Monday, February 02, 2004

First Interim Maintenance Phase; week #8 of 8

OK, I am making absolutely no promises that any part of this journal entry will make sense because I’m typing it at 2 am (all you die-hard CB surfers will empathize) after watching the Super Bowl and All Star Survivor premiere. Needless to say, I'm pretty hopped up on Diet Dr. Pepper and cocktail meatballs. I’m going on record now as stating I want either Rupert or Rudy to win Survivor. (although the previews from next week have me a little concerned about Rudy’s physical health!) A funny aside: before the Super Bowl, Beyonce sang the national anthem. I’m not real familiar with her music (I’m too old to be "in the know" regarding current music; give me a good 80’s station any day!) but I do know she’s a Grammy winner/nominee and a very famous, popular singer. After she finished the anthem, Brayden, my soon-to-be seven year old, turned to me and said, “Wow, mom, she should be on American Idol!” Do you think that’s a sign I watch too much reality tv???

Anyway, I have the results from my 100-CB site challenge, and am happy to know that so many of you finished signing all the guestbooks! I know many more people were making the rounds … whether you signed all 100, or even just one, thank you so much for making a difference! Following is the list of people who let me know they completed all 100! (if you completed it, be sure to tell me so I can give you props!)

Jennifer C. from Eugene, OR

Wendy W. from Winder, GA

Caleb's mom Debbie L. from Dickson, TN

Fisher's mom Carolyn C. from Chesapeake, VA

Heather M from Mississauga, ON, Canada

Tracy M. from Windsor, ON, Canada

I also received quiz answers from Tiffany B. of Grand Prairie, TX and Jennifer C. from Eugene, OR, but TEAM CANADA answered the most quiz answers correctly! Congratulations to TEAM CANADA members; Tracey H. from Calgary; Heather M. from Mississauga, and Terry J. aka Big Daddy to Julianna Banana from Manitoba. (just reading all those Canadian town names gives me the urge to strap on some ice skates and pick up a hockey stick! Unfortunately, the last time we went ice skating, my husband-to-be broke my bridesmaid’s ankle, so maybe I’ll stick to something more up my athletic alley --- like needlepoint.)

So, Fisher, Caleb and Julianna, be on the lookout from Caring Bridge for a notice regarding the donations I will be making in your honor. I received a great amount of positive feedback from so many about the challenge, and I hope all of you who took the time to participate, even if you couldn’t get through them all, enjoyed meeting so many wonderful kids. (and a few grown ups, too!)

If you finished the challenge and have any nerve endings still left in your fingers, here is a great link with dozens (hundreds!) of sites you can visit: Share The Love Just go to the site and click on any of the links; kids, angels, needs tlc, etc. You really have the power to brighten up someone's day in just a minute or two!

OK, quick correction: It was our friend LISA who rolled up her sleeve and donated blood, then sent Kendrie the t-shirt in the picture directly above. I gave credit to Gary (Lisa’s husband) but he is too busy packing travel-sized toiletries in his rollaway luggage for the all-expense paid vacation Uncle Sam is sending him on, to an undisclosed location (that rhymes with Hi-Rack) to be able to donate himself for a while. So thank you, LISA! And Gary, our friend, be safe.

Also, see in that same picture the cool tattoos on Kendrie’s hands? They were sent in a care package by a group called SuperSibs! that honors and supports the brothers and sisters of children diagnosed with cancer. In our house, of course, that would be Brayden and Kellen. They have been pretty good sports about all the extra attention Kendrie has gotten and they realize that the majority of cards that came in the mail when she was first diagnosed were naturally for her. But I wanted them to have something special, too, so I signed them up with SuperSibs! So the other day their introductory packets arrive, with letters, ribbons, tattoos, certificates, etc. and can you guess what happened? I made such a big deal out of how special this was, just for them, because they are important, too, blah blah blah. Then, I took Brayden to get her haircut and while we were gone, Blaine (aka Man of the House Who Should Really Check With Woman of the House More Often) gave the tattoos to Kendrie to put on! Brayden gets back from her haircut and is like, “why does Kendrie have my tattoo on? I thought that was something special just for ME, and NOT for her??? It’s not fair!!! Why does she get everything???” and Blaine is looking at me like, “what? What did I do?” (sigh)

Thanks for checking the site, and especially thanks for signing the guestbook. I hope you all have a great week!
Take care, Kristie



WORST PART ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: We went to the circus today, and my mom kept pulling out the Purell, every five seconds I’m telling you, and then wouldn’t let me finish my cotton candy after I dropped it on the floor. I guess the 10-second rule doesn’t apply if you have leukemia!

BEST PART ABOUT HAVING CANCER TODAY: It was cold in the big coliseum place where they had the circus, but I already had on my Kim Possible stocking hat that my over-protective mom made me wear. (Don’t tell her, but I was glad I had it on ‘cause otherwise my little bald head would have been cold!)

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