. He prefers them coming out of Canada in late fall, preferably flying right over his decoys, on their way to Florida.

Thanks to all our friends, both north and south of the border, who sent me these suggestions for our Canada-list. One of these days we hope to make it up there and see for ourselves all the great things offered there. Of course, after reading some of the testimonials of late, I think we'll wait until sometime in the summer to do so!!

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